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Here’s the perfect portfolio for 2012 you failed to create. It’s that time of year again, when traders tended to square up their positions and await the imminent implosion of the US financial system.

Here’s the perfect portfolio for 2012 you failed to create

We figured it was worth showing you how you could have constructed a world-beating portfolio that would have destroyed the competition in 2012. Looking back, it seems painfully obvious that one only needed to: Kevin Slavin: How algorithms shape our world.


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Grasping Large Numbers

Whether describing the vastness of the stars or the microscopic intricacies of the human body, the need to use large numbers is often inevitable. When we consider the estimated 200,000,000,000 (200 billion) stars in the Milky Way Galaxy or the estimated 150,000,000,000 (150 billion) galaxies in the universe or the estimated 100,000,000,000,000 (100 trillion) cells in the adult human body, we are forced to use numbers so large we cannot comprehend their meaning.

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