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Hello everyone, Audrina grey here is a graduate in IT Technology and working as a travel consultant. My hobbiess are singing, sketching and enjoys ice skating. I like to share my thoughts on techy gadgets, technology and entertainment etc.


Analytics. Industries. Brochures. IGT Services. Technology. Is uberized working model the future of customer service? Understanding the uberized working model If one has to explain uberized customer service in a single line, it will be ‘fulfilling customer service request on demand through a flexible and virtual workforce in the shortest possible time frames.’

Is uberized working model the future of customer service?

The biggest enabler of this model is the expanding gig workforce across the world led by diverse agent profiles – more industry experienced agents, work at home mothers etc. According to a survey of 6,500 executives worldwide conducted by BCG in partnership with HBS in 2018, ~40% of respondents said they expected freelance workers to account for an increased share of their organization’s workforce over the coming five years. But why are we observing the industry transition towards this new delivery model? Customer Equation in the new normal - IGT Solutions. How Airlines Can Benefit From Aviation BPO Service. The airline industry has faced numerous challenges in the past few years, including rising fuel prices, ever-rising expectations of the customers, change in environmental regulations, and more.

How Airlines Can Benefit From Aviation BPO Service

The global spread of coronavirus has been the latest calamity to the aviation industry. To cope with all these challenges, airlines have been on the lookout for ways to cut their costs while ensuring maximum customer satisfaction. Robotic Process Automation Service Providers. WHY WORK AT HOME SOLUTION IS BENEFICIAL FOR COMPANIES? IGT Solutions : Travel Technology & Customer Engagement Service Provider: 5 AI And ML Powered Solutions And The Pandemic Epoch. There are several ways to diagnose problems and find solutions to execute them.

IGT Solutions : Travel Technology & Customer Engagement Service Provider: 5 AI And ML Powered Solutions And The Pandemic Epoch

Evidently, companies are deploying AI and ML-powered solutions to respond to customer requirements in the existing coronavirus era. Covid-19 has brought critical times to the world, but on the flip side, it has propelled the businesses to serious implications across the globe. AI and ML-powered solutions help businesses to adapt to the new business environment. Since Covid-19 is creating a ‘new normal,’ several AI and ML-powered solutions help the business to grow with remotely accessed operations. Here are a few of those important solutions: 1. Artificial Intelligence plays an essential role in a speech to text and text to speech analytics, respectively. 2. IGT Solutions : Travel Technology & Customer Engagement Service Provider: 5 AI And ML Powered Solutions And The Pandemic Epoch. IGT Solutions — An Improved Customer Experience With Automation. Technology Consulting Services In The Modern Day Digital Age by Audrina Grey. Airline GDS Queues Processing Automation. Logistic and Air Cargo BPO Services - IGT Solution.

Robotic Process Automation Service Providers for Travel Industry. Travel & Technology: IGT Solutions – Ensuring Enhanced Customer Service Solutions during the Pandemic. Customer relationship relies on transparent and healthy customer service solutions.

Travel & Technology: IGT Solutions – Ensuring Enhanced Customer Service Solutions during the Pandemic

It does not focus on the customer experience directly. Instead, it streamlines and improves day-to-day operations to perform effectively. In the ongoing times of the pandemic, its importance has grown even more. Companies like IGT solutions have covered multi-channel customer services across various mediums like chat, email, and social media. Since communication is available in more than 25 international languages, its customer service solutions have become more impactful.

Robotic Process Automation Services – Transforming Your Business For Good. Benefits Of Choosing The Services Of Big Data Analytics Companies. Big data refers to huge datasets that undergo a detailed evaluation to reveal trends, patterns, and associations in connection with consumer interactions and behavior.

Benefits Of Choosing The Services Of Big Data Analytics Companies

The advancement of the internet has brought about a revolution in the world of big data and paved the way for wireless networks and other technologies. Conventional systems cannot assess, process, and store huge volumes of unstructured data. Today, large-scale businesses are not the only ones to use big data for making data-driven decisions. Big Data Analytics Companies - IGT Solutions. IT Service And Solution Company. Baggage Helpdesk Service. Enabling Superior Customer Experience for Technology companies In today’s dynamic business environment, technology companies such as retail & e-commerce, OTAs/TMCs and other fast growth tech companies face tremendous economic and margin pressures to manage customer expectations and cost challenges.

