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Role of Wall Tiles Manufacturer to develop Urban Town. Looking for hose hangers? You can find all sorts of hose hangers and other hose storage devices here including decorative hose hangers, free standing hose hangers, air hose hangers, plastic hose hangers, metal hose hangers, iron hose hangers, vacuum hose hangers, hose pots, and hose stations.

Whether it is a garden hose that you have for watering your plants and flowerbeds, or an air hose for your garage, the hose need to be maintained. Without maintenance the hose could get dirty and ruined and will have a lesser life. Not to mention quite an eye sore for your garden or garage or wherever it is you are having it. There is also the bother of the hose getting all tangled up and messy so that you lose a lot of time in just unwinding it. So you do need a proper storage for your hose. You can also get hose hangers and accessories at places like Sears, Lowes or ace hardware. Decorative Hose Hangers Now that you have decided to have a hose hanger, which one to go for? Hose Reels. How Can Wall Tiles Change the Look of Your Home?

Generally, ceramic tiles are meant to be used in bathrooms and kitchens. However, with growing modernization, the choices and preferences have changed. The interior designers have been successful in experimenting with the ceramic wall tiles in living rooms, dining rooms of domestic space as well as in commercial spaces to give it a sleek look! Not only are they cost effective in nature but they come with a lot of physical and chemical properties which serve long and also are available in a number of designs as compared to the conventional marble tiles.

All you need to do is consult a leading manufacturer of the ceramic wall tiles India to ensure you receive the quality tested products which will stand the test of time. Now let us check the different types of Ceramic Tiles that are available in the market. Types – The commonly used wall tiles in the country are as below: 1) Stone or slate – Tiles can be of stones or slate, as a result of which they are either too hard or too soft. Tips For Varnish Your Ceramic Tiles. Sponsored Advertisement Scratched and damaged glazes really look bad on your bathroom and kitchen tiles. Ceramic wall tiles India manufacturers bring some glazing restoring tips for you in this post. All these tips can be considered for porcelain and ceramic wall and floor tiles. You can follow them and remember the warnings and instructions shared by the experts. Glazing Repairing Steps Get tiles resurfacing kit from local home improvement store?

Things you need for glazing repair- Tile resurfacing kitPaint stirrerNon abrasive cleanerMasking tape (optional)SandpaperAbrasive padActivatorBaseVarnish brushEmpty can Don’t forget to wear gloves, goggles, and mask while working. If the tile you want to repair has a cracked or chipped surface, you can treat it with patching compound by following the instructions of manufacturer prior repairing the glaze. If it is your first time, it is better to ask professional for help.

Reuse Of Extra Digital Wall Tiles. Be your own designer and create unique wall tiles. The process of Ceramic Bathroom Wall Tiles. Several suggestions and blog post ideas have been shared about recycling of bathroom and kitchen wall tiles. But do you know, how bathroom wall tiles in India are made? In this post, we will talk about the raw materials used for preparing ceramic tiles and the production process.

You will also get some expert tips to recycle old wall tiles for different projects. You may get surprise after learning that manufacturers of ceramic wall tiles use natural materials for production of elegant and designer wall tiles. These natural resources are listed below- Kaolin or Chinese clay Kaolin ore is a mineral mined by professionals all around the world. Ball clay It is applied as an alternative to Chinese clay. Feldspar It is one of the most common minerals found on earth.

Sand These are small fine particles that you can easily found in desert area. Talc Talc is the white finest powder used in production process of ceramic as filler. Quartz The process in nutshell Application of glazing. Keep some points in Mind while Choosing Best Bathroom Wall Tiles. Are you looking to overhaul your bathroom? As a room that sees heavy use, bathrooms are almost always the first to need a renovation. The constant splashing of dirty soapy water, disinfectants and cleaners dulls the tiles and corrodes the fixtures over time.

Unfortunately, the bathroom is also one of the most neglected areas in a house. Here are some simple tips and tricks you can use to renovate the bathroom, starting with bathroom wall tiles. Replace the tiles This may be a tad cumbersome, but a complete overhaul is sometimes important. Go for dramatic color Many people play safe with their bathrooms, sticking to the usual pastel shades. Try a screaming scarlet color rarely seen in bathrooms. Go for the unexpected: It is not more fun to go for the unexpected, since no one quite expects that! Lighting: This is one factor that can completely change a room. Get some green in: A little green touch can live any space, quite literally. Now Designer Digital Wall Tiles in your Budgets. Renovate kitchen with backsplash tiles & some basic ideas. You have a small kitchen at home and you want to renovate it with simple décor ideas.

