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OpenGL - The Industry Standard for High Performance Graphics. Python Programming Language. Pyglet. Human–computer interaction. A woman teaching girls in Afghanistan how to use computers.

Human–computer interaction

Human use of computers is a major focus of the field of HCI. Because human–computer interaction studies a human and a machine in conjunction, it draws from supporting knowledge on both the machine and the human side. On the machine side, techniques in computer graphics, operating systems, programming languages, and development environments are relevant. Python GStreamer Reference Manual. Page 2 - Fundamentals (of Linux Networking) We’ve discussed the concept of two or more computers communicating over a network, and we’ve discussed the concept of abstracting the low-level concerns of internetworking so that as far as one computer is concerned, the other computer could be located nearby or on the other side of the world.

Page 2 - Fundamentals (of Linux Networking)

Because every packet contains the address of the source and the destination, the actual physical distance between two network nodes really doesn’t matter, as long as a transmission path can be found between them. Sounds good, but how does one computer find the other? How does one node on the network “call” another node? GStreamer Application Development Manual (0.10.29)