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We are providing psychologist services online

Download Free Psychology PDF Notes. We are sharing some personal study notes in PDF formatthey all created by various psychology books.

Download Free Psychology PDF Notes

In which mostly notes are cover in Psychology MCQ formats & short 3 or 6 mark question answers also that students can learn it or save time due to exam. 1 – School Of Psychology It’s a part of the Introduction of psychology. In this section, students can read about the different types of the school of psychology which include psychoanalysis, Introspection, Gestalt Psychology & Behaviorism & more history about the psychology of schools. 2 – Personality Disorder A personality disorder is one most important topics with psychology & abnormal psychology it is a make on all basics topics which including Cluster A, B & C with the combination of DSM 5 & ICD 10. Book Reference – kalpan & sedok (psychiatry of synopsis or brutureabnormal psychology, DSM-5 & ICD 10.. )

B.A Psychology Coaching in Gurgaon. We are offering psychology-based Coaching/tuition classes by online mode all over the nation but in some areas, we are covering offline modes such as Gurgaon, Delhi & West Bengal, as per hour or syllabus based according to tutor availability.

B.A Psychology Coaching in Gurgaon

Students can contact us for Class 12 to BA & BSc Psychology classes. We will provide you, online classes, through online web apps & software such as zoom, meet & what’s app group, etc. In which we will provide you Clinical psychology & counseling based Coaching classes. This includes major subjects according to schools & colleges syllabus & provides the best coaching solutions to our students in which include study materials like Psychology PDF Books, Power presentation notes, or selected MCQ based Question answers to the students. Some Major Subjects. How to choose MBBS Doctor career feature in India. To become the MBBS doctor in India every year lots of students try to clear entrees exam for MBBS doctor Every student want to become an MBBS Doctor & open own clinical in the local area to provide doctorate services to the local area.

How to choose MBBS Doctor career feature in India

After complete the MBBS Course student can join any hospital as well as they can start own personal clinical & hospital, they can earn lots of money after complete this course. Course Duration According to ICMR total duration of the MBBS doctors Is 5 year in which 2 -3 year include Practical training but the schedule can be different according to the university or college How to enter in the MBBS Admission student must crack the NEET EXAM.

NEET :- Neet is organized by the government of India. student can get admission in for the MBBS Doctor after cracking the NEET Exam. Criteria for the entrees NEET Students can choose the government or medical college or university to complete the MBBS Degree. How you can choose Psychologist Career to grow in future. Psychologist career is one of the best options to make a successful life in the stream of psychology.

How you can choose Psychologist Career to grow in future.

In which students can learn how to deal with mental disorders & mental health problems under the clinical population by the help of self awareness program. To become a successful psychologist the right way is clinical psychology. Clinical psychology is a branch of psychology. In which we study human behavior as well as study mental health problems by using different types of assessments such as projective tests Power test etc. Steps to become psychologist in the India 1 – 12th Standard Their student can choose the psychology subjects during the study of 11 & 12, or one subject is required in 10 +2 related to psychology with minimum parentage of marks. ( Another subject such as business, Sport psychology, counseling, etc..

Bachelor of arts & Bachelor of science Master of Science / Master of arts PG Diploma, M.PHIL. During Covid-19 Manage Mental Health With Mindfulness. During Covid-19 Manage Mental Health With Mindfulness The Covid-19 pandemic presents the greatest war the world has go through, due to this pandemic the world is in quarantine and all humans are inside their home 24*7 and can’t go outside or meet friend or office mates.

During Covid-19 Manage Mental Health With Mindfulness

We all know that we cannot go anywhere because we are lockdown in our homes right now and this quarantine can cause scientific disturbances to our mental health, which can cause stress, anxiety, depression and many other psychological problems in individual life. The worst thing is that these psychological problems can be faced by every aged people’s in the world. So, it is very important to manage mental health in today’s time. Because a mental health is as important as or physical health. Mindfulness “Mindfulness is the awareness that emerges through paying attention on purpose, in the present moment and non judgmentally to the unfolding of experiences moment to moment (Kabar-Zinn 2003)”. Mindfulness Techniques 1. 2. 3.