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Why Learn Assembly Language?

Isn't that the hard to read instructions on how to assemble your brand new computer desk? "... No.. What is Assembly Language? x86 Assembly is a programming language for the x86 class of processors (specifically the 32bit x86 processors IA-32 - The Tao Of Programming. Translated by Geoffrey James Transcribed by Duke Hillard Transmitted by Anupam Trivedi, Sajitha Tampi, and Meghshyam Jagannath Re-html-ized and edited by Kragen Sittler.

The Tao Of Programming

Version Control

Low Level Details. When I started programming many of the elements we take for granted now, did not exist. There was no DirectX and not many compatible libs were available for the free compilers of the day. So I had to write my own code for most basic programs, keyboard handlers, mouse handlers, video memory accessors, rasterizers, texture mappers, blitters… the programs I wrote then were 100% my own code and I had to be able to handle anything and everything. Personally I’ve always been interested in what was going on under the hood so this suited me just fine.

Low Level Bit Hacks. I decided to write an article about a thing that is second nature to embedded systems programmers - low level bit hacks.

Low Level Bit Hacks

Bit hacks are ingenious little programming tricks that manipulate integers in a smart and efficient manner. Instead of performing some operation (such as counting the 1 bits in an integer) by looping over individual bits, these programming nuggets do the same with one or two carefully chosen bitwise operations. To get things going I'll assume that you know what the two's complement binary representation of an integer is and also that you know all the the bitwise operations. I'll use the following notation for bitwise operations in the article:

Cache Coherency explained. Cache coherency explained The Intel SA-110 StrongARM processor is a Harvard cache architecture processor – hence it uses separate instruction and data caches, and in addition its data cache is a write-back cache.

Cache Coherency explained

This raises cache coherency problems in a multiprocessing configuration.

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