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Software App Development Solutions for Education Sector. Data Protection, Data Analytics, Dashboarding, RoI & More. IoT App Development Across Sectors. Cloud Computing Solutions - Cloud Implementation, Architecture, Storage & More. Blockchain Tech Solutions - Identity & Records Management, Plasma Solutions & More. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Solutions. Customized IT Solutions - IoT, AI, ML, Mobile Apps & More. Customized IT Solutions - IoT, AI, ML, Mobile Apps & More. IT Engineering Services & Solutions.

Application Development, App Modernization & Cloud Migration & Other Enterprise App Services. Contact Us - Enterprise App Development, Mobile Apps & Other Tech Solutions. Life at Staqo - Meaningful Careers, Inspired Challenges. Staqo CSR - Working Relentlessly to Uplift The People and The Society. IoT, Blockchain, AI, and Cloud Computing, Enterprise Business Platforms. Know Why You Should Work With Us for Your Apps Development & Other IT Needs. Enterprise Business Platforms, Cloud, Mobile Apps & More. Custom IT Solutions - App Development, Cloud Computing Solutions, AI & More. Best Practices for Enterprise Digital Security. Cybersecurity is a huge concern for modern enterprises as well as the larger global digital economy they are a part of.

Best Practices for Enterprise Digital Security

Enterprises in today’s world tend to use a number of software of both the on premise and cloud varieties, whose data is often stored online. Hence, they have are subject to vulnerabilities in that breaches can take place from any of the multiple endpoints within the enterprise network perimeter. This is why organizations not only need to adopt robust enterprise digital security strategies and practices but also keep evolving them to keep up with the changing threat landscape.

Here is a list of cybersecurity best practices that you can follow to strengthen your organization’s security posture: Secure the on the go and remotely working employees. 3 Reasons why workforce identity is important. Businesses are increasingly adapting remote work to ensure business continuity during the Covid-19 pandemic.

3 Reasons why workforce identity is important

This paradigm shift has brought the importance of workforce identity to the forefront. 3 Benefits of adding SSO to your IAM infrastructure. Identity and Access Management (IAM) technologies have enabled enterprises to tackle security challenges arising from a constantly increasing network perimeter.

3 Benefits of adding SSO to your IAM infrastructure

IAM capabilities such as identity lifecycle management and automation help save valuable time and resources, while tasks such as managing accounts, provisioning and de-provisioning systems and applications are no longer the burden of IT. However, many organizations overlook the benefits of combining IAM with secure single sign-on (SSO). In fact, SSO is that one solution that can put the security versus usability debate to rest, for good. Here’s how. Single sign-on acts as a holistic, single login point where users enter one set of authentication credentials that grant access to a suite of other applications, regardless of the platform, technology, or domain used.

The Ultimate Guide to Instagram for B2C - Quadigy. What is Brand Management and Why Is it Important. Answering the PM’s clarion call for Atmanirbhar Bharat. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought into sharp focus our unpreparedness in tackling global disruptions.

Answering the PM’s clarion call for Atmanirbhar Bharat

One would think globalization and increased connectivity strengthened us. But a connected world brings with it its own set of problems. As the pandemic rages on, bringing life as we know it to a complete standstill, the world is adapting to a new norm of lockdowns and social distancing. Wearing masks, staying at home, avoiding social contact, is the new norm for people. Similarly, businesses are also adapting to this new normal by learning to function with remote teams. Despite being the second most populated country, India has been comparatively successful in containing the spread of the contagion.

As people are confined to their houses, businesses are migrating to Work-From-Home (WFH) arrangements to ensure viability. But here’s the catch - Large tech enterprises such as Google or Microsoft have had remote teams for years now. 3 Factors to consider while selecting the right Identity & Access Management (IAM) tool for your business. Selecting the right IAM tool for your business can be a confusing & cumbersome process, especially if you are doing it for the first time.

3 Factors to consider while selecting the right Identity & Access Management (IAM) tool for your business

Given the recent spurt in the plethora of IAM products in the market, organizations are now flooded with more choices than ever. This makes it difficult to choose the right vendor. Thus, organizations usually take the ‘product feature comparison’ route to arrive at the right IAM tool for their businesses. However, the catch here is that 90% of the IAM products/solutions have the same features, more or less. While tool features are definitely an important part of your evaluation process, focusing only on features or the product brand is not the most optimal approach for evaluating IAM tools. Related blog: 5 reasons to deploy IAM solution for remote workforce.

What is workforce identity & access management (WIAM)? The Covid-19 pandemic has truly tested the preparedness of businesses to function with remote teams.

What is workforce identity & access management (WIAM)?

Simply put, it is a question of how well an organization can provision enterprise information resources for a remote workforce without compromising data security. What is workforce identity & access management (WIAM)? What is identity access management? Identity and access management (IAM) is the set of policies, frameworks, and technologies enterprises use to manage digital identities and accesses.

