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Gary Rice Equipment & Service, LLC.

Gary Rice is an installer of auto lifts, compressed air systems, and other garage equipment. Call us for waste oil storage and transfer systems installations services.

Why You Should Hire Professionals For Your Car Lift Installation. After investing in a car lift, the next step is to make sure that it gets installed properly.

Why You Should Hire Professionals For Your Car Lift Installation

Many believe that installing a car lift is easy and they don’t need an auto lift installation expert. However, installing a car lift yourself can result in injuries. Lacking the technical skills to install a car lift can also lead to underperformance of your lift if it does not work properly. Therefore, we’ve discussed important reasons to hire professionals for your auto lift installation: Professional-Level Experience Professional installers have the experience required to properly install an auto lift.

How You Can Use Auto Lifts Safely? You can provide quality to customers only by following proper safety in the workplace.

How You Can Use Auto Lifts Safely?

When lifting heavy-duty trucks, the employee safety is extremely important. If the equipment is operated correctly, injuries can be avoided while lifting the trucks. A well-designed automated lift makes it easier to hoist and work on a truck, especially for heavy vehicles, rather than trying to work on the truck while it’s on the ground. However, you have to be careful when operating an auto lift. The Best Automotive Equipment Installers in CT. For the last 8 years, Gary Rice has provided ways to optimize car storage, simplify car repairs, find solutions for leaking storage tanks, identify the right air compressor for your workshop, and much more.

The Best Automotive Equipment Installers in CT

We come equipped with highly trained professionals who provide the best automotive installation and repair solutions. We'll replace any of your old or damaged automotive equipment with brand new, renowned parts for top-notch performance. If you want to utilize your workspace to maximum efficiency or invest in a lift for repairing cars, we can suggest the right parts and help you install a lift that best suits your workshop or home garage needs. Whether your current automotive equipment requires an upgrade or any other part replacement, we can connect you with the right one. We're a fully licensed and insured installer committed to fast, reliable, and thorough service for all your professional workshop or home garage needs. The Best Automotive Equipment Installers in RI. WHY AUTO LIFTS SIMPLIFY CAR REPAIRS. Gary Rice Shop Equipment. The Best Automotive Equipment Installers in MA. We Offer the Best Bulk Fluid Dispensing Systems in MA.

The Best Waste Oil Storage and Transfer Systems Providers in MA. We install and repair the best parts for waste oil storage and transfer systems from the top brands in the automotive equipment industry, including Parker Products, Balcrank, ARO, and Grease Pumping Systems.

The Best Waste Oil Storage and Transfer Systems Providers in MA

These brands are globally recognized for their efficiency, durability, and performance. We also make sure that these parts comply with all local, state, and federal regulations during our installation and repair process. Some Beneficial Features Of Waste Oil Storage Tank. Managing waste oil is a difficult process and should be handled with the right equipment only.

Some Beneficial Features Of Waste Oil Storage Tank

Waste oil tanks are perfect for garage and workshop employees. Reliable and maintenance-free tanks provide easy solutions. Each tank is bunded to keep any leaks from spilling out on to the floor. Easy Ways to Cut Auto Lift Downtime. You always inspect vehicles based on the issues they’re facing, and you repair different vehicles to satisfy your customers’ needs accordingly.

Easy Ways to Cut Auto Lift Downtime

The same applies to your auto lifts. Before you lift your vehicle, there are certain steps that vehicle lift buyers and operators should follow to ensure safety. Now the question is, how will you come to know that an auto lift is ready and safe to use for your customer’s vehicle? Well, there are certain things you should discuss with your lift safety experts. Some Helpful Car Safety Tips to Prevent Dangerous Mishap. Although modern car lifts have been designed for easy, safe, and comfortable use, car lifts may be a curse if used incorrectly for different auto equipment in various industries.

Some Helpful Car Safety Tips to Prevent Dangerous Mishap

Lack of training, rushing the operation, operator error, and neglected maintenance may result in lift-related accidents. Ultimately, productivity and the quality of the workshops will get affected. A vehicle falling from a lift can also result in serious bodily injury, property damage, and liability claims if the car lifts are not handled and maintained properly. It’s always a dangerous process to operate auto lifts without proper safety training. Also, to avoid major auto lifts accidents, you should follow manufacturer and facility safety guidelines at all times. Gary Rice Equipment - Reliable Automotive Equipment Installer in MA. Since 2009, Gary Rice Shop Equipment has been an automotive installation and repair services company located in Rutland, MA.