It’s not a tough thing because kitchen wall tiles India suppliers bring some fun loving trends that will not only turn your small kitchen space-saver but also make it look more stylish and update. Let’s have a look on the trends you may follow in 2018 for kitchen décor. Tile backsplash If you don’t want to have ceramic tile, you can even look for glamorous stainless steel tile and install it behind the range. In a small space, a tiny area of backsplash tiles adds personality and drama. Display collections You can make best use of the space between the cabinets by adding simple shelves and display a collection. Addition of accessories You can add some accessories to your small kitchen.Be it your exclusive art frames or pretty dishware, you can decorate your small kitchen with a few accessories. Showcase color If you have a one-wall kitchen, you can make the room feel spacious with open upper cabinets.

Make your kitchen trendy through kitchen wall tiles. Although the kitchen is an important part of any Indian household, design wise it has been rather neglected. Until recently kitchen were largely utilitarian with the emphasis on creating function rather than beauty. One paid attention to just the essential like sufficient storage, countertops, drainage and working space.

The aesthetics of the place was considered largely irrelevant. However, in the last decade things have changed dramatically as we incorporate aesthetics with functionality. Let us look at some of the trends of 2017: It’s the shapes Just as we thought we had the ideal shape pinned down, it would change again! Unexpected shapes can also create an interesting look, which seemed to be the trend of the year. The factors to pay attention here are the dimensions. Getting the colour Like the shape, colours of the kitchen wall tiles India were also far from boring. The other striking effect was that of jewel tones. Au Natural How can the natural look ever be out of fashion? Renovate your home with mosaics or ceramic tiles. Go digital on the walls — Digital Wall Tiles – Gris Ceramic. Are you planning to give a new look to your home or commercial space? Then, let me suggest you to go digital this time with the interior décor.

While we are globally digitalizing on everything like our banking, shopping and dining, why not for home décor? While everyone prefers marble or ceramic tiles, why not try something! The digital wall tiles have started to take over the conventional ceramic tiles. Due to their digital prints and patterns they are preferred these days. Ceramic and Marble Tiles Vs Digital Tiles The ceramic tiles come in a variety of designs, patterns and shades. How are Digital Tiles Made To provide the smoothness and perfect finish, silica, quartz and feldspar are added to clay and mixed in kiln.

Varieties of Digital Wall Tiles Where are digital tiles used. Beautiful Bathroom Wall Tiles Make your mind fresh. Are you planning to renovate your bathroom? Are you looking for something different yet stylish? Go for the versatile ceramic tiles! Available in several shapes and sizes and also in a variety of designs, these tiles just spice up your bathroom like no other! With their growing demand and numerous designs, the ceramic wall tiles are the most preferred in India, in the recent days.

Types Generally, the below types are used in the bathrooms of private or commercial spaces: Glazed and Unglazed Tiles that are covered with a shiny layer thus giving a chic look to the tile, along with the colour, patterns, designs, shades and finish are classified as glazed. Mosaic These are small ceramic tiles or glass or maybe layered with glass and sold in sheets. Porcelain These are completely compact and maybe glazed or unglazed. Stone or slate Tiles can be made up of stones or slate, as a result of which they are either too hard or too soft.

Design your home with Ceramic wall tiles. Kids love holidays; no matter if your job of parenting gets double during that time, you still desire to make them learn something new. Ceramic wall tiles India manufacturers bring this post for the parents who wish to spend quality time with their kids and work on their creativity without losing the ‘fun’ part. So, without wasting more time, let’s learn how to make kids more creative in approaching holidays! You just require three things for this project and believe us; it won’t cost you a lot! 1. Steps-1. Wide range of vivid ceramic tiles and utensil. Ceramic artists are spoiled and so the consumers! The modern stain technology used by bathroom wall tiles India manufacturers has made it possible for artisans to create rainbow colors for tiles at their fingertips. In this post, we will explain the ins and outs of ceramic stains used by professionals to color ceramic products including tiles, pottery, and decorative. Before that, we will talk about the basic terms used by ceramic factory people- Frits: Frits are the ceramic materials that have been blended, melted/sintered/fused together in a kiln, quenched, and ground to a particular size.

