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Triathlons in Louisiana. Statistical Tables Calculator. Calculators for Statistical Table Entries z to P Calculator For any given value of z, this section will calculate º. What is in your opinion the best documentary you ever watched? (except BBC Planet Earth, we all know it kick ass) : AskReddit. 9 Drug-Free Approaches to Managing ADHD. For decades, Ritalin and similar stimulants have reigned over other treatments for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, also known as ADHD or ADD.

9 Drug-Free Approaches to Managing ADHD

The meds are seemingly tried and true, with numerous studies backing their effectiveness. However, the latest results from the Multimodal Treatment Study of Children with ADHD, the largest investigation of the benefits of medication against behavioral therapy, found that stimulants' effects wane over time. In addition, the study found that more than 60 percent of the children on stimulants stopped taking the medication within eight years. What's more, the medications used in the study might have stunted participants' growth, researchers concluded. The vast majority of kids respond positively to one or more of the approved medications for ADHD, according to Mina Dulcan, head of child and adolescent psychiatry at Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago.

Positive parenting. Treatment programs. Neuro feedback. Life Hack - The 30/30 Minute Work Cycle Feels Like Magic. A year ago, I switched to the Colemak keyboard layout. I’ve since had zero pain in my hands when typing for many hours straight, I’ve been able to type faster, and I make fewer mistakes while typing. A few months ago, I decided to try the biphasic sleep cycle. It worked as advertised, allowing me to get better sleep and need less of it. I used to sleep for 9 - 10 hours each day, and now I need just 6 - 7.5 to stay just as sprightly, if not more. A few weeks ago, after these successful life hacks, my friend told me about the eccentric work cycle that he follows.

“You might think it’s crazy and stupid, but it works for me,” he said. Have you guys noticed that if you film something and call it reality TV, you can do experiments on humans that would never be approved by any review board? : AskReddit. BRAT Productions - Obligatory Web Clutter. I step into the advent. The Facebook News Feed: How it Works,10 Biggest Secrets. How does the social media giant decide who and what to put in your feed?

The Facebook News Feed: How it Works,10 Biggest Secrets

Tom Weber conducts a one-month experiment to break the algorithm, discovering 10 of Facebook’s biggest secrets. The more digital our daily lives become, the more perplexing the questions seem. Will the growth of social media destroy our notions of privacy? Is democracy helped or harmed by the cacophony of opinions online? And perhaps most confounding: Why does that guy I barely know from the 10th grade keep showing up in my Facebook feed? If you've ever spent time on Facebook, you've probably pondered that last one. The Daily Beast’s one-month experiment into Facebook’s news feed yielded the following discoveries: A bias against newcomers “Most Recent” doesn’t tell the whole story. Facebook, much like Google with its search algorithms, consistently refuses to go into details about how it picks and pans content (save a few glancing details this year about the enigmatic engine that powers it, EdgeRank). 1. 2. 3. 4.

Cleaning Up Audio Files with Audacity - Geeks. The Compressor dialog box looks intimidating, but once you get going it is fairly easy to use.

Cleaning Up Audio Files with Audacity - Geeks

Focus on the Threshold setting. The threshold is the maximum amount of volume that the Compressor will tolerate. The threshold is measured in decibels (db). Any bit of audio that is louder than the threshold has its volume reduced. You should set a threshold somewhere between the loudest and softest parts of your audio. Next, look at the Ratio setting. Leave the Attack Time setting as it is. Also, leave the Apply Gain after compressing option checked.

Click the Preview button to test whether or not you chose the right settings. Gravity. 2-way Contingency Table Analysis. 2-way Contingency Table Analysis Revised: 07/23/2013 -- added NNM -- the Number Needed to Mis-diagnose (thanks to Farrokh Habibzadeh) This page computes various statistics from a 2-by-2 table.

2-way Contingency Table Analysis

It will calculate the Yates-corrected chi-square, the Mantel-Haenszel chi-square, the Fisher Exact Test, and other indices relevant to various special kinds of 2-by-2 tables: analysis of risk factors for unfavorable outcomes (odds ratio, relative risk, difference in proportions, absolute and relative reduction in risk, number needed to treat) analysis of the effectiveness of a diagnostic criterion for some condition (sensitivity, specificity, pos & neg predictive values, pos & neg likelihood ratios, diagnostic and error odds ratios) measures of inter-rater reliability (% correct or consistent, mis-classification rate, kappa, Forbes' NMI) other measures of association (contingency coefficient, Cramer's phi coefficient, Yule's Q) Enter numbers into the four cells below.

Observed Contingency Table. DANNY DeVITO SEX TAPE. Sunrise Earth - Homer Takeoff, Part 1/5.