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Gryffin: Australia’s Trusted Commercial Gate Manufacturer. Since 1986 Gryffin has led the high-security fencing market with first-to-market innovative design, Gate manufacture, and installation of high-security fencing and gate solutions.

Gryffin: Australia’s Trusted Commercial Gate Manufacturer

People continually turn to Gryffin for assistance because of a number of achievements and accomplishments: The first to introduce anti-climb welded mesh and Palisade fencing to AustraliaDevelopers of their patented Gryfhinge design and Palisade EnclosuresSCEC endorsedA Registered Defence SupplierCurrently the only Australian manufacturer of Tiger Taperazor-wireContinually offering an extensive portfolio of custom solutions Gryffin customise gates to fit risk assessment, functional requirement, existing structures, and budget considerations from single, double, automated, track, cantilever or anti-ram specification.

Gryffin also provides design and construction for general engineering, fabricating and welding services. Best Security Fence Provider in Australia. High Security Fencing Benefits. Bets Palisade Fences Designed by Gryffin. Benefits of Razorwire Security Fence Systems. Before installing razor wire on your property, it is important to know that there are a number of benefits that it can bring to your property.

Benefits of Razorwire Security Fence Systems

Not only is our TigerTape™fencing system sturdy and secure, but it is also easily customizable and an unobtrusive security solution. Benefits of razorwire Fencing and Gates Durability: Razorwire fencing and gates are a sturdy, long-lasting solution, particularly when compared to other fencing systems. Once razor wire fences are installed, they cannot be easily removed and are able to withstand severe weather conditions like the high speed winds and torrential rains. Benefits of Razorwire Security Fence Systems.

Security Fence Installer - Providing Complete Protection Solution. Fortis, Securifor, Weld Mesh Fence for Complete Safety. The most important thing in life is to be secure and safe.

Fortis, Securifor, Weld Mesh Fence for Complete Safety

Safety at home or at workplace is of great importance. We need to protect ourselves and our properties from intruders. Securities fencing in and around the building or also meshed wire outside school buildings are some of the mandatory things to remain safe. If you are looking for something which is a complete security solution, then Gryffin in Australia is surely the best choice. They are guaranteed and smart security solutions. They provide unmatched expertise and amazing quality. The Benefits of Installing a Safety Barrier in the Workplace. There are countless reasons a facility would install a quality safety barrier, or barriers.

The Benefits of Installing a Safety Barrier in the Workplace

One such reason is to protect the safety of one’s employees, especially from that of heavy machinery. By ensuring workplace safety in this regard, you are demonstrating value of the lives of your workers, whilst ensuring the longevity of your company. After all, your employees are the backbone of your company, and without them, nothing gets delivered. What’s more, employees feel a lot safer at work with such equipment in place, which often translates into more motivation and a higher degree of productivity. According to the World Health Organisation, around 270,000 pedestrians are killed on the road each year. Get Innovative and Trendy Gate Designs Supplies. Anti-Climb Fence - Provider of Safety and Privacy. Experience the Difference with Our Superior Fence Supplies. Weld Mesh Fence Provides Security for High Risk Sites. You wouldn’t leave confidential paperwork in full view of non restricted personnel; therefore you would equally not take considered steps to secure your premises from unwanted visitors.

Weld Mesh Fence Provides Security for High Risk Sites

Site security plans for critical infrastructure are a matter for considerable planning and research. For an organisation based on a large site, it is necessary to evaluate each area of your site separately. These may then be further subdivided and have considerable variation in risk within each work area. Your site security plan should clearly illustrate any measures required to counter identified risks to the functions, information, people and physical assets at your designated site, during business hours and out-of-hours. Perimeter fencing is the first line of defence from external sources, such as break and enters, and acts as a physical deterrent. Searching For Exceptional Safety Barriers Australia? High security fencing is the first line of defence for the protection of critical infrastructure sites from unwanted access.Clients at this end of the market usually require customisable solutions where fencing, gates and safety barriers in Australia can be built to their requirements and meet the demands of this unique environment.It can be a particularly harsh country with conditions that test even the toughest products to their maximum.

