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ESA Business Incubation bliin BV. Company: bliin BV bliin online Amsterdam The Dutch company 'bliin BV' is the provider of 'bliin YourLIVE', a mobile and online social network that enables users to share location-based content, and community and commercial services.

ESA Business Incubation bliin BV

With bliin, users can locate friends, family and colleagues in real-time on a world map and have access to geo-tagged ‘shares’ such as photos, videos, audio and text. At present, the system uses GPS to obtain the geo-position but once Europe’s satellite navigation system becomes fully operational it will use data from the more accurate Galileo.

The only requirements needed to use the system are a mobile phone or computer, phone and/or internet coverage, a global navigation satellite system receiver (GPS or Galileo) to provide the geo-location and the bliin software installed on the phone and/or the PC. Help.

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