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Gregory Blake

Hey there, I’m Gregory. I’m a Finance Consultant living in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. I am a fan of photography, writing, and innovation. I’m also interested in entrepreneurship and reading. You can visit my website anytime.

If Juan made a mistake, do you blame Pedro?

Your expertise in one area doesn't make you a... Is Bankruptcy for Everyone? Lavish Wedding could Leave you Broke. Interest-free Loan Bears Interest when not Paid on Due Date. You Cannot Start Saving If You Are In Debt. Limited Company Debts Do Not Always Absolve Director/Owner. Business Can’t Thrive On Capital Alone. To Borrow Money From Friends or Relatives to Consolidate Your De. Live within your means. Be Careful in Dealing With Collection Agents. Long Distance Calls Hurt Your Pocket. The Misconception of the True Essence of Bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy is not hiding assets from creditors

Couple's conflict could cost a bundle. Till Debt Do Us Part. The Importance of Knowing The Effect of “Contestability Period” Easy Money Could Lead You To Financial Crisis. Save Money for Your Vacation | Canadian Debt Counselling. Credit Bureau could not Abolish Debtor’s Obligation to Pay Credi. Credit Counselling - Option For Solving Financial Problem. Real Estate Investment Is Good But… Money Mistakes Many People Make. Selling your house just a year after purchase is a losing propos.

Signs of Financial Troubles | Debt Consolidation Mississauga

Seeking 2nd Opinion Before Filing Bankruptcy Is Prudent. Debt Consolidation Mississauga | Credit Counseling Services Miss. Good Credit Rating is not a Guarantee of Getting a Loan. When buying a house make your offer to purchase – conditional on. 9 Steps Out Of Financial Crisis - God's Ways of Managing Our Fin. Why You Should Not Carry Many Credit Cards? Could Leaving Canada Wipe out Your Debts? The Problem of Selling and Buying a House.

Reserve your House Equity for Emergency

Seek a second opinion for peace of mind. Sell your House First Before your Lender Does. Avoid Disappointments of Some Caregivers Applicants. Some Ways to Save Money | Loan Consolidation | Debt Consolidatio. Prioritize Payments of Your Debts. God's Way of managing our Finances - Causes of Financial Trouble. Can you keep your house when you file bankruptcy? How to Avoid Financial Crisis - God's Way of Managing our Financ. Mortgage Refinancing | Genuine Mortgage Consulting in Mississaug.

Debt Consolidation Mississauga. How to Get Out of All Your Debts? Consumer Proposal is not for Everyone. Options for solving financial problem Part III – Liquidation of. 7 Options for Solving Financial Problem. Collateral Damage | Loan Consolidation Consultant Mississauga.

Understanding your House Equity

Avoid Expensive Court Litigation. Causes of Becoming Financially Broke. Some Ways to Save Money | The Debt Clinic of Canada. Starting a Business is a Serious Business. Role of Credit Bureau | Best Debt Negotiation Consultant Mississ. Be Careful in Dealing with Collection Agents. Joint ownership of a house by husband and wife is ideal but it c. Business Can’t Thrive On Capital Alone. The Risk Of A Special Power Of Attorney. Your credit bureau file is not always accurate. Beware of financial consultants who always say, yes and yes. Alternative Solutions of Your Debt Problems.

Is it Good To Buy a House Considering a Low Mortgage Interest Ra

Cost of Filing Bankruptcy | Bankruptcy Consultant Mississauga. How to Avoid the Danger of Going to a Shopping Mall. How To Get Out Of Your Debts. Ways Of Getting Out Of Debts. The Debt Clinic of Canada Inc. | Debt Counselling. Do Not Convert Your Unsecured Debt To A Secured Loan. Debt Negotiation Mississauga | Loan Consolidation Consultant Mis. You Cannot Start Saving If You Are In Debt. Knowing Two Types of Mortgage Financing.

To ignore a Registered Mail maybe Costly. The Debt Clinic Canada | Mortgage Consulting Mississauga. The Cost of Filing Bankruptcy. Bankruptcy Trustees are not Equal. Bankruptcy Mississauga. Mortgage Consulting Mississauga. Best Debt Negotiation Consultant Mississauga. A simple definition of a second mortgage – it is a mortgage behind the first mortgage.

best Debt Negotiation Consultant Mississauga

While the definition is simple, however, it becomes complicated when a mortgagor (borrower) defaults his/her payments that would lead to a power of sale - that is the mortgaged property is sold by court order to pay off the existing mortgage(s). Banks, as primary lenders would give first mortgages to borrowers up to 80% of the value of the property. Any mortgage more than 80% of value of the property is called a “high-ratio mortgage” where an insurance is required to protect banks in the event the proceed of sale (when the mortgage property is sold) is lower than the outstanding balance of the mortgage. Banks do not give second mortgages when the amount of advance is more than 80% of value of the property.

It is only secondary lenders like: finance companies and private individuals give second mortgages more than 80% of value of the property without insurance requirement as in banks. Easy Money Could Ruin Your Finances. Bankruptcy Mississauga. When you are in financial difficulty you have several options.

Bankruptcy Mississauga

Advantage of Coming to The Debt Clinic of Canada Inc. for your Financial Problems. 1.

Advantage of Coming to The Debt Clinic of Canada Inc. for your Financial Problems

What is an advantage of coming to The Debt Clinic of Canada Inc. for my financial problem(s) than to other debt/credit service companies? Answer: The Debt Clinic of Canada Inc. offers various options like: loan consolidation, mortgage consulting for possible mortgage refinancing, Debt Negotiation, excellent referral services to Mortgage Broker, Consumer Proposal Administrator, and Bankruptcy Trustee. With several alternative solutions of your debt problems, you could explore different options before considering Consumer Proposal or Bankruptcy as the last resort. 2. How much do you charge for your services? Answer: For assisting you to obtain a loan consolidation, we charge a very reasonable fee which is competitive in the industry. 3. Best Debt Negotiation Consultant Mississauga. The Debt Clinic of Canada Inc. offers various options in dealing with financial problems that are not commonly offered by other companies.

best Debt Negotiation Consultant Mississauga

Our policy- bankruptcy is only the last resort. Our commitment- to provide appropriate solution and options to financial problem designed for each individual circumstance. Our approach- we do not decide for our clients; we simply present appropriate solutions, options, and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative so that they could make an informed decision. Since 1995, The Debt Clinic of Canada Inc. has helped hundreds of individuals successfully deal with their debt problems without filing for bankruptcy. As a result of the recession in the late ‘80 and early ‘90, Adam Aspilla, a former financial planner and a mortgage broker organized the company.

Loan Consolidation | Mortgage Consulting | Debt Negotiation

The Debt Clinic of Canada Inc.