Searching For Exceptional Safety Barriers Australia?

It pays to be sure that the supplier has a proven track record of successful projects on a large scale in this testingclimate. Ordinary fencing will not do to protect extraordinary sites and everyday fencing companies are unable to provide exceptionally secure solutions that are up to the task. This is where Gryffin come in to their own: they occupy a rather unique space in the market with their fencing products. For more info visit: Like this: Like Loading... Best Tigertape Provider Company in Australia. Tangorail- A Perfect Safety Solution. Tangorail – versatile enough for a playground fence to a railway station fence or Railways in Australia is a key mode of transportation, and considered critical infrastructure.

Tangorail- A Perfect Safety Solution

The high level of rail traffic highlights the requirement for focus on physical security and patron safety as part of the overall security and safety architecture for a railway lines & stations. An increase in passenger numbers brings with it an excess of potential security and safety issues. Without the appropriate constraints in place, there is heightened risk of acts of vandalism or theft, and patrons safety is at greater risk. Fare evasion represents a major issue for any rail service provider and it is often difficult to police.

The need for tighter physical security measures must be balanced with a responsibility for the safety of the fare evader and a need to deliver an attractive, ambient setting for fare paying customers. Just How Important is the Role Played by Fence Manufacturer? Where do you go for High Security Fencing Solutions and Reliable Gate Supplies? Does your work place need a secure fencing solution to deter unauthorised access?

Where do you go for High Security Fencing Solutions and Reliable Gate Supplies?

High security fencing will allow you to have piece of mind and provide maximum protection against intruders.If you consider strong fencing to be crucial to the safety and security of your premises, the same consideration should be given to the entry point - its selection, installation and maintenance. Attempted access breaches are often focused on the gates, so you cannot simply assume the performance limits of standard products against increasingly refined, determined and audacious attacks and expect them to cope. Make Perimeter Security Fencing Part of your Safety Plan. The first line of defence around an organisation’s premises is its perimeter fencing and is therefore fundamentally an essential part of any security plan.

Make Perimeter Security Fencing Part of your Safety Plan

Before selecting what measures are required, it is vital to perform a risk assessment to establish the threats and consequences of any breaches in security. A risk assessment will vary considerably, depending on the protection required – is your aim to prevent prisoner escapes or terrorists gaining access to a military base, for example. Assessments should consider whether it is personnel or property that requires protection, the likelihood of an attempt to breach security, the likely frequency of attempted violations, and the potential consequences of a breach in security. Welded Mesh Security Fencing, Automated Gates & Safety Barrier by Gryffin. Gryffin-The Best Gate Manufacturer in Australia. Gryffin Gate, Maxiguard Fence & Anti ram Barriers Supplies in Australia. Enclosure Brochure -The Perfect Security Solution.

Palisade & Maxiguard Fence for Schools, Commercial and Industrial Sites. High Security Playground Fencing Installation by Gryffin. Get High Security Electric Fences in Australia. Gryffin Provides Anti Ram Barriers for Residential Properties. Gryffin 358 High Security Fencing. Palisade Offers High Security Fencing For Your Business. The security of your property is no doubt a high concern to you and your business.

Palisade Offers High Security Fencing For Your Business

For locations requiring a higher level of security and vandal resistance, it is vital to install fencing that provides a formidable long lasting barrier against would be intruders. Steel palisade fencing is especially popular for schools, council, commercial and industrial sites because of its high vandal resistance and the fact that it is so difficult to climb. The Best Gate Manufacturers and Suppliers in Australia. The Best Welded Mesh Products by Gryffin. The Best Welded Mesh Products by Gryffin. Limit Threats to your Premises with High Security Fencing. Perimeter fencing is the first line of defence around your premises and is therefore critically important. Likewise, it is a significant factor in the first impression made on your visitors, so appropriate high security fencing can act as an effective deterrent. What you may not realise is just how complex the subject of perimeter fencing can be. If you are responsible for a high security area, such as an airport or prison, there may be legal requirements to be met.

