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Christina Grenga

Grenga Health is teaching the world how to live a healthier lifestyle. Christina offers webinars, programs and online courses to help you eat & live well.

Grenga Health Introduces the Faith-Filled Detox Program. The 10-Day Faith-Filled Detox Program allows participants to reset intentions and focus on moving toward a healthier life with faith at the core.

Grenga Health Introduces the Faith-Filled Detox Program

Delray Beach, FL (PRWEB) October 04, 2016 Today, Grenga Health announced the introduction of the Faith-Filled Detox Program. The program is designed to provide users with a way to transition to a better lifestyle over the course of 10 days. The guided detox program allows participants to reset intentions and focus on moving toward a healthier life with faith at the core. During the 10-day email program, participants receive information about maintaining a Christian lifestyle while detoxing and keeping a healthy focus. The Faith-Filled Detox Program’s main intentions are to provide participants with real food and real faith. Each day of the Faith-Filled Detox Program includes guidance and specific tips from Christina Grenga, who is a certified health coach, so participants benefit from her education and experience. About Grenga Health. Healthy Recipes with Grenga Health.

Christina Grenga is a healthy lifestyle coach whose journey 'from pain to purpose' is enthralling.

Healthy Recipes with Grenga Health

She has great believe in Jesus, and her unshakable faith has helped her greatly in where she stands today. For nearly a decade, she lived with critical case of arthritis, acute menstrual pain, constipation, and insomnia. She visited every reputed doctor but to no avail. She had given up and accepted pain as her fate until devastating death of her brother due to pancreatic cancer made her determined to understand the importance of eating habits and lifestyle to one's health.

She began with eliminating processed foods and replacing them with organic and fresh produce. Thus, began a process of her passing on this invaluable feedback from God to others. About Grenga Health: Grenga Health wants you to experience same magical relief that Christina Grenga did. How to Start Living Pain-Free. When I was 35, a doctor told me that I would be walking with a cane in ten years’ time.

How to Start Living Pain-Free

I was in pain—severe, crippling pain—but I also worked out regularly and looked like a healthy, vibrant young woman until my back pain flared up, and I couldn’t stand up straight. I was running (except when I couldn’t move!) In a vicious circle with no answers about the confusing contradictions of my body’s capabilities. From the initial pain onset, I turned to doctors for support and answers only to be dismissed when I complained that my foot regularly fell asleep or that I couldn’t bend over to tie my shoe. Doctors told me that my problematic pains were in my head and didn’t offer much support, probably because I didn’t fit the standard profile of an unhealthy, older woman who was at high risk of severe, debilitating arthritis.

Over time, my pain became worse and treatment didn’t actually treat anything or help me feel better. I didn’t want to get sick or be in pain for the rest of my life. Security Check Required. How to Start Living Pain-Free. Christina Grenga (@grengahealth) Learn How to Live a Healthier Life.