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Références MAAF et notes de services concernant le lait et produ

DGCCRF 28/01/15 Enquête : Les laits de consommation. PARLEMENT EUROPEEN - réponse : Traceability and indication of milk powder - E-006742/2014. In the last two decades the demand for ‘mozzarella’, that is to say, the product with a protected designation of origin, has increased enormously, and producers have consequently had to deal with a situation in which the demand for milk has exceeded supply.

PARLEMENT EUROPEEN - réponse : Traceability and indication of milk powder - E-006742/2014

In some European countries, therefore, the milk is made from milk powder (which is recycled and used several times) and then sold to producers. This fact also implies that milk powder should be identifiable and traceable. In the light of the foregoing, does not the Commission believe that, to avoid the continued use of recycled powdered milk, inspection and traceability procedures (as well as indication procedures) should be laid down for milk powder?

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