Baggage Helpdesk Service

The need of the hour is to increase revenues through cost-effective distribution channels, upsell and cross-sell opportunities and provide value-added services to their customers. It has thus become important for technology companies to leverage technology, outsourcing, and new age media effectively and efficiently to deliver superior customer experience. WHY HAVING A TRAVEL APPLICATION IS IMPORTANT TO STAY RELEVANT IN THE TOURISM BUSINESS. WHY HAVING A TRAVEL APPLICATION IS IMPORTANT TO STAY RELEVANT IN THE TOURISM BUSINESS?


KEY FEATURES OF TRAVEL APPLICATIONS? 1. SMART BOOKING: 2. EASY TRANSACTION: 3. SEO OPTIMIZATION: INSIGHTS TO LEVERAGE FROM TRAVEL APPLICATIONS ID 2. Robotic Process Automation Services Revolutionizing the Way Businesses Work by Audrina Grey. Leading Devops Service Providers. Travel Chatbots – Serving Your Company Rightly During the Pandemic – IGT Solutuions. The current COVID-19 situation has left a big impact on the travel and hospitality industry around the world.

Travel Chatbots – Serving Your Company Rightly During the Pandemic – IGT Solutuions

People in large numbers have canceled or postponed their journeys. Likewise, even most of the travel agents were compelled to return the ticket fares to the passengers due to a collective halt of all the flights worldwide. Even though the flights have resumed in limited strength, the condition is still not that favorable. The role of travel bots here becomes important in providing every possible information regarding their flight or hotel booking and other related aspects.

Work At Home: Is It The Most Effective Solution In This Pandemic Era? The pandemic forced the entire world to adopt new ways of working that would be efficient and convenient for all.

Work At Home: Is It The Most Effective Solution In This Pandemic Era?

Work at home quickly became the go-to alternative to working in a physical office space. People from several industries have adapted well to operating remotely and have been able to enjoy the numerous benefits that this practice accompanies. Working at home is not just the ideal solution for employees but the clients as well. Running a company requires one to bear the costs of assorted services and belongings including electricity, rent, administration, internet connectivity, data storage, housekeeping, office furniture, and more. However, work at home rules out such expenses. Listed below are more benefits of working from home on your official tasks: Hiring a Testing Service Provider For Your Travel Company.

By Audrina Grey Travel Technology Analyst Thriving business outcomes for any industry rely heavily on the intelligent functioning of IT systems and processes.

Hiring a Testing Service Provider For Your Travel Company

The same holds true for the travel and hospitality domain as well and this is where software testing plays an indispensable role. An integral part of the software development life cycle, it ensures flawless functioning of the concerned system, hence making way for enhanced customer experience. The need is therefore to look out for a seasoned software testing provider that could make your IT system work with perfection. Queue Management Solutions. Big Data In Aviation. How Is Technology Playing A Vital Role To Fight The Battle Against COVID-19? Public health officials are paying attention to countries flattening the curve with regards to COVID-19. When the pandemic broke out, it was discussed that China was able to contain the spread because of strict measures taken to trace the carriers with the help of digital tracking. While China was able to bring the epidemic under control using digital tracking, there are other countries that have also been able to do a great job in reducing the spread and they all happen to be in East Asia.

Countries like South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, India etc. are applying technology to contain the spread of COVID-19 and trace the thread of carriers; also known as contact tracing. Contact tracing is a tool that has been around for decades. Primarily used for helping control the spread of infectious diseases, it has been successfully used in the past to contain Ebola, SARS, MERS, and other disease outbreaks. Why Are Chabot's Gaining Traction Amidst COVID-19? The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has occurred at a time when connectivity and communication is at its peak. Still, keeping pace with the distribution of information remains a challenge for some industries.

Video Analytics made intelligent. With Work-at-Home becoming the new normal, high-performance organizations are looking for innovative solutions to make remote work environment safer and more secure. Data security is amongst the top three priorities for organizations looking to implement work at home. As the need for security and automation increases, industries are adopting video surveillance technology to enable a secure remote environment. With more and more employees working from home, the surveillance feed only increases and becomes challenging to analyze it manually.

With the help of video analytics technology, organizations can analyze videos and monitor insights in real-time, this helps supervisors evaluate scenarios and take necessary actions. Is it possible to revive business travel? As airlines try to beef up their schedules for the summer, even though the number of flights will be lesser and airports will mostly seem like ghost towns, no one really knows how soon tourism and business travel in particular will recover. As we wait at home, waiting for a hint of normality, we find ourselves wondering how business travel will change after Covid-19.

