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How to: Use Reactive Extensions to Emulate and Filter Location Data for Windows Phone. This is pre-release documentation for the Windows Phone OS 7.1 development platform.

How to: Use Reactive Extensions to Emulate and Filter Location Data for Windows Phone

To provide feedback on this documentation, click here. For the Windows Phone OS 7.0 developer documentation, click here. August 24, 2011 Reactive Extensions is a managed library that provides a simple and elegant interface for dealing with sequences of data. This data sequence can take many forms, such as a stream of data from a file or web service, or a series of events such as user input. The Location Service uses a delegate-based event model for receiving data. The following section walks you through the process of creating a location-aware application using Reactive Extensions. To Create the Location Service Emulator Application Now, the application is complete.

Adding Data Filtering to the Application Now, by adding a single line of code, we can sample the event stream so that, regardless of how many events emanate from the Location Service, the application is only passed one event per second. Get Started with RadControls for Windows Phone. Thank you for installing Telerik's products.

Get Started with RadControls for Windows Phone

Please, bear in mind that during your trial you are entitled to direct technical support from us – the people who build the products here at Telerik. In order to reach us, use the Ticket Support System in Your Account (you need to be logged in to access it). Why Use the Ticket System? Submitting tickets guarantees the fastest and most complete response from us compared to writing in our forums or contacting the sales team.

We will get back to you within 72h during your trial (usually much faster) and within 24h once you have a license (Mon-Fri). When to use the Ticket System? We offer a number of resources to get you started (forums, documentation, sample applications, etc.), but don’t hesitate to contact us if: You are frustrated or have trouble figuring out how to implement a scenario. How to Get the Fastest Response? Before submitting a ticket, prepare the following information: We are dedicated to your success, but don’t take our word for it. Sterling Windows Phone 7 and Silverlight Database. .NET by Example. Last updated November 10 2011 You know that band you used to love when you were in your teens?

.NET by Example

They really rocked your adolescent years. They rocked like hell. Their concerts where one great party. I would never end. ….except you grew up, the times changed, so did the music, but the band stuck to what made them great. Now suppose, just for the sake of this analogy, after years and years this band of yours got back together. Now if you try to imagine the WTF feeling this would give you, you get an idea what I had for a few moments when I first booted up the Nokia Lumia 800 that was delivered on November 4. The phone itself It’s physical dimensions are 11.5 x 6 x 1 cm according to my own measurements, although I have to allow for a bit of uncertainty on the latter two because a cross-section on this phone would basically be an oval.

The USB port is on the top, which I initially thought was very stupid for in-car use. Screen Another thing about the screen – it is very sensitive. Download Free and Best Windows Phone 7 Apps, Books and Games Directory, News, Review, Devices. Windows Phone 7 Resources « Indyfromoz’s Weblog. A collection of useful resources including articles, source code, controls for Windows Phone 7 development.

Windows Phone 7 Resources « Indyfromoz’s Weblog

Please feel free to share your links. Tools, Books, Guides Articles & Tutorials Controls and Components Tips Source Code WCF, Azure & Windows Phone 7 Design, Styling & Navigation Tombstoning Blend for Windows Phone Data, Isolated Storage, Database & Filesystem Charting Media Accelerometer Geolocation Push Notifications. Silverlight for Windows Phone 7: “Tombstoning” - Alex Golesh's Blog About Silverlight Development. This post will talk about tombstoning (what a name!)

Silverlight for Windows Phone 7: “Tombstoning” - Alex Golesh's Blog About Silverlight Development

– the part of application lifecycle on Windows Phone 7. The Windows Phone execution model governs the life cycle of applications running on a Windows Phone, from when the application is launched until it is terminated. The execution model is designed to provide end users with a fast, responsive experience at all times. To achieve this, Windows Phone allows only one application to run at a time. This eliminates the possibility of users getting their device into a state where multiple applications are running in the background, causing the application in the foreground to become sluggish. In addition to responsiveness, the execution model provides users with a consistent navigation experience between applications.

The procedure in which the operating system terminates an application’s process when the user navigates away from the application called Tombstoning. Page state is a visual state of an application page. Data class: Windows Phone 7 Serialization: Binary Serialization.