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DRAAF AUVERGNE RHONE ALPES - JANV 2016 - ORGANISMES NUISIBLES REGLEMENTES POUVANT AFFECTER LES ESPECES VEGETALES SOUMISES A PASSEPORT PHYTOSANITAIRE EUROPEEN. FLEHETNA via YOUTUBE 12/09/13 Expérience de la France dans la gestion du feu bactérien (vidéo présentant notamment la mise en ap. AFSCA 30/07/13 Document phytosanitaire de communication intra-EU. MAAPRAT - QU’EST- CE QUE LE PASSEPORT PHYTOSANITAIRE ?

Rapports de l'OAV concernant les passeports phytosanitaires et l

FERA DEFRA - Plant Passporting and Marketing. Within the Single Market, plant health checks are focused on the place of production.

FERA DEFRA - Plant Passporting and Marketing

There are no border checks for plants and plant products travelling between EC member states, although spot checks may take place anywhere in the trade chain. A limited range of material which host the most serious 'quarantine' pests and diseases requires a plant passport to facilitate its movement. Where required, a passport is needed both for movements within and between member states, and additional requirements apply for movements into and within EC Protected Zones. Plant passports may only be issued by Growers who are registered and authorised for the purpose. Registration is free with no time limit. When marketed within the UK plant material of ornamental, fruit and vegetable genera must satisfy minimum quality standards laid down by the Regulations. EVIRA - Plant Passport. Almost all producers of forest-tree seedlings and seed extractors are obliged to hold a plant passport.

EVIRA - Plant Passport

They must be registered in Evira’s plant health register. The plant health register number is identical to the forest reproductive material supplier register number. With the exclusion of birch seedlings, other seedlings of the most important forest trees, and pine seeds, must be equipped with regulation-compliant plant passport markings when marketed to other operators or forest owners.

You can view an example of the seedling label by clicking on the navigation bar on the right. Plant passport requirements are checked in connection with the inspection of a location. Plants requiring a Plant Passport in the EU internal market. DRAAF CENTRE - Circulation des végétaux et Passeport Phytosanitaire Européen.

En 2014 : 2 séminaires sur l’agro-alimentaire, filière prioritaire à l’export Dans l’objectif d’informer les exportateurs des exigences sanitaires et phytosanitaires des pays tiers et afin de garantir la force exportatrice de la France, le Ministère de l’agriculture organise deux séminaires en collaboration avec l’École nationale des services vétérinaires.

DRAAF CENTRE - Circulation des végétaux et Passeport Phytosanitaire Européen

Ces séminaires, chacun d’une journée, auront lieu le 29 avril 2014 à Bordeaux (inscription avant le 11 avril) et le 4 juillet 2014 à Paris (inscription avant le 13 juin), et (...) Dérogation pour la plantation d’espèces sensibles à la sharka La Sharka - Déclaration d’implantation de Prunus et de prélèvement de greffons La Sharka est une maladie virale causée par le Plum Pox Virus qui affecte les espèces du genre Prunus (fruitières et ornementales). Le Plum Pox Virus est inscrit en annexe II, A, 2 de la Directive 2000/29/CE modifiée. DG SANCO 2005 Food and Veterinary Office - Special Reports : General Overview Reports - Overview report of the results of a seri. Requires javascript Overview reports provide a summary of a series of individual audits and seek to identify key findings of relevance and interest to all stakeholders.

DG SANCO 2005 Food and Veterinary Office - Special Reports : General Overview Reports - Overview report of the results of a seri

They thus allow feedback on the sector or legislation in question, rather than on individual country performance. They illustrate examples of areas where legislation has poor or varied implementation, as well as examples of good practice. They are used to discuss with Member States, through Standing Committees or through targeted training meetings, the overall effectiveness of enforcement measures and how these measures can be improved. This is also important in reviewing whether legislation is working as intended. This page allows you to list all the overview reports or to identify those reports for a particular sector. Latest reports Overview reports can be retrieved from our database in PDF file format (for more information about PDF files please see the EUROPA FAQ section on PDF). Search Form. AFSCA 21/09/11 Passeport phytosanitaire.