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GrowByData is a software company that provides SKU level data to retailers to give them competitive intelligence.

Importance of Product Identifiers for Higher Conversion and SEO rankings. How Product Identifiers are essential for Higher Conversion and SEO rankings?

Importance of Product Identifiers for Higher Conversion and SEO rankings

Product Content is king in ecommerce. Retailers that offer product data with rich content, detailed data, product pictures, videos, reviews, and FAQ benefits to increase chances of ranking high in search engines. Purchase decisions start in search and products that have rich product data benefit from higher SEO and conversion. Customers that use long-tail searches know what products are they searching for, so rich product data is key for higher conversions. For example, assume an ecommerce buyer is searching to buy a size 10 Blue Nike Air Jordan shoe that is waterproof. Our retail product data enrichment services gives our customers the “Gold Standard in Product Data”. Tweet this While the benefits of this are obvious, manufacturers may not provide rich product data.

Reasons for Error Generation of Competitive Price Intelligence Software. At GrowByData, we have been listening to customers and continuing to enhance our price intelligence software.

Reasons for Error Generation of Competitive Price Intelligence Software

The market is saturated with price intelligence tools – from the cheap repricers to the expensive, from the completely automated to those that are completely manual. If you are a manufacturer and sell a few products, you may not urgently need a price monitoring software, although it is valuable to understand where the market is headed. However, if you a retailer selling over 1000 SKUs (even 100 if you are in a competitive yet high margin category), you definitely need a competitive price monitoring tool.

Now, you may be selling products that don’t have children SKUs. In this case, existing price intelligence software in the market may suffice. As a pricing analyst, you need your competitive pricing tools to match your SKUs to those your competitor’s at a variant level. Google Shopping Ad Insights for Health & Beauty - Market Analysis. Our experts collected and analyzed the ad data from 327 broad-match type opportunity keywords for the month of January 2021.

Google Shopping Ad Insights for Health & Beauty - Market Analysis

Using our Search Intelligence Solution, we found a total of 127,737 ads with 10,610 unique ad titles from almost 2K sellers/advertisers. Below are some interesting insights our experts were able to extract from the data. The following Insights include: who were the top advertisers for the month, what range of products were advertised the most, and what kind of ad extensions were used the most during the month. Google Shopping Competitive Pricing Intel for Health & Beauty. For our latest article, our experts analyzed retail price data as well as product information from the Health & Beauty category on Google Shopping, during the month of February 2021.

Google Shopping Competitive Pricing Intel for Health & Beauty

Using our Price Intelligence Solution, we collected highly competitive keywords. We found more than 3,000 unique product SKUs from approximately 650 brands, sold by nearly 4,000 sellers. There were more than 35,000 price changes on these products throughout the month. We looked at which retailers were making the greatest number of price changes and which were providing the most options, in terms of Health and Beauty products. We also investigated the data to see what days retailers/brands were lowering their prices vs raising them. Best SERP and SEO Monitoring with Search Intelligence Tools. Enriching Product Feeds Data To Optimize Catalog Performance. Product Intelligence to Get Insights on Product Pricing and Analytics. Marketplace Intelligence for Visibility Across Amazon, Walmart. Best SERP and SEO Monitoring with Search Intelligence Tools. About MAP & Monitoring And Enforcement of Minimum Advertised Price. Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) is the minimum retail price the manufacturer sets for its product that resellers or retailers agree not to go below in advertisements.

About MAP & Monitoring And Enforcement of Minimum Advertised Price

However, retailers may offer the product below the MAP by using discount coupons and offers. In simple terms, MAP is the lowest price a retailer can show online or in an advertisement, though it does not refer to the lowest price retailers can accept in their stores. Is Minimum Advertised Price Legal? Yes, under U.S. antitrust statutes, MAP is legal. Accurate SKU Level Pricing Data for Retailers To Gain Edge. Retailers are busy and the merchandising department may be short-staffed with 100 things to do.

Accurate SKU Level Pricing Data for Retailers To Gain Edge

They need accurate data that they can work on instantaneously to get an edge and get a head start. Growbydata provides services and solutions to the retailer’s pricing strategies. 3 things that GrowByData’s pricing data can give to edge seeking retailers: 1) We give detail descriptions of the products that you sell. If you are the only seller on a top-selling product and you have information about the price you sold in the past, you can increase/decrease your price, advertise and pick up market share. 2) We tell you about the products that you compete with others which are cheap so that you can increase the price and remain the cheapest. 3) We tell you about expensive products so that you can drop prices up to your floor, yet not lose any money.