Gary Rice Equipment - Reliable Automotive Equipment Installer in MA

Our trained installers are experts in providing auto lifts installation, waste oil containers, compressed air piping, dispensing systems for lubrication, dryers, exhaust, and bulk fluid. We are a trusted, fully licensed and insured automotive equipment installer who always believes in delivering on time. We consistently provide high-quality repairs for commercial, residential, and industrial properties.

We founded our company with the goal of exceeding customer expectations by providing comprehensive services. With our consistent hard work and outstanding quality, we have now become the most reliable partner with several dealerships and auto part suppliers in Massachusetts. Why Do You Need an Auto Lift to Keep Your Vehicle Safe. Whenever you get flat on your back to repair a car in your home garage, you have to make an extra effort with blind hands and grasp tools that may have rolled just beyond your reach.

Why Do You Need an Auto Lift to Keep Your Vehicle Safe

These techniques during car repairs not only provide discomfort, they create a time-consuming process. Every time you have to carefully jack each end of the car to ensure proper tire inspections, you’re wasting time. Due to exasperating situations like these, you could frequently delay your maintenance process, which is a huge setback for every vehicle in your garage. Are You Seeking the Reasons as for Why You Should Opt For Garage Auto Lift? We Provide Innovative Installation & Repair Service for Compressed Air Piping. The Best Workbench System Installers for Automotive Workshop. Advantages of Bulk Fluid Dispensing Systems. Many auto garages have faced fluid handling problems, so today they concentrate more on improving the efficiency of their operations.

Advantages of Bulk Fluid Dispensing Systems

Fluid storage and handling is one of the major areas of concentration in the home garage industry. With the help of fluid storage and dispensing systems, the auto garage industry can save money while also saving time and space. Bulk fluid dispensing systems can easily speed up the repair process with the best practices. They provide a safe, efficient, and convenient system for many auto shops, especially for those who struggle to manage large volumes of fluids.

Ultimately, bulk fluid dispensing systems can minimize the hazards of waste oil spills. 1. 2. 3. The Best Hydraulic Installation Service Providers in MA. Compressed Air System Installation Providers in MA. The Best Auto Lift Installation & Repair Service Providers in MA. Essential Tools You Required to Start Your Own Garage. A garage is a place to restore a vehicle’s health and mechanics are its doctors. To become a great mechanic, you need to have the right skills and the right equipment. The right tools and equipment play a crucial role in fixing a vehicle. When your skills match with the right tools, the results are phenomenal. Each tool is created thoughtfully with a specific purpose, and you should own some essential tools rather than renting them. Automotive Equipment Installers in MA, CT and RI. How To Choose An Air Compressor For Your Automotive Workshop. HOME GARAGE. 8 Tips To Organize Your Workshop Or Home Garage.

Your workshop or home garage can get messy and unorganized if automotive tools are left on the floor. If automotive tools are not kept in an organized manner in pre-defined places, there’s a chance your expensive tools may get misplaced or you won’t be able to find them when you need them the most. Workshop and garage chores will be easier and quicker to manage if you keep your workplace organized. Clutter-free workplaces are more enjoyable to work in and increases work efficiency. Auto Lifts Repair Services. Auto Lifts in CT. Auto Lifts Installation and Repair in RI. Kinds of Automotive Lifts Available - Find One That Meets Your Needs.

There are many different kinds of automotive lifts available on the market for different purposes. Some are designed specifically for smaller garages, while others are made for large industrial workshops. In both cases, some lifts are made with long-term storage in mind. Below, we’ve listed some of the different types of car lifts you may be interested to include in your professional workshop or home garage. 1) 2-Post Lifts 2-post car lifts are the most popular choice for a professional automotive workshop or home garage because they occupy a small amount of space for any size or make of car. Symmetrical 2-post lifts have two posts that are attached with stabilizing bars to hold the vehicle from both equal sides. 2) 4-Post Lifts 4-post lifts are used for long-term storage of cars. Compressed Air Systems Installation. Automotive Equipment Installers. Bulk fluid dispensing systems in MA. Griceshopequipment. Waste Oil Storage MA. Auto Lift Installation in CT.

Compressed air systems in MA, CT & RI. Waste Oil Storage & Transfer Systems. Auto Lift in RI. How Automotive Lifts Optimize Car Storage. Auto lifts are one of the most essential pieces of automotive equipment that help in storing and repairing a vehicle easily. Auto lifts provide safety to mechanics working underneath a vehicle that’s elevated with the help of auto lifts. Bulk Fluid Dispensing Systems. Compressed Air Systems. How Improper Piping Affects Your Oil Storage Tank. If you have leaks in your automotive oil storage tank, you should immediately get it repaired by someone who specializes in installing and repairing bulk fluid storage or oil storage tanks. Oil leaks will likely mess up your workshop or home garage’s floor, which can contaminate underground water and cause environmental pollution.

