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7 Factors to Keep in Mind When Installing Kitchen Hardware. The room in our house that contains most of the hardware is the kitchen. Think about it: this is where you have the cabinets, sinks and drawers. This means hardware like pulls, knobs, taps, stoppers and cabinet handles India. Few years ago there were barely any choices, but now buyers have plenty to choose from.

But it is important that we do this carefully. Kitchen hardwares are no longer just utility pieces. These are seen as an important part of the kitchen aesthetics. As Indian kitchen designs become at par with international trends and the advent of many intentionally known brands, there is really no excuse for not doing your best! To make matters easier here are just a few pointers on how to select your kitchen hardware. 1. As any ardent planner will tell you, lists save you time and effort, while making sure that there are no omissions. If your kitchen is in the planning state, make a rough sketch and identify all draws, cabinets, cupboards and so on. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Backsplash Tiles and Other Décor Trends For Kitchen Walls. You have a small kitchen at home and you want to renovate it with simple décor ideas. It’s not a tough thing because kitchen wall tiles India suppliers bring some fun loving trends that will not only turn your small kitchen space-saver but also make it look more stylish and update.

Let’s have a look on the trends you may follow in 2018 for kitchen décor. Tile backsplash If you don’t want to have ceramic tile, you can even look for glamorous stainless steel tile and install it behind the range. In a small space, a tiny area of backsplash tiles adds personality and drama. Display collections You can make best use of the space between the cabinets by adding simple shelves and display a collection. Addition of accessories You can add some accessories to your small kitchen.

Showcase color If you have a one-wall kitchen, you can make the room feel spacious with open upper cabinets. Paint walls You can give kitchen walls a cheery coat of a color to add modern flair and inspire the rest of the décor. Top Porcelain and Ceramic Wall Tiles Problems To Be Fixed « grisceramic's Blog. Have you ever wonder how the restaurants and hotels sustain the shine of their porcelain and ceramic walland floor tiles? There are lots of problems with these tiles but they handle every problem so well.

Wall tiles exporters bring the top issues faced by managers in maintaining their floor and wall tiles. Dirty grout: In commercial setting, dirty grout is the most common issue to deal with. This happens in bathrooms and restaurants where spills from food and other contaminants are common. Since grout is porous in nature, andrecessed below the tile surface, it becomes tough to get to. This area can retain bacteria that sit wellbelow the surface. Stained, discolored or dirty tiles: Since tiles are porous, they get stains that sometimes harder to remove. Moldy grout lines: Bathroom and shower wall tiles often get mold problem. You must opt for professional advice while using any cleaning product for your particular tile.

Business Directory - Products, Articles, Companies. Why You Must Opt For 3D Wall Tiles? Designer Wall Tiles India, Designer Wall Tiles Manufacturers India | Gris Ceramic. Gris has made it easy for everyone to have their own designer space with an affordable range. A simple wall makeover withdesigner wall tiles Indiacan add that much required oomph to your home or office giving you the creative edge. Designer Wall Tiles Range Gris has something in store for everyone irrespective of whether you have a design in mind or whether you would like to pick one from our collection. Trendy Designs Our designs are inspired by the seasonal trends and hues. We embody nature and abstract elements to create tiles that accentuate your spaces. Contemporary Collections Gris employs designers who are aware of the modern lifestyle fashions and derive inspirations from them to choose the right patterns for its collection. Fine Finish You have a theme to follow and we have the right product with matt or glossy finish to complete the desired look of your home or office.

Personalized Patterns The range at Gris is completely customizable as per the client requirement. Ceramic Tiles for Your Lounge and Living Areas. Stop hanging those non-lasting wallpapers and portraits on the walls of your lounge and living room! Ceramic wall tiles India suppliers bring some tips to enhance your living areas by application of tiles. You can take help of these ideas to create your own innovative scheme for living room or lounge. Oak tile Rustic wood tiles are stunningly realistic and offer oak effect. These tiles look completely authentic and have sunken ridges and raised knots. Tangier floor tiles Tangier floor tiles are eye-catching that will transform your dull living area into artistic centerpiece. Split-face tiles You can try mosaic split-face tiles for your living room.

Wood tiles Vintage is forever. Slate tiles If you want the country look for your living room, you can select the multicolor natural slate tiles from the store. Crocodile tiles This is the designer wall tile you can bring for your living area. Natural limestone tiles. DIY wall tile serving tray as a new add-on to your kitchen. How to Repurpose Leftover Digital Wall Tiles? How to know if the Tile in your Hand is for Wall or Floor? First of all, you have to understand the fact about wall tiles manufacturers that they don’t make ceramic tiles specifically for walls or floors. In other words, when a tile is made, it is the strength and durability that decide the use of tile for floor or wall. While you can use any tile for walls, there are certain grades of ceramic tiles truly meant for flooring. The grades ranging from 0 to 5 are given to tiles once they are manufactured.