Each application has its own needs - so the solution to the most suitable installation is different in every case. In most cases secure perimeter protection requires a mixture of measures, one of which is fencing. To find the most suitable solution to your individual requirement, you should consult with a reputable and established security firm, like Gryffin, who will explain the different options available to you. Looking for Attractive but Effective Security Fence Products? Utility, rail, bridge, road, government, education, council and in general critical infrastructure and high asset value sites can all require a high level of protection from intrusion and or attack.

Detention facilities ranging from prisons, immigration and mental health facilities also require a high level of security fencing. Sites requiring a high level of security fencing face different types of threats, from keeping out an opportunist vandal to foiling a highly organised attack or to detain clients. There may also be other factors to consider when securing your perimeter such as, is the site in the midst of a broader community where aesthetic requirements are a factor?

Perhaps CCTV is in operation and requires clear visuals on the border at all times, or corporate branding may be a consideration for commercial buildings to maintain a professional appearance. The Features and Benefits of a Gryffin Palisade Fence. Introducing Gryffin’s Widely Renowned Product – Fortis. The primary method of security for a high risk and secure space is often a physical barrier such as a trench, wall, vehicle barrier or fence.

The Importance of Automated Security Gates and Security Fencing. Gryffin has led the high-security fencing market with innovative design, manufacture and installation of high-security fencing and gate solutions since 1986. Consultation, risk assessment, design, materials, manufacturing, workmanship, project management and installation are all guaranteed which mitigates risk for anyone choosing to work with our expert team. You can be sure you will receive professional advice and a solution that is designed to meet your needs and budget. Gryffin customize automated gates to fit risk assessment, functional requirement, existing structures and budget from single, double, automated, track, cantilever or anti-ram specifications. Does your Security Gate have Adequate Heavy Duty Gate Hinges? Gates are a crucial aspect of your perimeter security strategy.

Selecting the most appropriate gate for installation requires serious analysis and planning. Would be intruders may assess your gate for potential weakness points when attempting to breach your border. The frequent access to your site via a gated entry pointis a focus for vulnerabilityand could be exploited if inadequate. Consult with established security experts in the fencing industry, such as Gryffin, to ensure your gates measure up to security requirements and are correctly installed. Depending on your intended application, their specialist team will design a fencing solution to protect your site.

When weighing up security gate options, the key importance of utilising heavy duty gate hinges in the structure must not be overlooked. Architecture Brochure - Gryffin. Why are Heavy Duty Gate Hinges So important to your Security Gate? Does your work site need a secure fencing solution to deter unauthorised access? If you are considering strong fencing, equal attention should be given to the barrier at the entry point to your secure area. Gates can be a focal point for attempted access breaches, so the careful scoping of a solution to suit your security level requirements is needed. Why Gryffin 358 Welded Mesh could be the Perfect Security Fencing Solution for You. Gryffin 358 Welded mesh is an industry standard fencing solution for many security conscious organisations.

It is an effective impediment in keeping potential intruders out of areas and sites where they are not wanted.The 4mm horizontal and vertical wires with 76.2mm vertical and 12.7mm horizontal centres are welded at each intersection. The narrow aperture steel construction means it is difficult to climb or cut and is why it is chosen for security applications.The system is constructed in panels, attached to a variety of poles..It always makes sense to opt for the best quality material and manufacturing your business can afford, after all what would be the cost if your perimeter were breached and the goods or site inside compromised?

High Security Gates Solutions in Victoria

How to find a quality Gate Manufacturer to protect your site.

