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Facebook. The Art of Finding Ideas. The Writer’s Block Issue 3: Writing Through Envy. This Issue is going to be a difficult one.

The Writer’s Block Issue 3: Writing Through Envy

In fact, I put this off until the day before my column was to run just because I found the subject matter so personal, though I guess that is what this column is all about. I want to be able to delve into what makes me tick as a writer, and in some cases what breaks my writerly clock. In this case, I think that envy is something that affects most writers and artists of any sort. For myself, it can be absolutely debilitating, and entirely self-inflicted. Throughout my time on this earth I have been immensely proud of my writing. AdviceToWriters - Home.

The Defeatist « Games Perverts Play. Claire was a beautiful woman.

The Defeatist « Games Perverts Play

There was no denying that. And when she returned my flirtations in the bar down the street from my work, the bar the guys always call a “meat market” but which rarely if ever produced actual couplings, I worked up the courage to ask her out and she said yes.