The tile making companies mention the tile grade on the box; however, in case you don’t find any grade listing on the box, you can ask manufacturers directly. Grade 2 tile can be used for walls or residential floors where traffic is less, such as bathroom. Grade 3 tiles are ideal for floor application. Builders use grade 3 tiles for residential flooring where traffic is heavy. Difference in floor tiles and wall tiles Manufacturers are making wall tiles lighter and thinner as compared to floor tiles. Ceramic Tile Glazing Repairing Tips From Manufacturers. Scratched and damaged glazes really look bad on your bathroom and kitchen tiles. Ceramic wall tiles India manufacturers bring some glazing restoring tips for you in this post.

All these tips can be considered for porcelain and ceramic wall and floor tiles. You can follow them and remember the warnings and instructions shared by the experts. Glazing Repairing Steps Get tiles resurfacing kit from local home improvement store? Determine the finish of your tile and match the kit. Things you need for glazing repair- Tile resurfacing kitPaint stirrerNon abrasive cleanerMasking tape (optional)SandpaperAbrasive padActivatorBaseVarnish brushEmpty can Don’t forget to wear gloves, goggles, and mask while working.

If the tile you want to repair has a cracked or chipped surface, you can treat it with patching compound by following the instructions of manufacturer prior repairing the glaze. If it is your first time, it is better to ask professional for help. Ceramic wall tiles ceramic wall tiles india. Best Tiles Designed For Floors, Counters and Backsplashes. Visiting any tile showroom can be an overwhelming experience for you. Especially if it is of a digital wall tiles India suppliers, where you get as much range as possible. The samples are spectacular, but there are so many options at different pricing. This creates confusion about what to buy and what not. To assist you in shopping, expert panel of tile manufacturers, installers, and retailers bring some great tips on the pros and cons of the most commonly used tiles.

Ceramic tile A ceramic tile will cost you $2 to $7 per square foot. Porcelain A porcelain tile can cost $3 to $7 per square foot. Cement tile Cement tiles are handmade and cost you $9 to $17 per sq foot. Stone tiles Stone tiles cost you $6 to $15 per sq foot. You can get as many designs as needed. To know further about the range of tiles supplied by the dealers, take out some time and visit local tile market where numerous manufacturers and exporters are doing fair business.

Inkjet Printers to Onset the Ceramic Tile Printing in New Way. Customized Ceramic Photo Tile as a Gift for Special Occasions | Gris Ceramic. There are times when you want to make someone realize how much they are meant for you, but you fall short of words. Designer wall tiles India dealers have a great idea to make the things better with customized ceramic tiles. You can actually make your loved ones happy by gifting them customized photo tiles on which their special moment can be printed and designed with varieties of fonts, graphics, and colors. People are already having everything at their home and it becomes really tough to decide what to gift them. You cannot gift photo frames made of glass every time, or a wine set to the person who is always on a vacation. But a ceramic photo tile seems sophisticated gift because you can easily decorate it with some fascinating quote or artwork that relates to the person to make it more memorable. This is very affordable and priceless gift option so far.

Customized ceramic photo tile for corporate gifting Personalized photo tiles are ideal gifting option to your office mates. Select Anti Slip Tiles for Your Bathroom. There is a section in every house that is wet. Bathrooms are one of the wet areas prone to accidents, especially slipping. Suppliers of bathroom wall tiles in India will share top reasons to select anti slip tiles for your bathroom to prevent such accidents.

You can avail anti-slip tiles from suppliers at different prices according to the design choice. These tiles are meant for flooring to avoid slipping in wet areas. These tiles ensure safety – Safety is an important concern. Ceramic tiles are bit costly but not more expensive than premium carpets. Bigger Wall Tiles are Better- Really? Today, people are applying 600X300 sized kitchen wall tiles in India instead of traditional 100X100mm wall tiles. The same sized wall tiles are also used in bathrooms. Materials like natural stone or concrete remain popular; all credits go to the architectural look that can be often noticed in vastly popular shows like Grand Designs.

Manufacturers of wall tiles are now faking the style with realistic tile replicas. How bigger tiles are making more space in the market? The best reason to use large format tiles is that these tiles offer a no-nonsense, unfussy, and sleek aesthetic. It is a false claim that the large tiles cannot be used in more compact rooms. Call tile experts for installation Hire a professional to install wall tiles. Ceramic and porcelain large format tiles are most preferred choices for these sizes. The only thing you will hate about large format tiles is their application in the wrong space.

Manufacturers of Wall Tiles Transforming Their Range to Digital. Inkjet technology brings sophisticated changes to the wall tiles industry. Now you have digital wall tiles manufacturers in the market that are supplying brilliant 3D wall tiles for your interior and exterior. The inkjet printing technology has evolved and transformed porcelain and ceramic tile. The inkjet technology used for tile Inkjet technology is a printing type process in which the “printer” terminals have the so called dispensers or heads each of which include millions of pixels distributing the specialty ink on a canvas.