Price Intelligence and Dynamic Pricing Challenges in eCommerce. You need a powerful price monitoring tool to monitor your key competitors and implement dynamic repricing for consistent ecommerce growth.

Price Intelligence and Dynamic Pricing Challenges in eCommerce

Based on our years of experience serving hundreds of retailers, we are sharing 4 challenges that we have heard many retailers face when doing repricing. As you evaluate and select your vendor, you must remain vigilant on these to select the right competitive price intelligence solution. Your pricing tool must meet these 4 needs: 1. Enrichment of product data for holidays by retailers using automation. How Ecommerce Retailers can gain e-commerce success using Product Data Enrichment?

Enrichment of product data for holidays by retailers using automation

Retailers must enrich their product catalog with attributes such as image, pdf, price, descriptions so that they increase their sales in big e-commerce sites. About Schuler Shoes Schuler Shoes, founded in 1889, is the leading destination for men, women, and kids looking for comfortable shoes and top brands. They have 240 employees and operate 10 retail locations in addition to their online presence.

GrowByData assists retailers and manufacturers to enrich their product catalog. Market Analysis for Office Supplies - Google Shopping Ad Intel & Insights. The following article highlights unique insights based on the performance of ads in the office supplies category from Google Shopping.

Market Analysis for Office Supplies - Google Shopping Ad Intel & Insights

Using our Search Intelligence Solution, our experts collected data during the month of February 2021. The following data were analyzed from 715,000 ads and 3,000 Google Shopping sellers, from over 800 highly competitive opportunity keywords. Some insights you’ll discover from the following analysis include ad coverage by advertisers, the competition of product pricing, and ad extension trends among advertisers. Google Shopping Ad Intel for Electronics. Our GrowByData experts gathered and monitored the performance of ads for the Electronics category on Google Shopping for the month of January 2021.

Google Shopping Ad Intel for Electronics

Using our ‘Competitive Ad Intelligence’ solution, we found a total of 186,773 ads from 1,466 sellers on shopping ads data from 458 highly competitive opportunity keywords for the Electronics category. Looking at the ad coverage on devices, 71% of total ads were seen on mobile devices, while conversely, only 29% were only seen on desktop devices. In this case, electronics advertisers have more opportunities to improve their presence on desktops. Similarly, in the ad type distribution, 98% of the ads were Shopping Ads (PLAs), and only 2% were Showcase Ads. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) -Train the Trainers at Public Schools.

We at GrowByData strongly believe that education, data, and technology can transform individuals, companies, and societies. If we can spark interest amongst students about data and computers and they use these tools for good, we feel proud. That motivates us. We got an opportunity to share our knowledge at Pragati Sikshya Sadan Secondary School. This is one of the oldest community schools in Nepal established 60 years ago. Though the school has a well-equipped computer classroom with digital learning tools, we found that the faculty did not have adequate skills to use them to teach the students. To amplify our impact, we focused on training teachers vs students. Team members from different departments, at GrowByData, volunteered to train in this program. Product Identifiers essential for Higher Conversion and SEO rankings. Google Shopping Ads Market Analysis for Electronics Category. Retailers online uses automation to enrich 58,180 product data for holidays.

Is your Amazon Seller Central Account Suspended? - GrowByData. You are selling well on Amazon. You get a sizable amount of orders per day. You are happy with your income. Suddenly, you get an email from Amazon stating your Amazon Seller Central Account has been suspended. Have you experienced a similar kind of situation? Avoid Amazon suspension and get back your account from Amazon Seller Central. Tweet this Well, that’s normal when you are selling on Amazon. As a seller, you must keep in mind not to jeopardize AMAZON’s reputation because you have not served the customer well. MYTH – Once you register for Amazon Seller Central account, you list, sell and generate revenue. You need to constantly keep track of your Seller Performance Metric and make sure to comply with the standards Amazon has set for each performance indicator. 3 things to keep in mind to avoid Amazon suspension Make sure you sell products that do not violate Amazon’s product Policy.