What is identity access management?

The purpose of IAM is to provide the right access to the right individual at the right time. 5 reasons to deploy Identity & Access Management (IAM) solution for remote workforce. The Covid-19 outbreak and the resulting enforcement of remote work have tested several organizations to their limits.

5 reasons to deploy Identity & Access Management (IAM) solution for remote workforce

With an unprecedented number of people logging in from their home and mobile networks, enterprises need to address the security implications of granting remote access. Therefore, now is the time to revisit your organization’s Identity and Access Management (IAM) framework, or implement one, to manage user identities and data security efficiently. Besides gaining comprehensive visibility of all users connected to the enterprise network and applications, here are five key benefits of a centralized IAM solution: Enhanced Data Security The demand for secure access for a diverse landscape of users across numerous disparate applications poses a serious challenge to IT professionals. 3 new trends in identity & access management. The global identity and access management (IAM) market is predicted to reach USD 24.52 Billion by 2025 with a CAGR of 13.02% over the estimate period.

3 new trends in identity & access management

The growth is largely attributed to the substantial rise in identity thefts, high adoption of emerging technologies such as internet-of-things (IoT), and a surge in the prominence of compliance management. Add to this the rising demand for employee mobility and remote workforce, and companies have a serious broth of identities and accesses to manage while being compliant to changing data privacy rules and regulations.

Naturally, the market has turned to emerging technologies to bolster IAM tools, policies, and practices. In this blog, we look at 3 such trends and how it can impact current IAM ecosystems. 1. On the surface, IAM & blockchain seem dissonant since digital identities are intertwined with data privacy and protection, which is at loggerheads with the practice of distributing a ledger among third parties. Enterprise Class IT Service Management - Unotech. Digital Identity Solution - Unotech. Identity Access Management & IT Service Management Company. Vikas started Unotech in the year 2011 and since then has successfully led the company in its growth path by continuously evolving and building on the service/product offerings to assist clients meet new tech challenges with ease.

Identity Access Management & IT Service Management Company

He is core techy on nix* variant platform and specializes in the development of complex enterprise level solutions with a decade of wide-ranging experience as a Project Manager, Enterprise Solutions Lead and Business / Process / Product Analyst. He specializes as an Enterprise Solutions Architect, B2B / B2C and Systems Integration Architect. Vikash has extensive hands-on experience with all areas of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), including requirements gathering, scope definition, and analysis. Unified Access Management (UAM) Solution - Unotech. Data is the new oil. Information and knowledge are the wealth that businesses create with data. Granting access of the right enterprise assets to right users – whether client or workforce – in the right context is the cornerstone of an organization’s ability to derive the best value of data that ultimately impacts its business. Unotech’s Access approach empowers you with tools, technologies, methodologies, and services that enable the Unified Digital Identity and manage the complete identity access lifecycle at your enterprise.

Enterprise Identity Access & IT Service Management - Unotech. Business Process Automation Solutions - Unotech. Businesses are being reimagined in today’s digital age. As digital transformation ushers in, organizations are creating new and modifying existing processes and methodologies to redefine the way they conducted their business to meet the dynamic market needs.

Unotech’s AUTOMATE approach enables enterprises to adopt technology-driven business automation of their complex processes and delivery mechanisms or outreach methods, allowing them to introduce higher agility, scalability, and reliability into their service ecosystem. With Unotech’s AUTOMATE approach driving robotic process automation, continuous integration, and service enablement, allows an enterprise to increase its service quality, improve its efficiency, encourage innovation, align better to its business priorities, and enable real-time value. All, at unprecedented speed and scale. Businesses are being reimagined in today’s digital age. Consumer Identity Access Management. Workforce Identity and Access Management. With Unotech’s Unified Digital Identity approach, you empower people and machines with right roles, permissions, and governance. The Quad Story- Digital Marketing Experts.

The Quad Story - Quadigy. Brand Management Services - Brand Strategy, Brand Marketing & More. Over 15 years of experience panning across journalism, business consulting, and digital marketing. Expert in content-led brand amplification and omnichannel marketing. Former global CMO of a research firm; Earlier, executive editor at IDG Media. Content Marketing Solutions - Content Strategy, Production, Amplification & More. Over 15 years of experience panning across journalism, business consulting, and digital marketing. Expert in content-led brand amplification and omnichannel marketing. Former global CMO of a research firm; Earlier, executive editor at IDG Media. Winner of India’s highest honor for IT & business media – the PoleStar Award for Excellence in Journalism in IT. As the Head of Global Marketing for Aranca, enabled the organization to generate about a million dollar in revenue from web-leads while reducing the departmental expenditure by half.

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