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Conditionnement sous atmosphère modifiée et prolongement de la d

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International Food Research Journal 3(6): 2571-2580 (December 2016) Application of vacuum packaging to extend the shelf life of fresh-seasoned tempe. Food / Nahrung 09/2000; Effect of modified atmosphere packaging on the shelf life of sliced wheat flour bread. Italian Journal of Food Safety 2013; volume 2:e37 Shelf-life of Halal fresh and minced beef meat packaged under modified atmosphere. Meat Science (Impact Factor: 2.23). 12/2004; Display life of sheep meats retail packaged under atmospheres of various volumes and compositions. ACADEMIC JOURNAL OF ENTOMOLOGY - 2010 - controlled atmosphere storage technique for safe storage of processed little millet.

HortTechnology ž July/Sept. 1992 2(3) Modified Atmosphere and Vacuum Packaging to Extend the Shelf Life of Respiring Food Produc. International Food Research Journal 18(3): 1091-1095 (2011) Effect of different packaging materials on the shelf life of modifie. Poult Sci. 2012 Jun;91(6) Biogenic amine formation in turkey meat under modified atmosphere packaging with extended shelf life: International Journal of Food Microbiology Volume 158, Issue 3, 3 September 2012, Pages 186–194 A combination of modified atmosp.

Abstract An antimicrobial polyethylene (PE) film was obtained by coating a nisin-based antimicrobial solution. PE sheets were coated on both sides and were used for the packaging of beefsteaks to be stored in air or modified atmosphere packaging (MAP, 60% O2–40% CO2). Microbial populations, species diversity, headspace volatile organic compounds, colour and sensory properties were monitored after 0, 1, 7 and 12 days of storage at 4 °C. The viable counts showed that there was an effect of MAP and antimicrobial film on the development of all the spoilage associated microbial populations.

Carnobacterium spp., Brochothrix thermosphacta, Pseudomonas fragi and Rhanella aquatilis were found in most of the samples. Highlights ► Combination of MAP and antimicrobial films was developed for storage of beefsteaks. ► The system was effective to reduce Gram-negative and Gram positive populations. ► The beefsteaks stored with the new system had prolonged shelf life compared to the controls. Keywords. Meat Science Volume 93, Issue 2, February 2013, Effect of modified atmosphere and vacuum packaging on some quality characteristi. FOOD PROCESSING TECHNOLOGY 08/02/12 The fresher pressure: extending shelf-lives.

Packaging researchers are working on innovative new ways to make food last longer and look better on store shelves everywhere. We check out some of the industry's most impressive life-extending packaging concepts. As consumer demand continues to shift towards the ready availability of fresh produce, the packaging industry is working to extend the shelf-life of fresh food with a range of innovative packaging concepts. Here we explore some of the industry's most promising life-extending technologies, from outline concepts still deep in development stages to products on store shelves today. CO gas-flushing for fresh-looking red meat "By adding a small plaster-style strip at the bottom of strawberry punnets, the ethylene gets absorbed and the berries stay fresh. " Modified atmosphere packaging (gas-flushing) has however increasingly been used to make meat look redder for longer to appeal to shoppers and consumers.

Active packaging: antimicrobial film M&S breaks mould with ethylene absorber. As. J. Food Ag-Ind. 2011, 4(03), 141-152 Prolonging Shelf Life of Ready-to-Serve Pizza through Modified Atmosphere Packaging: Ef. Journal of Life Sciences 6 (2012) 995-1002 Microbial Aspects in Comparing Modified Atmosphere Packaging and Vacuum Packaging on. J Food Process Technol 2012, 3:10 The Effect of Modified Atmosphere Packaging and Calcium Chloride Dripping on the Quality and S.

JOURNAL OF ANIMAL AND VETERINARY ADVANCES - 2012 - Effects of vacuum and modified atmosphere packaging on shelf life extention o.

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    Conditionnement sous atmosphère modifiée et prolongement de la durée de vie des produits