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Grey Matter India Technologies is CMMi Level 3 Software Development Company in India providing Web development, Mobile apps development, Internet marketing, Quality assurance and testing services, Web designing and IT Consulting services to all major industries. GMI have a vast portfolio covering many major countries in their clients.

Contact. Finance industry web solution, financial and Accountancy website design - GMI. With global economic rebounding, the emerging concept of financial service is changing—Customers are savvier, marketplace is extremely competitive and oversight is tightening.

Finance industry web solution, financial and Accountancy website design - GMI

In such a scenario, the only prudent measure for survival is transforming your business architecture into a profit-generating, customer-adaptive arrangement. We, at GMI, help financial service providers to gain efficient, innovative and effective financial domain solutions. Retail web development and Retail Website Design & Development Company - GMI. Retail industry is facing a tough competition in the global marketplace.

Retail web development and Retail Website Design & Development Company - GMI

Industrialists have replaced their physical shop with an online store. Today, the only way to get the desired attention is brand buildup, attractive online shops and ease of buying for consumers. Retail industry has gone through a paradigm shift over a few years. The change factors such as change in the consumer behavior, proliferated channels, gone-down income rates, tech-savvy consumers have made it impossible for the stores to manage without technology. Life Sciences. From the smallest microbe to the largest mammal, Life Science explores the origins, evolution and expansion of life in all its forms.

Life Sciences

Just like every other industry, life science is also driven by technology these days. In fact, the progress we see in the life science arena is an endowment offered by technology outburst. Healthcare Websites and Web Applications portals design development - GMI. Regulatory pressures, cost hikes, increasing patient demands, data storage issues etc. are dominating the healthcare sector today, making it difficult to survive in the industry.

Healthcare Websites and Web Applications portals design development - GMI

However, on the contradictory, never before has life science practices brought amazing opportunities amid so many challenges. Challenges are one thing. Opportunities are another. We help you gain in both the situations. Eliminating healthcare challenges while leveraging earning and advanced patient-care opportunities, we, at GMI, possess a team of experts acquiring deep-domain expertise in developing niche health industry solutions. Education Industry web design and development solutions - GMI. Education system has transformed.

Education Industry web design and development solutions - GMI

And we all are aware of it—Smart classes for our kids, learning through digital TV, project help from internet, etc. The biggest example of Information Technology’s presence in Education is the 24*7 accessibility offered by institutes to its students. Future of education is vast—pervasive classrooms, advance learning systems, ability to track performances or may be something beyond our imagination. Advertising Web Solutions and Offshore Advertising application Development Company - GMI. How good will your product sell if nobody knows about it?

Advertising Web Solutions and Offshore Advertising application Development Company - GMI

Effective advertising is needed no matter what you deal in. Advertising plays a vital role especially when you have endless competitors in the global marketplace. Moreover, in the search engine focused generation it doesn’t matter what you offer, but where you are ranked. Considering all this and more, GMI offers practical online advertising solutions that would help your services reach every potential individual. Advertising Web Solutions and Offshore Advertising application Development Company - GMI. Media And Entertainment Industry Web Development, Community Portal Development - GMI. Digital revolution, that’s what we are going through since more than a decade.

Media And Entertainment Industry Web Development, Community Portal Development - GMI

With information Technology’s presence in every sector, we simply call this generation as a Digital generation. Media and Entertainment industry is also going through a revamp, thanks to the digital consumerism. Today, “the one device-one use” concept has become obsolete and the world is magnetized to options such as better devices, variety of media conduits etc. IT Business Consulting Services. Having garnered extensive expertise and experience in the field of IT Consulting Services, GMI has now made a strong foray into the domain of IT consulting with a view to extend its much acclaimed astute development know-how to the global IT arena.

IT Business Consulting Services

Outsource Web Design Company India. Creative designs shape businesses.

Outsource Web Design Company India

In the competitive era, it is necessary for every business to offer something unique to get marketed. Get real; good appearance and appealing web design and development is the first step towards business success. You may offer great service to users; however, users will know about it only if they visit you. Outsource Software Quality Assurance Testing Solutions. Quality Assurance or QA forms a vital component of the SDLC of any project and is a prime objective in every IT solution and service provider’s framework.