The Benefits of GrowByData's Cloud Computer Program. GrowByData offers a Cloud Computer Program for individuals from a variety of backgrounds, all on your schedule. The program is designed for everyone from college students to retired individuals and everyone in between. This is a wonderful platform for people looking for a new career path or just a part-time job. This program is a great option for many in the workforce who are hungry to keep up with today’s cutting-edge technology. As part of the program, proper training is provided by our experienced data analysts on various tasks such as Data Cleanup, Data Mapping, Data QA, Image Editing, Product Search, Product Match, and Price Comparison, just to name a few curriculum topics.

This training is provided for free at the official GrowByData office. GrowByData has trained more than 1,000 Cloud Analysts in the past five years and currently, 80-plus Cloud Analysts are working remotely from diverse backgrounds. What is the Best Day of the Week to Buy Charms, Pendants, and Bracelets Online? - GrowByData. In our previous article covering the best day to buy jewelry online, we analyzed the price change activity of the overall jewelry category. We received great feedback from our readers, who also suggested that we perform an even deeper segmented analysis, diving into price change trends and activity on specific categories such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, charms, and pendants. In this version, we have analyzed the top-selling jewelry categories and unlocked the best day to buy each item based on the number of price changes in the market. More specifically, we’re covering two categories: charms and pendants as well as bracelets. Charms and Pendants In the charms and pendants category, Wednesdays saw the greatest number of price changes, owning about 28% of the share, followed by Mondays at 16% and Tuesdays at 14%.

But that doesn’t mean that Wednesdays are the best time to buy those charms and pendants you’ve been eyeing. A Retrospective Analysis of Valentine’s Day Ads - GrowByData. We recently posted an article on the trends some weeks before Valentine’s Day, how many retailers were using special offers/promotions and what kind of promotions were popular among retailers for Valentine’s Day. In this article, we collected and analyzed the ads data during the week of Valentine’s Day up, to the actual day, to find out which advertisers had the most ads with special promotions and what products were the most advertised on the day. According to the National Retail Federation, online shopping was the most popular Valentine’s day retail destination, by 39%.

Per the ad data analyzed from our Ad Intelligence tool, there seemed to be a big rise in the number of ads with special offers heading into the weekend of Valentine’s Day, as shown below. We mentioned in our previous article that the average Valentine’s Day spending per person in 2021 was expected to be $164, which was a 16% decrease from the $196 average spend in 2020. Retailers Gain Edge With Accurate SKU Level Pricing Data - GrowByData.

What is Minimum Advertised Price (MAP)? How is MAP monitored & enforced? Competitor Analysis On the Basis of Cluster and Geography-GrowbyData. As a brand, you compete with specific competitors only. For example, if you are Nike you compete with Adidas, New Balance and brands like that. Competitor Price Intelligence for Manufacturers and Brands [3 Tool Tips] Are you a Brand Manager at a Manufacturer or a Retailer? A Google Shopping Ad Coverage Movers & Shakers Analysis. Google Shopping is an extremely competitive and volatile advertising platform, but it is a very popular choice for online retail customers, especially in the United States. Retailers therefore compete and spend a lot of advertising dollars to get the maximum ad coverage, keyword coverage, and above-the-fold rank coverage.

Top 5 Trends about Halloween Purchases - GrowByData. Halloween is just around the corner and celebrated widely across the United States with costumes, pumpkins, candies, decorations, parties, and other various events. Here are Top 5 trends about the Halloween season. Was the 2019 Holiday Sales Stronger Online or In-Store? The 2019 holiday shopping season has come to an end, and many businesses will be analyzing their revenue to determine where they saw the most sales: online or in-store transactions. Despite the hype that online sales will outdo offline brick-and-mortar retail sales, our data tells a different story. Top 10 Popular Books on Amazon to Read During COVID-19 Isolation. As the world faces the effects of the novel coronavirus, “temporarily closed until further notice’” is a common sight in many storefronts. Google Shopping Ads Market Analysis for Apparel & Accessories Category.

A Preliminary Analysis of Valentine’s Day Special Offers and Promotions. As expected, this Valentine’s Day holiday is going to be a bit different than previous years, just like all other celebrations and holidays over the past year. Valentine’s Day Bestsellers: Candy & Greeting Cards - GrowByData. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and, as always, this year it’s all about gifts, cards, chocolates, and flowers. American spending on gifts is expected to increase by 32% this year, with total estimated sales of around $27.4 billion, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF). How to identify your Top 5 Competitors via Competitive Price Intelligence? Product price is an important factor impacting sales of any product. The economical price is a dominant factor during the buying decision phase – where buyers are always looking for the best deal. Therefore, among other pricing strategies, competitive pricing is indispensable to retailers. How Do Product Identifiers Improve Product Matching Quality?