Oil spills on a shop’s floor can be extremely dangerous for mechanics, visitors, and the environment. They create the possibility that someone might slip and suffer serious injuries. There are also plenty of environmental activists and watchdogs today who can sue you for causing harm to the environment. There can be many reasons for oil leaks, though the most common cause is improper piping.

Waste oil storage in RI .jpg. Bulk fluid dispensing systems MA. Auto Lifts. Top 5 Benefits of Owning an Auto Lift. Auto lifts are a vital necessity for car showrooms, car garages, car storage areas, parking driveways, and fast lube stations. It’s easier to hoist large vehicles with the help of auto lifts. Repairing, replacing, adjusting, or removing oil from a vehicle becomes simpler for car mechanics by accessing underneath the vehicles.

Gary Rice Equipment & Service, LLC. Auto Lifts Installation in CT. Compressed Air System in RI .png. Gary Rice Equipment & Service, LLC. Sitemap. Auto Lifts In MA. Shop and Garage Equipment. Waste Oil Storage MA. Compressed Air Systems .jpg. Bulk Fluid Dispensing System. Waste Oil Storage. Auto Lifts installation in RI. Auto Lifts Installation MA. Auto Lifts Make Working on Classic Cars Easier in Your Workshop or Home Garages. Buying a classic car bestows a sense of pride and love. Owning them is often called as a labor of love. You need to always keep your beautiful car at its peak appearance, condition, and performance. Compressed Air System. GRiceEquipment. Why Auto Lifts Simplify Car Repairs.

Why Auto Lifts Simplify Car Repairs - Automotive Equipment Installation and Repair Services. Bulk fluid dispensing systems. Waste Oil Storage Installations and Repairs. Compressed air systems in MA. How To Select Compressed air systems For Your Automotive Workshop or Home Garage. Choosing an air compressor can be extremely difficult if you don’t know much about it. It’s essential to choose the right air compressor for the kind of job you want to perform. Air compressors power a wide range of automotive equipment and tools over a wide range of applications. Bulk Fluid Dispensing Systems in CT. Bulk fluid dispensing systems in MA. Everything You Need To Know About Bulk Fluid Dispensing Systems. There’s a better way to handle automotive oils, fluids, and lubricants. Fluid storage systems and fluid dispensing systems improve lubricant storage and dispensing by providing a better way to handle all kinds of oils, lubricants, and automotive fluids.

These systems are safer, cleaner, and more cost-effective than traditional 55-gallon drum storage methods. Reduces Labor Fluid storage and dispensing systems reduce the inefficient transfer of fluids, which can lead to safety issues. This includes longer clean-ups, higher labor costs, and the purchase of absorbents. Drums and pumps require constant tipping, organizing, switching, and replacing . Reduces Space 55-gallon drums are useful automotive equipment but they take up a lot of space. Waste Oil Storage in MA. Auto Lift Installation in MA. Shop and Garage Equipment. Compressed Air System. Shop and Garage Equipment.

Compressed air system. Shop and Garage Equipment. Gary Rice Equipment & Service, LLC. Bulk fluid dispensing systems .jpg. Waste Oil Storage .jpg. Automotive Equipment Installers. Automotive Equipment Installation. Shop and Garage Equipment. 4 Helpful Tips To Install A 4-Post Lift In Your Garage - Automotive Equipment Installation and Repair Services. Waste Oil Storage. Tips on Waste Oil Management. Handling automotive waste oil is a responsible job and it’s essential that you follow good practice while storing, handling, or disposing waste oil. Waste oil is a hazardous substance, so handling and storing waste oil should be taken care of by trained professionals who know how to deal with it safely. Yes, oil can be re-refined into base stock for lubricating oil. Two gallons of used oil can help generate electricity for an average household for almost 24 hours.

What we do with the used oil today determines our present and future environment condition. We may be aware that many substances get recycled like plastic bottles, glass, newspaper, etc., but we don’t know that motor oil can also be recycled. Automotive Equipment. Shop and Garage Equipment. Shop and Garage Equipment. Auto Lift Installation MA. Auto Lift Installation. Why Compressed Air Systems Are The Most Valuable Asset To The Automotive Industry. Waste Oil Storage. Auto Lifts Installation MA. How to select proper auto lifts for your workshop or garage. Bulk Fluid Dispensing Systems. Bulk Fluid Dispensing Systems. Waste Oil Storage .jpg.