Outsource Software Quality Assurance Testing Solutions

QA basically refers to protocols and programs that are adhered to; while analyzing the systematic monitoring of varied aspects of a project, service or facility to ascertain that pre-defined standards of quality are being met. QA highly increases the probability of the conception of quality products. GMI is a company providing quality assurance and testing services, software QA testing solutions, QA services and is an acclaimed testing company. We at GMI excel at the aspects of QA that govern all our internal quality standards leading to the development of accurate, precise and technically proficient solutions. The consistent quality of our projects with minimum defects is widely popular leading to customer satisfaction across our extensive client portfolio. Black Box Testing. Internet Marketing Services, SEM India, SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing Company India, Online Advertising. Is marketing a serious term? Marketing is no child’s play.

It is an art of promoting organizational products and services in a global market where thousands of enterprises exist, providing services similar to yours. “Why opt for you?” Is the frequently asked question; that’s where key to success or failure lies. Building a foolproof marketing strategy is the first step towards acquiring customers. Organizational success demands cut-throat marketing strategy to survive in competitive, global business landscape. Hire Drupal Website Developers. Drupal is a core open source technology for dynamic web development. Due to its basic functionalities and standard structure, it makes the creation of application, with real-time complexities, possible.

Hire iPad App Developers India. A Magical and Revolutionary product, Apple iPad, is bundled with vast number of professional applications that enables you to discover the true potential of technology. GMI helps you leverage your iPad experience by engaging in intuitive iPad application development. Hire Android apps Development Company GMI. Google’s Android operating system has emerged as world’s most popular OS. About 45% online consumers discussed the Android OS compared to 32% a year ago; while all other systems, including Blackberry, showed a decline in share of buzz. Following smart phones, masses are fanatic about Android tablets as well. Many popular brands have launched tablets based on Android operating system thereby provoking Android application developers to create more and more applications with the challenge of maintaining compatibility over variety of Android smart phone and tablet devices.

Hire Android Developers to transforms your business into mobile app. iPhone Apps Development Company. With compelling iPhone services and about 3 million apps in its app-store, everyone wants to develop for an iPhone. The staggering number of apps in its apps-store could inspire even the least tech-savvy business owners to get a business app created for an iPhone platform. However, it requires high level of professionalism and expertise to develop intuitive applications for an iPhone. For understanding the intricacies of iPhone, GMI owns the team of proficient iPhone app developer. Wondering how to Hire iPhone Developers? Hiring proficient iPhone app developer is not easy. Hire Asp.NET dedicated Developers. Hire .NET Developers received a great appeal from those seeking websites with excellent security features and the robust nature of Microsoft technologies and support. Hire Symfony Framework Developer India.

Symbian Application Development Company India. The wireless and cellular domain has seen the rise and fall of many an operating system that promised never seen before levels of user satisfaction and innovation. Windows Mobile Development Company India. Windows Mobile Development is an obvious choice when it comes to business users who prefer smartphones to meet their business or office requirements. Being a popular OS in desktop computers, users find it infinitely easier to adapt to the version designed for use on smartphones.

Windows being used for ages in our desktop PCs, it comes as natural choice for majority of smart phone users. iPad Application Development Company India. Custom Blackberry Mobile Application Development services India. Custom Android Application Development Service in India. Android Application Development - Presently, smart phone industry is a two-horse race between Android and the iPhone, striving to out-do each other at pioneering a change that takes the market by storm. Today, Android took up around 44 percent of the smart phone market share and is a leading technology across the world. iPhone Application Development Company India. iPhone Application Development is a field that has evolved over time. iPhone’s today have captivated the mobile market and many businesses leverage from the extensive reach it has. iPhone applications for businesses not only adds value to the way businesses traditionally work, but also provides businesses to reach out and capture new markets.

Social Network Development Company. Social Network Development has been largely responsible for the ‘flat earth’ revolution currently leading the IT sector. It is constantly pushing the boundaries of its definition. Originating as a platform for people to get together and form online communities, social networking portals rapidly evolved into trusted business networks that facilitated the acquiring of services over the net. Web Application Development Company India. E commerce Web development Services. CMS Web Development Company India. Dot Net Application Development Company India. PHP Application Development Company India.