Price Competition Analysis of Sunglasses Retailers in Clusters. Google Shopping Ads Market Analysis for Apparel & Accessories Category. 3 capabilities required in a Competitive Price Intelligence Tool. Competitive Price Intelligence errors in products with many variants. How to do Competitive Price Intelligence for Ecommerce? [Five Steps] Do Consumers Trust Online Platforms for Purchase of Jewelry in 2020? Using Marketing Intelligence to Gain a Competitive Edge - GrowByData. What to look for in a Competitive Price Intelligence Report?

Price Competition of Halloween Costume & Candy. Google Shopping Competitive Market Analysis of Electronics. Why do Retail Data Science Colleagues Struggle with Bad Data? How to Analyze Google Shopping Competitive Marketing Mix? Top 7 Tips for Retailers this Holiday Season - GrowByData. New Trending Shoes This Holiday Season-Where to Get the Best Deals. Impact of COVID-19 on Consumer Shopping Behavior - GrowByData. What is the Best Day Of the Week to Buy Earrings, Necklaces & Rings Online? - Pricing Strategy for Winter Shoes in Google Shopping. Jewelry Competitors Analysis: Emerging Vs Established Grouping. Competition Analysis of Adidas Products on Amazon. Top 5 Methods for Doing Dynamic Pricing the “Right” Way. Price Intelligence of Winter Shoes: Buy in Best Day of Week. A Comprehensive Analysis of Amazon Ads on Google Shopping. Dynamic Pricing Bags More Revenue When Timed Right.

Seasonal Trend and Pattern Analysis of Online Shoe Shopping. Google Shopping Competitive Market Analysis of Winter Shoes - Nov 2020. Coronavirus Impacts on the Online Retail Industry - GrowByData. What Separates Repricers from High Quality Price Data Providers? How Consumer Behavior Data Benefits Online Retailers? How Price Intelligence Reveals the Best Weekday to Reprice Jewelry. Holiday Shopping Trends on Super Saturday - GrowByData. A Regional Analysis of Holiday Shopping Special Offers/Promotions. Winter Shoes Price Competition & Online Demand Insights. Price Intelligence of Winter Shoes: Top 9 Market Insights for Buyers. Best Deals on Winter Shoes are on Amazon and Zappos - GrowByData. Off The Rack: Fashion’s Top Retail Brands Respond To COVID-19 - GrowByData. Get Cyber Monday 2020 Deals - powered by GrowByData Ad Intelligence. Price Competitive Repricing Strategy for Adidas Brand on Amazon. Amazon Price Intelligence: Best days of week for Adidas Retailers.

How to Create Outstanding Google Shopping Ads with Annotations and Extensions. Fast Facts of Amazon Movers and Shakers in COVID-19 Crisis. Price Optimization Boosts Sales by Keeping You Price Competitive. 4 Ways to Price a Product using marketing data at SKU level. 3 Reasons Competitive Price Intelligence Software Generates Errors. Four Challenges of Price Intelligence and Dynamic Pricing in eCommerce. Google Shopping Trends in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Price Changes in Medicine and Healthcare During COVID-19. Get Black Friday 2020 Deals - powered by GrowByData Ad Intelligence. Find Opportunity Keywords with Ad Intelligence Data. Price Competition for Better Sales and Lower CPC On Google PLA. Google Showcase Ads Optimization with Ad Intelligence. Growbydata. Google Ads Campaign Optimization with Ad intelligence. COVID-19 Marketplace Analysis: U.S. Amazon Search Terms - GrowByData.

What is ad intelligence and how it helps boost ad performance? How to Track and Enforce MAP Policy Violation. Pricing Intelligence Insights for Hotel & Restaurant Suppliers - GrowByData. Price Intelligence Data of Apparel & Accessories During COVID-19. Optimize Google Shopping Ad Campaigns by fixing Ad Anomalies. Regional Ad Intelligence to Optimize Google Shopping Ads - GrowByData. Google Shopping Ads Extension impact on Ad Campaigns Performance. Improve Google Shopping Ads Performance by Analyzing Product Title. What is a Keyword Funnel on Google Shopping? - GrowByData. Guidelines For Formulating Effective MAP Policy - GrowByData. Top 9 Price Intelligence Insights on Halloween Costume and Candy.