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Color. Icons. Illustrator. Free Vectors by Vecteezy! 40 Excellent Photoshop Tutorials for Textures and Backgrounds. Textures can be extremely useful resources for web and graphic designers.

40 Excellent Photoshop Tutorials for Textures and Backgrounds

They can be used to create backgrounds, add grit and texture to any element within a design, and they can also be used to create various photo effects. Photoshop allows for all kinds of possibilities with textures. In some cases you may be creating your own texture from scratch in Photoshop, but in most cases you’ll be using a texture from a photo, whether it is your own photo or one that you acquired somewhere.

Here we’ll featured 35 different tutorials that teach various aspects of created and working with textures. Enhancing Your Portraits with Textures Textures can also be used to give a different look and feel to your photos, and it’s easy to implement. 5 Simple Tricks to Enhance Your Textures in Photoshop This tutorial shows how you can get the most out of texture photographs. Ten Steps to Bokeh Heaven Learn how to add a bokeh texture to a photo for an awesome effect. Unique Textures without Using Brushes.

60+ Amazing Poster and Advertisment Tutorials. Advertisement Everyone in the business world knows the importance of posters and ads in advertising for specific products. Posters are an integral part of advertising. An eye-catching, attractive poster that conveys a professional, compelling message about a product, service or event will invariably hold the user’s attention. In this article, we have collected a mixture of Photoshop and Illustrator tutorials related to posters and advertisements. You will find some are intermediate and some are very advanced, but they’ll all give you a lot of direction with photo composition, illustration, coloring processing, typography techniques, pen tool tricks, shapes processing and much more.

Poster Tutorials Creating an Old-Collage Effect PosterThis one’s a favorite because it helps you put images and text together really easily. Create an Awesome Music PosterA comprehensive step-by-step tutorial that shows you a variety of techniques to create a beautiful music poster! PS Quickie! Earth Day. 85+ of the Best Twitterers Designers Should Follow. There are thousands of designers on Twitter tweeting about everything from ongoing projects to their personal lives. But only a small percentage of those tweet about design topics of interest to other designers and design addicts.

These people cover everything from their design process to their own projects, and design resources from all over the web. Below is a list of more than 85 of those Twitterers. Have another designer to recommend? Tell us about them in the comments. Multi-Disciplinary @abduzeedo - Fabio Sasso is a graphic and web designer, as well as . @AndrewKelsall - Andrew Kelsall is a web and graphic designer who does all sorts of creative work including logo and print design. @anthonywoods - Anthony Woods is a graphic designer and web and software application developer. @artistech - Artistech Newmedia is a design and production firm working with web, print, and video. Photoshop Tutorials, Flash Tutorials and More! P2L Tutorial Sear. Abduzeedo - design inspiration and tutorials. 33 Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Amazing Posters and Ads : S.

You will probably agree, all of these tuts are amazing, they all combine great typography, amazing image manipulation, color schemes and bring it all together perfectly.

33 Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Amazing Posters and Ads : S

Download or Buy Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended » 1. Create a Sony Ericcson G900 Poster 2. Rockin’ 80’s Party Poster 3. 4. 23 Most Incredible Photoshop Tutorials. Paired with yesterday’s 24 Perfect Vectors , I wanted to list off some incredible Photoshop tutorials I’ve found on the web that will help you utilize those resources. I’ve done my best to select a wide variety of tutorials from web graphics, to photo enhancement, to just plain incredible. Remember, its not about the destination, instead its all about the journey.

Don’t neglect a tutorial because you aren’t interested in the final product. Instead, follow each one, step by step. I can personally attest that the knowledge you will gain about the various tools and functions that are available for you to use in Photoshop will be much more beneficial than the final image. Further Reading: 25 More Most Incredible Photoshop Tutorials How To Master Photoshop In Just One Week 75 Insane Hi-Res Photoshop Brushes You Know You’re Addicted To Photoshop If… 21 Best Photoshop Text Effects.