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Propaganda (2012) The Quiet Ones. Open Water. Wolf Creek. Cannibal Holocaust. Most Anticipated Films of Fall/Winter 2012. A while back I wrote a most anticipated list for 2012 and it seems like the right time for an update.

Most Anticipated Films of Fall/Winter 2012

The big summer blockbusters have come and gone and we’re still a few months away from the Oscar-bait season but this fall and early winter is set to have some potentially great films come out. Time to break down ten to look forward to: Note: Click on the title for a trailer. 10.) Cloud Atlas Director: The Wachowski Siblings.


Animated. DOCUMENTARIES. TV. TO WATCH. HORROR/SCARY. Vali-Hi Drive-In. Movie Trailers, New Movies, Upcoming Movies, Movies, 2014 Movies, Films, DVD, Blu-ray, TV, Videos, Video, Game, Clips. Film Release Dates. Top 5 Unexpected Plot Twists In Films (Warning: Spoilers!) To celebrate the release of THE PURGE, out on Blu-ray and DVD now, we take a look at the Top 5 Plot Twists we just didn’t see coming… Back in 1999, Hollywood Pictures brought us the physiological horror THE SIXTH SENSE.

Top 5 Unexpected Plot Twists In Films (Warning: Spoilers!)

Starring Haley Joel Osment, Bruce Willis and Toni Collette, the film centres around a troubled, isolated boy, Cole, (Osment) who is able to see and talk to the dead, and an equally troubled child psychologist, Malcolm, (Willis) who tries to help him. However, not all is as it seems, since it transpires that all the while Malcolm is trying to help a distressed and petrified Cole find a purpose for his gift, it turns out Malcolm has been dead himself all along…coining the popular catchphrase, ‘I see dead people’, with the film cleaning up at various awards ceremonies. 15. Super Fun Night - What are the Most Promising New TV Shows For Fall 2013? 5 Surprisingly Age Inappropriate Movie Romances - Postcards connecting the world - Postcrossing.

While She Was Out (2008) Queer Picks from the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival. The 30 Sexiest Gay Scenes In Film. Whatever the catalysts that spark sexual reaction, we find them here, in the 30 sexiest gay film scenes—all of which, though wildly different, capture the raw and visceral experience of passion, leaving viewers feeling both deeply aroused and self-consciously voyeuristic.

The 30 Sexiest Gay Scenes In Film

From the over-the-top hilarity of Wet Hot American Summer's gay romp to the pugnacious fervor that drives the titular anti-hero of Querelle; the quiet longing in Bent to the bacchanal hunger that destroys Caravaggio; the affirming naïveté of My Own Private Idaho to the boundary-pushing world-weariness of Edward II. Top 100 Greatest Gay Movies -, Page 2. By TheBacklot | 98.

Top 100 Greatest Gay Movies -, Page 2

Breakfast With Scot (2007) Ranking on 2010 Poll: N/A. Four More Years (2010) Mulligans (2008) Undertow (2009) Gay-themed Films - a list by andreavorio. Gay Movies I've Seen - a list by KurtHummelForever. The Fluffer (2001) 10 Movies Coming in 2014 You Need to Know About - The Prestige (2006) 5 Movie Endings People Misinterpret - 8 Movies You Didn't Realize Were Big Hits This Year. 13 Movies That Completely Changed In One Scene. Being surprised by a movie is one of the unique joys that cinema can offer, a feeling that is nearly impossible to replicate elsewhere.

13 Movies That Completely Changed In One Scene

Every time we watch a movie we’re investing something, usually a healthy (or unhealthy) portion of time and money, and the hope is that we’ll have a return on this investment in the form of being entertained, feeling feelings, and receiving inspiration. With this comes expectations that we tend to wish will be fulfilled, which is often where genre comes into play: the anticipation that because we’re seeing a science fiction or western or horror movie (or the surprise of an animated movie, like Up, featuring possibly the most elegant tear-jerker sequences ever conceived), a certain set of familiar concepts and sensibilities will come across. There is pleasure in having these desires fulfilled, but also in having them be upended or subverted without warning.

Here are 13 movies that completely shift gears before our eyes over the course of a single scene. The Illusionist (2006) What is the most scariest movie you eve... 5 Most Profitable Video Game Adaptations In Film - Slideshow. The 100 Best Movies on Netflix Instant. 20.

The 100 Best Movies on Netflix Instant

Being John MalkovichYear: 1999Director: Spike Jonze Spike Jonze’s true gift is creating moments of the truly unexpected. Just as he did in music videos like Weezer’s “Buddy Holly” and the Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” where he got his start, Jonze proves that the true essence of wit is to never go for the obvious. And Charlie Kaufman’s screenplays follow that same mind-bending motto. —Tim Sheridan 19. 18. 17. 16. 15. 14. 13. 12. 11. The 10 Best Recent Releases on Netflix Watch Instantly (2013) By Dustin Rowles | Guides | April 19, 2014 | Comments (0 View If you want to catch up on great television, Netflix is a fantastic service.