There is a high possibility that business travel will dip significantly based on the changes seen during the last few months. With close to zero expenses on business travel, companies have been looking at saving costs. As most of the work is being accomplished remotely, companies might just decide to cut back business travel costs. Although business travel will rebound eventually, it will do so at a slow pace and will bring with it a lot of changes. Key elements for building a successful customer experience management.

Companies today understand that they are in the customer experience business. When dealing with customers, they must keep in mind that as situations change, so do the customers’ expectations. In today’s times, brands don’t want to lose the opportunity to go beyond customer’s expectations, any opportunity to deliver a tiny bit more than the customer’s expectations will foster engagement and delight. Legacy System Migration. One Stop Solution With Lost Baggage. Get Better Contract Management System. Benefits Of Airline Data Analytics. Data Analytics In The Travel Industry. Airline Digital Transformation. Advantages of Airline Digital Transformation for the Involved Stakeholders Airline digital transformation is not only about modernizing the software, but it also marks a radical rethinking of any organization with respect to technological innovation.

Customer experience management in the wake of a pandemic. Leveraging Social Media Marketing in the COVID-19 age. The new normal for travel in a post COVID-19 world. While airlines, hotels, cruises and other travel and tourism based sectors are keen on the return of passenger volume, they are aware that much of it will not be the same. How Automation Is Alleviating The Most Significant Pain Points Of The Travel Industry. Automation has become a necessity over the decades and has augmented human activity by transferring repetitive tasks to computers.

It has been creating waves of opportunities for several industries like telecommunications, manufacturing, healthcare, travel and hospitality etc. Initially, the evolution of automation was in the area of back-office through Robotic Process Automation (RPA), however, with the application of higher intelligence, chatbot technologies, also known as conversational automation has equally disrupted the way organizations operate. How Automation And Artificial Intelligence Can Enhance Travel Industry's Journey. Let’s establish one thing, businesses should automate. While we will be talking about various ways automation and artificial intelligence (AI) can streamline processes and enhance customer service, let’s understand what automation and AI actually are. In simple terms, automation is the use of instructions to create a process that replaces manual work. Top Robotic Process Automation Company. If you were told a few years ago that the technology that you see in sci-fi films would be achievable in real life, would you have believed it?

Maybe, maybe not. Artificial intelligence, facial recognition, advanced computers and phones seemed like a world that only existed in Hollywood movies. BPM Services. BPM or Business Process Management is among the most rapidly growing industries nowadays. It is redefining the operating functionalities and offering positive results. Hotel Data Analytics. Airline Data Analytics. By Audrina Grey Travel Technology Analyst Technology has significantly brought about a change in the way businesses communicate with their customers, build workflow, and take major decisions. The competitive aviation world has also witnessed a positive change in this regard, with big data transforming the airlines including a selection of seats, ticket purchase, luggage, boarding, and more.

Big Data In Aviation. Why Customer Loyalty Management Important? Devops Solution Providers - IGT Solution. DevOps Service Provider. Robotic Process Automation Service Providers. Contract Management. Social Media For Travel Industry IGT Solutions. Queue Management Solutions. Travel Application Development. Benefits Of Devops Service Providers For Company. Benefits Of Devops Service Providers For Company. Sensitive Teeth Solutions. Choose Contract Management Services. Robotic Process Automation Services. Airline Digital Transformation. Hospitality IT Solutions Delivers Integrated Technology Solutions.

Why Choose Professional DevOps Services By IGT Solutions? PowerPoint Presentation - ID:9808676. Real-Time Automated Response Analytics. Crew Management Services. Best BPM Services. Airline Call Center. Enhance Customer Experience Airlines IT Solutions. Contract Management. Business Intelligence Services. Hotel Fare Filing Management. Queue Management Solutions. Benefits Of Devops Service Providers For Company. Benefits Of Opting Contract Management. Benefits Of Using Hospitality IT Solutions. Benefits Of Airline Digital Transformation. Benefits Of Introducing RPA Hotel. Call Center Jobs In Gurgaon For Better Services. Benefits Of Airline Social Media.

Best Travel Testing Service Provider. Best Travel Testing Service Provider. Opt Best Travel Technology Companies. Digital Transformation In Travel Industry. Flexible Business Intelligence Solution. Impact Of Social Media For Travel Industry. Seamless Experience With Travel Chatbot. Well Satisfied Call Center Outsourcing Companies. Robotic Process Automation Services Build Customized Solutions. Manage You Travel With PNR Management.

Best Service Quality Hotel Reservation Call Centers. High Performing Ship Crew Management. Get Your Dream Call Center Job In Pune. Get Effective Hospitality IT Solutions. Quality Test Automation Services.