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Kanakkupillai | New Company Registration | LLP | FSSAI | GST Registration, etc Kanakkupillai is India’s No.1 Leading Legal service provider for Startups. Get all your registration done at kanakkupillai at minimal cost with FREE Consulting.

Does Brands need to focus on Blogging to become Popular. In this New 2020 Era, Blogging is a much demandable platform for Business people to showcase their services or products.

Does Brands need to focus on Blogging to become Popular

It is listed as one of the Great places to exchange knowledge, Where you also can share about your brand. There are many ways to popularize your brands such as Advertising Blogging Announcing Pamplet distribution Study on the average population and their preferences. Survey Listing on the basic necessity Unique characteristic highlighting. Among all these advertising through social media and other media such as newspaper, television, etc. There are many home sites that create trending blog topics such as their uses, how to use in the near future, etc. Blogging stands vital: Around 12% to 20% of internet users (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) follow blogs in multiple sites. Should you apply for a copyright or a patent for a computer software ? A computer program or software is a set of instructions executed by a computer or laptop.

Should you apply for a copyright or a patent for a computer software ?

These can be either in the source code form or object code or in a joint form, which consumes a lot of labour, skill, and time to develop them. When the demand for such computer programs or software rises, there is a greater chance for ascending in the market value and can be resulted in someone can copy it and use it on their name, get all the credits which you want to receive. Hence these should be protected under a strict legal system. As a result of this, In India, Software can be protected under a law known as “copyright law,” and the list of inventions related to the software can be protected under the law – Patent. Protection Under Copyrights. Shareholder's agreement - Important points to be noted. Getting into a new business, or carrying- out a newly structured existing one, is a much exciting venture yet there are lots of pivotal things to consider before it.

Shareholder's agreement - Important points to be noted

The one aspect which is often overlooked during this process is the apt frame of a shareholder agreement. This agreement is a type of official document which nurtures the relationship between many shareholders of a company and gives you the provision about how a company should run the long way. Though it is not a mandatory legal requirement for a private organization to have a shareholders’ agreement, we at Kanakkupillai would always recommend doing that.

This provides you with the opportunity to frame how you want your company to be, but also what should be done if things are not happening as per the plan. At the initial stage, it is hard to imagine what could actually go wrong, especially when your business is going to happen with family or friends. Retaining Shareholder Power Appointing Directors Dividends Policy Default. Add a Director - Appoint of Director: File Online with MCA. How to Remove a Director from a company and in What Circumstances? How to Remove a Director from a company and in What Circumstances? Turn your sliding lines into Successful Paths - Industry Influencer. Prominent part of the delay in your business sliding line is the mindset you possess.

Turn your sliding lines into Successful Paths - Industry Influencer

It starts with a flexible and good attitude followed by the willingness to change. After all, falling is a part of life, and that adds business failures. The way we deal with the sliding lines determines whether or not we move into successful paths. To deal with the sliding way in a better way, we have formulated 6 ways to turn your business into a successful path. What is Online Import Export Code (IEC) Registration and who needs it? If a business is your goal, entrepreneurship is your dream, then you have come across the right landing page.

What is Online Import Export Code (IEC) Registration and who needs it?

The number of people who shop online, Keeps Increasing - Unknown Facts. The computer world or the most common term “Digital world “ is a very colloquial lifestyle for the people of current and yester generation.

The number of people who shop online, Keeps Increasing - Unknown Facts

Previously people used to visit shops and take hours to shop whereas the world has shrunk it ‘s size to a few hundred MBs of data. E-commerce worth lacks of rupees to your palm and portable. We needn’t spend hours in the shop clueless and with the limited time, we can visit limited shops. The marketing advantage of E-commerce compares the cost of shops around the world in a single click. In the lifestyle of Facebook and Instagram, online shopping is a recent trend. While offline shops work for minimal profits and huge investments for the setup, retailers going for an online setup with very minimal investments return a higher profit. Shopping made comfortable and round the clock is made preferable in this mechanical life. Sole Proprietorship Registration Online - Full Guide. Basically, a Sole Proprietorship is a type of business in which formal government registration is not needed.

Sole Proprietorship Registration Online - Full Guide

This type of entity is managed, controlled and owned by a single person. Sole Proprietorship is easy to start and the most common form of business in India. It is used by all types of micro and small businesses operating individuals. Starting a proprietorship is very easy as it has very minimal regulatory compliance and a few requirements to start operating the business. So, it is considered as an ideal type for small businesses and best for the start-up Entrepreneurs who would like step into the business world. Benefits of starting a Nidhi Company Online in India.

A Nidhi company is a type of Company that belongs to the non-banking finance category.

Benefits of starting a Nidhi Company Online in India

This type of firms recognized under Section 406 of the Companies Act, 2013 and it is controlled by Nidhi Rules 2014 under the Central Government of India. The basic objective of this type of business or company is to facilitate lending money among the core members of their Nidhi company. Here are some of the examples of Nidhi Company, mutual benefit funds, permanent funds, benefit funds and mutual benefit company. Actually the name, Nidhi is one of the familiar words in India which means money or treasure in many Indian languages like Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi etc., But according to Indian Financial Sector, Nidhi Company acts as a Mutual Benefit Company and it is also called with various names like Mutual Benefit Fund, Benefit Fund and Permanent Fund.

Nidhi Company Registration India, Know It's Restrictions & Disadvantages.