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BH Cosmetics: High Quality Makeup for Eyes, Face, Lips. All natural + plantable packaging soap that's good for you and others. Natural & Vegan Face Makeup – 100% PURE® UK. Kosuke Araki. Originally born in Geneva in 1988, Kosuke Araki is a Japanese designer living in Tokyo.

Kosuke Araki

Kosuke creates works in search of values or sensitivities that have been slighted in the process of rapid modernisation. He believes that there must be something vital which cannot be attained by simply pursuing efficiency and rationality, pondering ways to retrieve humanity in design with appreciation of nature. 7 Eco-Friendly Fashion Labels To Know Now - Sustainable, Green, and Chic Fashion Designers. 5 Brands That Really "Get" Sustainable Fashion. Meet the future stars of sustainable fashion. A new breed of fashion designer is putting ethics at the heart of everything they do.

Meet the future stars of sustainable fashion

No longer is sustainability and social responsibility a token extra or cynical marketing ploy. The smartest brands are the ones taking full responsibility for every step of the process, from the supplier to the maker – and in some cases the aftercare of the product, too. The Best Ethical Fashion Brands. We've rounded up the best ethically produced and actually stylish brands on the market...

The Best Ethical Fashion Brands

Green is the new black, people. Producing ethical fashion is becoming more of a priority for brands across the board from luxury, to high street. Bethany Williams is boosting fashion’s eco-credentials. As part of the MA graduate season, the London College of Fashion hosted its annual menswear show, showcasing the work of ten graduates from the MA Fashion Design Technology Menswear course.

Bethany Williams is boosting fashion’s eco-credentials

The runway burst with creativity, offering a wealth of diversity in postgraduate student talent. Among those making their mark was the socially-responsible designer Bethany Williams. Williams partnered with supermarket giants Tesco and Vauxhaull Food Bank to create a completely recycled collection titled “Breadline”, with the aim to highlight and find solutions for the “hidden hunger” crisis in the UK. We headed backstage to find out how this young designer is striving for social change through fashion. H&M's 'Close The Loop' Collection Is Made From Your Old Clothes. LSN : Briefing : Valuable knowledge. Ethical Fashion: 10 Designers That Create Genuinely Amazing Clothes. Does it ever niggle you when you think about where your clothes came from?

Ethical Fashion: 10 Designers That Create Genuinely Amazing Clothes

And how sensibly they’ve been made? Ethical fashion has come such along way since pioneers such as Anita Roddick opened The Body Shop and Safia Minney launched People Tree. Rosario Dawson on Co-Retailing and the Future of Ethical Fashion. The world, more than ever right now, feels like it’s rapidly and irrevocably changing—and fashion, as evidenced by the most recent developments at New York Fashion Week, is by necessity evolving alongside it.

Rosario Dawson on Co-Retailing and the Future of Ethical Fashion

And as designers continue to grapple with the future, in what format and on what time frame should clothes be shown? How to make their production ecologically sustainable? A growing number of them have been turning for answers to the textile traditions of the past. Now, two standouts of the artisan-fashion scene—the colorful, Ghana-centric men’s and women’s line Studio 189, cofounded by actress Rosario Dawson and designer Abrima Erwiah, and Jasmine Aarons’s Voz, whose darkly romantic silhouettes incorporate traditional Mapuche weavings from Chile—are, hot on the heels of the seven-woman-strong collaborative boutique 97’s opening, joining forces and launching a new pop-up shop.

How did you find each other? Sharewear Innovating Sustainable Fashion. Illustrated by Anna Sudit Earlier this month Ikea told us we’d reached ‘peak stuff’.

Sharewear Innovating Sustainable Fashion

Stop buying stuff, they said. And now the eco-warrior Swedes have another novel idea: share your stuff. Or more specifically, share your clothes. Fashion Revolution. Five designers revolutionising sustainable fashion. The boundless information made available by the internet has resulted in a new generation of inquisitive consumers, no longer content to buy into brands without first doing their research.

Five designers revolutionising sustainable fashion

As discussions surrounding sustainability continue, the fashion industry has begun to consider its own eco footprint and source sustainable alternatives to man-made fabrics. Designers such as Vivienne Westwood have been vocal activists in the past – in the last two months alone Westwood released a fashion film detailing corporate exploitation of natural resources as well as attending and speaking at the recent Parley for the Oceans summit.

As our friends at have pointed out – green is the new black. Sustainable and Ethical Fashion blog UK study 34. ‘Denim is the most democratic product in fashion’ said Marco Lucietti, Global Marketing Director of ISKO, at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit this May.

Sustainable and Ethical Fashion blog UK study 34

And if we’re talking about its global style appeal, absolutely. But its production, plagued with issues surrounding water consumption, chemical usage and bad labour conditions, is typically far from just. Universal popularity more than justifies its place on the indispensables list, but such high demand often results in less than ethical manufacturing practices. When every brand wants a slice of the denim pie and the market becomes crowded, it can be hard to navigate. “Do one thing, and do it well” - a handy motto to live by, but also a great rule to observe when looking to purchase your next item of clothing: find a brand that does one thing and does it well. An Interview With Carry Somers, The Founder of Fashion Revolution. This week almost three years on from the devastating Rana Plaza complex collapse in Dhaka, Bangladesh, I managed to catch up with Carry Somers, to find out more about the Fashion Revolution that she has started and why she and many others are resolute in calling for change in the fashion industry.

An Interview With Carry Somers, The Founder of Fashion Revolution

Why did you decide to start Fashion Revolution and why do you think it is so important? In the aftermath of the Rana Plaza collapse, everywhere I looked, there were newspaper articles calling for a more ethical fashion industry. The Rana Plaza catastrophe was a metaphorical call to arms. The idea for Fashion Revolution Day literally popped into my head in the bath a few days after the Rana Plaza disaster. About Us – RE/DONE. Iconic. Sustainable. Individual. RE/DONE is not a denim company. RE/DONE is the first luxury label that was born online and grown as an e-commerce brand, founded by Sean Barron and Jamie Mazur.