Ensure that your site entrance is not compromised by installing a high quality controlled gate solution. Contact the leading secure gate manufacturer Gryffin on 1800 672 066and ask the experts how they can secure your perimeter access. – gryffinsmarter

Perimeter Security Fence Solutions. Australia, April 16,2015/ -- To protect important business sites or critical infrastructure, fencing that offers the highest security protection is vital in defending a perimeter.

Gryffin Pty Ltd has led the high security fencing market since 1986. Their professional team are committed to constant innovation, product quality and customer focus. Visit to explore the extensive product range. – gryffinsmarter

It must be cut and climb resistant, be double sided so there is no attack side and offer high visibility for CCTV. Maxiguard Fence Offers High Level Security. Role of Heavy Duty Gate Hinges.

Heavy duty gate hinges are robust and long lasting in nature and do not get jammed on repeated use. They are found in products which bear regular use and heavy loads. – gryffinsmarter

Enjoy the Benefits & Advantages of 358 Mesh with Gryffin. Monday 5th of January 2015 | By: Gryffin | Views: 18 | Comments: 0 | Rating: Gryffin Customize Best Safety Barrier and Gates. Tuesday 4th of November 2014 | By: Gryffin | Views: 27 | Comments: 0 | Rating: Buy heavy duty gate hinges from Gryffin at exclusive prices. Australia, October 06,2014/ -- Safety is one of the important concepts that everyone cares for.

Gryffin offers quality heavy duty gate hinges, safety barriers, fence and a lot more at very competitive prices to protect the place from damage and any authorized access. – gryffinsmarter

It is the major concern in anything especially, when people are away from their premises, building or organization. Whether, it’s the matter of property, building, place or area etc., one should contact a reliable company that provides security services and products. Gryffin – Renowned Excellent Safety Gate Manufacturer. Buy the Quality Palisade Fence from Gryffin. Australia, 8 September 2014 –Maxiguard and palisade fence provides a high security and appealing presence which is demanded by the broader community.

It is used at air and sea ports, embassy, emergency services, councils and schools. Feel safe with the best Security Fencing.

The safety of our loved ones is our main priority. Keeping this in mind we do the fencing which is not only a complete safety solution but also looks good too. If in Australia, get the best of it from Gryffin. – gryffinsmarter

Choose Gryffin for Your Safety Barrier. Give Your Place High Security Solution with Automated Gates.

Gryffin based in Australia offers automated gates, high security fencing at very competitive prices. Their fence is made with quality durable material that brings effective results. – gryffinsmarter

Applications of Fortis Weld Mesh.

For complete security and for high security fencing get in touch with Gryffin , who makes the best of these. The fortis weld mesh is mainly used at airports, ports and electronic substations. – gryffinsmarter

Applications of Palisade Fence - Security Fencing & Gates. Types of 358 Mesh. Get Quality Heavy Duty Gate Hinges From Gryffin.

Gryffin based in Australia offers high security gate supplies, safety, heavy duty gate hinges, and welded mesh for security purpose at very competitive prices. – gryffinsmarter

Best Security Fencing by Gryffin. Role of Safety Fencing and Gates.

Safety is of great importance for every individual, whether home, office or any building for an assured safe process, the use of gates and fencing helps a lot. Get the safest from Gryffin. – gryffinsmarter

GRYFFIN- Security Equipments.

Contact Gryffin to keep your home, building, office and premises safe from unauthorised person and theft. – gryffinsmarter

Famous security News: Contact Gryffin – A Famous Security Fence Installer in Australia. Contact Gryffin for Security Wire Fencing. Gate Supplies best Safety Solution. Buy the Security Gates from Gryffin. Order your playground fencing with Gryffin. Gryffin- High Security Gates Ppt Presentation. Safety barrier News: Buy the Safety Barrier for Security and Decor with Gryffin.

GRYFFIN – High Security Fencing by Gryffin. Automated Gates for Your Protection.