The 10 Best Recent Releases on Netflix Watch Instantly (2013)

It has a ton of great options (here's the 25 best series on Netflix Instant, ranked) that will keep you occupied for months, if not years. The movie selection, however, often leaves something to be desired, particularly when it comes to more recent films. Netflix will often land three or four big movie titles each year, but the rest of their movie selection tends to be a lot of filler, and it's difficult to wade through it to find the best gems. The 10 Most Confusing Movies of All Time. Nobody loves summer blockbusters more than we do.

The 10 Most Confusing Movies of All Time

(We’ve already seen ‘Star Trek Into Darkness‘ multiple times.) Occasionally though, we need a movie with substance rather than something filled with special effects and thunderous explosions. 12 Best International Movies of 2012 - Movie Podium. 10 Barbara 105 minutes Drama, Foreign Summer, 1980.

12 Best International Movies of 2012 - Movie Podium

Why Stop Now - Official Trailer. The Way, Way Back - Official Trailer (HD) Steve Carell. Paranoia - Official Trailer (HD) Harrison Ford, Liam Hemsworth. Horror Anyone: A Good Scare Is Hard to Find - Tampa Bay Horror movie. Pound for pound, in the world of cinematic horror, fear is a frighteningly sparse commodity.

Horror Anyone: A Good Scare Is Hard to Find - Tampa Bay Horror movie

Mediocrity rules in most all walks of life and this is no different in the world of fright. The average horror fan puts great expectation on his trip to the cineplex to view the latest hyped masterpiece. Sadly disappointment usually rules. 8 Famous Movie Plot Holes With Shockingly Simple Solutions » Page 3 of 9. The “Plot Hole”: The “Basterds” in Quentin Tarantino’s giddy war time exploitation homage are a rag tag bunch if you ever saw one: Lt.

Aldo Raine’s crew are made up of mostly Jewish-American soldiers, but there are a couple of Germans in there too, one of whom is Sgt. Tvshows - a list by Izzy. The Best Comic-Con Movies You Probably Haven't Seen. A great American city lays in waste. The odor of sweat, tears and Cheetoes still lingers, as do the crushed hopes of those who hit snooze one too many times instead of getting their butt on line. It will take one full year to recover. That’s right friends – Comic-Con International, as no one calls it anymore, has just ended and your friends from SlashFilm were in San Diego in full force. The 30 Most Rewatchable Movies of the Modern Era (Page 2) There are great films — classics and Oscar winners — and then there are the movies you watch the most, and the two don’t necessarily mix. Great award-winning films have complex themes, dense plots, fully-realized characters, and stellar performances.

The best rewatchable movies tend to be simple comedies or action films, light on message and heavy on satisfaction. Subversion and originality is generally eschewed in favor of formula and comfort. These movies are our friends during hangovers, after bad days, or break ups. The 19 Best Movies That You Didn't See in 2012 - Indie Gems to Watch. Looking Back: FirstShowing Collectively Picks the Worst Films of 2012. By Ethan Anderton December 21, 2012 Though this year has been chock full of some absolutely great films (everyone at FirstShowing is having a problem locking down their favorite films of 2012), that doesn't mean there weren't some bad apples among the bunch. Rather than individually choosing our least favorite 2012 films, myself, Alex Billington, Ben Pearson, Jeremy Kirk and Tim Buel got together and figured out which films we collectively deemed as the Worst Films of 2012. 10 Reasons Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters Is Secretly Great.

24 Short Films Of Famous Directors You Can Watch On Youtube. Every director needs to start somewhere. You don’t start your career with a mega-hit but work up to it. Despite having some big name films to their credit, these famous directors were still nobody when they made the short films presented here. 14 Movies You Must See in 2014. January is over, people—which, for film buffs, means the good stuff (you know, releases you’d actually get out of your house and pay money to see) will soon start hitting theaters.

The cinematic calendar for the next 11 months promises sex addicts, sexy vampires, sexy co-eds—not to mention the indies that made a splash earlier this month at Sundance and artfully concocted big-budget fare. The Grand Budapest Hotel (March 7) Readers' Poll: The 20 Worst Movies of 2013 Pictures - 11. 'Gravity' 11 Great Films Ruined By Terrible Plot Twists. 15 Widely Released 2004 Movies We Bet You Won't Recognize. You Missed It: The 12 Most Unfairly Overlooked Movies Of 2012. Shia LaBeouf will do the sex for Lars von Trier's Nymphomaniac. Top 5 Fall Movie Releases - 2013 Movies You're Not Looking Forward To Yet, But Should Be. Looking forward to a given year's movies is sometimes a sucker's game.

Nato And Remy's Last Stand: Six Lesser Known Horror Films You Shouldn't Have Missed In 2013 (So Far) Most Popular Horror Movies of the Last 2 Years - Spoilers: 5 Craziest Movie Plot Twists - Recent Movie Endings That Made You Want To Scream - The Saddest Movies of All Time. P.S. I Love You - What Are the Saddest Movies of All Time? American Beauty - What Are the Best Movies with Unhappy Endings?

The Best Films on Netflix (Top 250 listed first) - a list by Slizmo. Movies to watch in 2014 - a list by rahuleveorn.