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Shamrock Solutions LLC – Create Eforms of Your Needs. “The e-forms that Shamrock designed and published do exactly what we need them to.

Shamrock Solutions LLC – Create Eforms of Your Needs

Browse for Sharepoint Software. Shamrock Solutions, LLC: Advantages of Perceptive Software. When it comes to running businesses, optimized business processes can support our businesses with the right kind of information whenever and wherever we require them.

Shamrock Solutions, LLC: Advantages of Perceptive Software

Perceptive software processes add structure and agility to any process improvements because it uses right analysis and design tools. Apart from right design tolls, adaptable execution capabilities, world-class workflow and case management are integrated together and Perceptive has the support for Business Process Management. The support to BPM is provided by process discovery, executive and improvement. Apart from working with BPM, Perceptive Software works with Enterprise content management, intelligent data capture, intelligent technologies and Enterprise searches. With the flexible IT workforce solutions in the form of perceptive software, the businesses get solutions that are designed and created by the subject matter experts. Staff Augmentation. “We’ve been working with Shamrock Solutions for all of our ImageNow professional services needs for several years now and couldn’t be happier.”

Staff Augmentation

Ryan Hoagland, Director of Information Technology, Red Coats, Inc. All companies are trying to do more with less staff members, which can make it challenging to get the most from Perceptive Content (formerly ImageNow). Several years ago, the product only had one server and a simplistic client, making it easy to use and administer. Staff Augmentation. Press Releases.

Press Releases Shamrock Solutions- Your Answer to All Electronic Form and Scanning Software Solutions!

Press Releases

If you are searching for software solutions to elevate the performance of your business and increase your sales, shamrock solutions can provide you with the best options. UK, 27 August 2015 -- Today’s business scenario is majorly governed by the use of computing devices and software which not only helps you in getting the job well done but also with ten times more speed and accuracy. The people of organizations are also needed to accustom to all these technological changes, learn them and move forward with the knowledge to complete the day to day organizational needs. For this, not only you need new and upgraded software in your systems but also need proper training and support from authorized parties. E-forms or electronic forms are one of most needed and integral part of any internet and intranet activities of an organization. Shamrock Solutions, LLC — Make Your Content More Administrative and... iScripts. “Shamrock finished our ImageNow scripting and e-forms in less than a month, which was ahead of schedule.


The fact that they had two professional services projects running for us simultaneously and were able to stay organized and responsive with both impressed me.” Candace Appleton-Kuntz, Director of Admission Information Technology, Texas Christian University iScript development is the key to unlocking all the capabilities of your Perceptive Content (formerly ImageNow) system, and to you getting maximum return on investment from your process and content management project.

Scripting can also help customize out-of-the-box features to meet the unique business needs of your organization. An iScript is its own programming language that allows you to do things like: Perceptive ImageNow eForm, iScript. Shamrock Solutions identified that many companies have made an initial investment in a process and content management system, but still have not reached optimal performance and need additional help.

Perceptive ImageNow eForm, iScript

We partner with our customers in all industries to achieve the next level of satisfaction with process/ECM solutions, including Perceptive Capture, Content (formerly ImageNow), Process, Search and Interact. Shamrock gives you the peace of mind of working with experts who can help achieve your goals quickly and cost-effectively. Our team of Project Managers, Consultants, iScript Developers, Technical Architects, and Trainers partner with you to keep your ECM project/s on track, within budget and within scope. We can start your project within days, helping you achieve rapid return on investment (ROI). (To discuss any of the below packages, please send an e-mail to our Sales Department or call 913.221.8383 and a Solutions Specialist will assist you).

Amerilife(TCU) Texas Christian University (TCU) Health Checks. “With one Perceptive Content production issue, Shamrock’s team started resolving it at 4 a.m. our time, and by the time our employees came into the office, it was fixed.

Health Checks

They’re extremely responsive.” Gordon Bone, Manager – Business Intelligence Solutions, Ledcor If you’re new to Perceptive Content or have had it since ImageNow 5.X, it’s important to know that your environment is up-to-date and ready for anything you throw at it. We get many requests for our Health Check, which is like a 50,000 mile service for your process and content management system. We comprehensively explore your environment and make recommendations on how to optimize it ensure you’re deriving maximum benefits, cost savings and return on investment. At the end of the process, we’ll provide you with a fully documented action plan so you can get more out of your investment. Then contact us today to discuss how we can help you reach the goals of your Perceptive Content project.