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HACCP en Indonésie

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Georg-August-University Göttingen, Germany - DEC 2017 - Dissertation en ligne : Microbiological and Food Safety Aspects of Tempeh Production in Indonesia. Journal of Islamic Science and Technology Vol. 3, No.2, Desember 2017 Study of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) On Unlabeled Soft Drink Products Sold by Street Traders In Banda Aceh. Journal of Culinary Science & Technology 22/03/18 Implementing the HACCP system to the production of Bakso Malang-Indonesia. AIP CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS - 2018 - Fulfillment of GMP standards, halal standard, and applying HACCP for production process of beef floss (case study: Ksatria Enterprise) NATIONAL AGENCY OF DRUG AND FOOD CONTROL, REPUBLIC OF INDONESIA - JUIN 2014 - Présentation : INDONESIA SCENARIO IN IMPLEMENTING GMP/HACCP. Food Science and Technology - 2002 - Aplikasi Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) pada Produk Es Krim di PT. Uoilever Indonesia Tbk.

Living Aquatic Resources Management - 2002 - Analisis manajemen strategis penerapan sistem hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP)pada PT. Segarindo Mina Manunggal, Jakarta Utara. Animal Production Technology - 2001 - Aplikasi Sistem HACCP Pada Produk Teh Celup Di PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk. Pabrik TBB Cikarang-Bekasi. Food Science and Technology - 2012 - Penerapan Sistem Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) dan Statistical Process Control (SPC) dalam Proses Produksi Bumbu Penyedap Rasa di PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk.

Animal Production Technology - 2013 - Kajian Aplikasi HACCP pada Proses Produksi Ayam Goreng di Salah Satu Restoran Cepat Saji di Kota Bogor. BOGOR AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY - 2011 - Thèse en ligne : Study of ISO/IEC 17021:2006 and ISO/TS 22003:2007 for establishing HACCP System Certification Body become Food Safety Management System Certification Body.