Here canvas is the body of the tile, which is printed through inkjet printer prior getting baked into fire kilns. When inkjet technology was introduced, most factories were equipped with 4 heads and hundreds of pixels. The technology has enhanced 3D, depth of colors, and sharpness, along with other things Possibilities with inkjet technology You can even approach them and ask for custom design for tiles. Like this: Like Loading... Wall Tiles Manufacturing Companies Creating the Urban Hood. Wall tiles are the beautiful solution for homes that not only protect your walls from dampness, seepage, and hide irregularities in painting, but also provide elegancy.

Among the latest trends, wall tiles manufacturers and customers are super excited about digitally printed tiles that offer astonishing looks to your home wall. Digitally printed tile designs enable you to stretch your most favorite image from the album to a work of art for your walls. With high resolution printing, boundless design possibilities, and sharper finishes, digital wall tiles are now entering to the world of ceramic art for the walls.

The technology involves high quality printing over the tiles that are completed with HD detailing on every tile surface. Manufacturers produce a beautiful and highly attractive canvas for your kitchen back splashes, bathrooms, and even for your floors. Features of digital wall tiles- Stain proof surfaceScratch resistantLess maintenanceEasy to cleanWater proof. Top Reasons That Tell Wall Tiles Are Best! While you just need small investment for labor and materials for paint and wallpaper, but if you really want to have long term benefits then choose the right supplier of designer wall tiles in India. The reliable supplier can deliver the chic design wall tiles at your place for your home décor. In this post, manufacturers of designer wall tiles will give you top reasons to opt for tiles over wallpaper and paint with confidence.

Cleaning of wall tiles is super easy Spills and stains are just a thing for wall tiles as you can easily wipe them off using soap-water mix without scratching. However, this is impossible with the case of wallpaper and expensive paint coatings unless you have used stain-proof coatings. Whether you opt for glass wall tiles or a matte design, tiled wall will be conveniently cleaned as compared to painted or wallpaper.

Tiles will remain there where you have installed them Wall tiles are at least or no risk of cracking and splitting. Tiles are versatile. Why It Pays To Think Before You Buy Kitchen Wall Tiles. The kitchen and bathrooms are the main locations for tiles in our home. While modern homes show new experimentation with tiles in every corner of the house, even older homes in India made sure that there were tiles in the kitchen! While many households may have had no concept of a home decor style, the importance of tiled walls was unquestioned. While our style sensibilities have definitely evolved, things have not changed in this regard.

Kitchen wall tiles India still remain one of the top-selling tile segment, if not the top most. There are many reasons why tiling your kitchen has benefits. Easy to clean: A kitchen can get very dirty. Lasts long: Because they are easy to clean, tiles will also last much longer than walls. Anti-fungal: The high moisture content and heat in a kitchen also makes it susceptible to damaging organisms like fungus and mould. Creating a decor style: Tiles are an important part of creating a decor style for your room. The Wonderful Possibilities of Digital Tiles - Indian Product News. How We Make Ceramic Wall Tiles India. Top Trends of Kitchen Wall Tiles in 2017 « grisceramic's Blog. Why Designer Wall Tiles India are Gaining Popularity | Shen Ming Hui. Business Directory - Products, Articles, Companies. Experiment with Your Kitchen Walls with Tiles. How to Get the Correct Type of Wall Tile for Home? It’s Always Better If Your Bathroom Has Anti Slip Tiles.

How to Make Best Use of Kitchen Wall Tiles? Go Creative With Your Leftover Wall Tiles. Manufacturers Design Multipurpose Digital Ceramic Tiles. Ceramic Tiles for Your Lounge and Living Areas - Mogul. You Can Put Ceramic Tiles on Living Room Walls. Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing Kitchen Wall Tiles India. Why You Must Use Tiles In The Bathroom? Top Trends for Bathroom Wall Tiles in India - Ebuzz Spider. Business Directory - Products, Articles, Companies. Why You Must Use Tiles In The Bathroom? Digital Wall Tiles Are Different From Other Types of Tiles - Home Decor Expert. Simple and Sober Ceramic Tile Designs Offer Designer Decor. Gris Ceramic: Are Digital Wall Tiles Special Than Other Types Of Tiles? Why Wall Tiles Are Not Meant For Floors? Onmogul. How to Remodel Your Living Room with Designer Wall Tiles.

7 Reasons Why Ceramic Wall Tiles are Still Considered the Best - O. N. I. How To Pick the Right Kitchen Wall Tiles. 6 Brilliant Ideas for Remodelling with Kitchen Wall Tiles - Mogul. How to Remodel Your Living Room with Designer Wall Tiles. Why You Should Invest in Designer Wall Tiles - Indian Product News. How To Choose The Right Wall Tile for Kitchens, Bath, Floors, Walls.