They can be applied as part of a glaze recipe or added to coloring oxides, or stains to help in melting process. Spinel: Spinel is the mineral mixed with alkaline oxide and amphoteric oxide. Stains: Stains are the coloring oxides suspended in water. What are specialty stains? Inclusion stains have certain firing temperatures and duration of firing protocols. .

· How To Choose The Right Wall Tile. Designer Wall Tiles - Demanding in india. Designer Wall Tiles - Make your home elegant. Improve quality of your ceramic tiles with some awareness. Keep some fact in your mind When Selecting Kitchen Wall Tiles. One of the rooms in a house where wall tiles play an important part is the kitchen. Unlike traditional kitchens, modern Indian kitchen walls are covered with the tiles from the top to the bottom. There are many reasons for this. Tiles have a long life and can be easily cleaned, a particularly important requirement in a kitchen. Fortunately there is plenty to choose from with India even leading in wall tiles exporters. Here is a checklist of factors that will determine your choice: Location: The location of the tile is important in deciding the tile you will go for. Easy to clean: Kitchens see a lot of spatter and spillage.

Material: Some people are also particular about the material they want. Also Read: How To Pick The Right Kitchen Wall Tiles Style requirement: Some people are very particular of the coordinating kitchen tiles with the overall style of the house. Backsplash: Never economies on backsplash tiles. Conclusion The decision to choose the right tiles must be taken carefully. Get such an amazing guidance for tilling hardwood on wall. Hardwood finishes are worldwide famous and people mostly use it for flooring. Wall tiles manufacturers want to let you know that any type of wood can be applied not only on floors but other areas like walls. Application of hardwood on the walls is beneficial just like in the case of floors. Wood is durable and you can paint, stain, seal, and finish it with protective coatings.

With hardwood, you can experiment with colors, patterns, and finishes. Here is the professional guide tutorial to use and apply hardwood on the wall. 1. 2. 3. 4. All these considerations are also useful if you apply hardwood on floors. This is it! You may also like to read how to considering kitchen wall tiles. Like this: Like Loading... Guide To Buy Wall tiles & Floor Tiles. Wall tiles manufacturers are today offering a wide range of tiles in different materials, shapes and styles. With their long life and unique look, tiles are becoming popular for both walls and floors. However, you must consider the following factors before buying tiles for your home: Wall tiles & floor tiles Your home will probably need both. Decide beforehand about the extent of tiling you are looking for. Wall tiles for areas other than bathroom and kitchen are relatively less common. Gloss or Matt Tiles can have gloss or matt finish. Material There is a wide variety of materials that are used to make tiles today.

For instance, ceramic tiles are sturdy and cost-effective. Class of tile For the purpose of segregating them by quality many tiles, like ceramic tiles, are divided into different classes. Shape Today we are using tiles in many different shapes and patterns. Getting it right Tiles are a long-term proposition.


Design Your Bathroom with Beautiful Bathroom Wall Tiles. How To Select Digital Wall Tiles For Kitchen and Bathroom. Wall tiles have become increasingly common in Indian homes. Once only found in kitchen or bathrooms, they have made their entry well and truly into all other areas. Today we find tiles equally visible in institutional spaces. In fact, the sale of institutional wall tiles may well take over residential sales.

The growth of the tie industry has been multi-faceted, benefiting all its component industries, such as digital wall tiles manufacturers. With remarkable growth in the last two years, Indian tile manufacturers are today among the world’s leading tile manufacturers. If you are looking for wall tiles for your house, it is important to take some time and make the decision carefully. Since you will be stuck with them for some considerable time to come, do not be hasty in your decision. Here are our tips on finding the right tiles for your house: Decide what you want: Before you start, decide what you are actually looking for.

