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Absolutely Genius Ideas

Marble machine. Bike of the future will pay you back for all of that pedalling. This amazing bike concept is part exercise machine, part electric scooter, and will even help to pay your fare while providing a seat for the bus ride home.

Bike of the future will pay you back for all of that pedalling

Designed by Mårten Wållgren, Il Choi, David Seesing, and Miika Hekkinen, it's the centerpiece of a car free concept for central London called London Garden, and winner of the Seymour Powell award in a contest called Future City Mobility. The bike has solar panels inside the hubless wheels, which along with your pedaling power charge a battery that can drive the bike as an electric scooter. The really cool part, is that the designers also envision electric buses with docks for the folded bikes, that will tap your charged battery to help run the bus in exchange for bus fare. The concept goes further, with tree like bus shelters where the bikes can be stored up in the air, and where the blowing breeze moving the stored bikes around will also generate electricity.

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