Decor style: The design of the tile is decided by the decor. DIY Installation Guide for Tin Tile Backsplash. Decorate your walls - Wall Tiles Exporters. Design and Paint your Walls with Designer Wall Tiles - grisceramic’s diary. Why your Designer Stone Wall Tiles Seem High in Maintenance? Go digital on the walls — Digital Wall Tiles. Why Interlocking Foam Tiles Considered as Revolutionary Product? Why Indian Wall Tiles Exporters are Making a Mark! NEWS By Ebzz Spider. Tips To Renovate your Bathroom with Designer Wall Tiles. What Things You should avoid when hiring a Tile Installer? How to Make your Small Bathroom Look Bigger? Beautify Your Walls with Wall Tiles. Getting Matte Over Glossy For Bathroom Tiles - A New Trend. Use your Old Ceramic Wall Tiles to Create Unique Planter | Gris Ceramic. How Ceramic Bathroom Wall Tiles Are Made? Top Materials Used for Bathroom Wall Tiles By Producers.

How To Decorate Your Rented Apartment Walls? Why Ceramic Wall Tiles Remain Popular - Grisceramic's Site. 7 Factors to Keep in Mind When Installing Kitchen Hardware. Backsplash Tiles and Other Décor Trends For Kitchen Walls. Top Porcelain and Ceramic Wall Tiles Problems To Be Fixed « grisceramic's Blog. Business Directory - Products, Articles, Companies. Why You Must Opt For 3D Wall Tiles? Designer Wall Tiles India, Designer Wall Tiles Manufacturers India | Gris Ceramic. Ceramic Tiles for Your Lounge and Living Areas. DIY wall tile serving tray as a new add-on to your kitchen. How to Repurpose Leftover Digital Wall Tiles? How to know if the Tile in your Hand is for Wall or Floor? Ceramic Tile Glazing Repairing Tips From Manufacturers. Best Tiles Designed For Floors, Counters and Backsplashes. Inkjet Printers to Onset the Ceramic Tile Printing in New Way.

Customized Ceramic Photo Tile as a Gift for Special Occasions | Gris Ceramic. Select Anti Slip Tiles for Your Bathroom. Bigger Wall Tiles are Better- Really? Manufacturers of Wall Tiles Transforming Their Range to Digital. Wall Tiles Manufacturing Companies Creating the Urban Hood. Top Reasons That Tell Wall Tiles Are Best! Why It Pays To Think Before You Buy Kitchen Wall Tiles. The Wonderful Possibilities of Digital Tiles - Indian Product News. How We Make Ceramic Wall Tiles India. Top Trends of Kitchen Wall Tiles in 2017 « grisceramic's Blog. Why Designer Wall Tiles India are Gaining Popularity | Shen Ming Hui. Business Directory - Products, Articles, Companies. Experiment with Your Kitchen Walls with Tiles. How to Get the Correct Type of Wall Tile for Home? It’s Always Better If Your Bathroom Has Anti Slip Tiles. How to Make Best Use of Kitchen Wall Tiles?

Go Creative With Your Leftover Wall Tiles. Manufacturers Design Multipurpose Digital Ceramic Tiles. Ceramic Tiles for Your Lounge and Living Areas - Mogul. You Can Put Ceramic Tiles on Living Room Walls. Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing Kitchen Wall Tiles India. Why You Must Use Tiles In The Bathroom? Top Trends for Bathroom Wall Tiles in India - Ebuzz Spider. Business Directory - Products, Articles, Companies. Why You Must Use Tiles In The Bathroom? Digital Wall Tiles Are Different From Other Types of Tiles - Home Decor Expert. Simple and Sober Ceramic Tile Designs Offer Designer Decor. Gris Ceramic: Are Digital Wall Tiles Special Than Other Types Of Tiles? Why Wall Tiles Are Not Meant For Floors? Onmogul. How to Remodel Your Living Room with Designer Wall Tiles.

7 Reasons Why Ceramic Wall Tiles are Still Considered the Best - O. N. I. How To Pick the Right Kitchen Wall Tiles. 6 Brilliant Ideas for Remodelling with Kitchen Wall Tiles - Mogul. How to Remodel Your Living Room with Designer Wall Tiles. Why You Should Invest in Designer Wall Tiles - Indian Product News. How To Choose The Right Wall Tile for Kitchens, Bath, Floors, Walls.