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Project-Based Learning and CI by Brett – ComprehensibleRVA. My county just got a new world language coordinator.

Project-Based Learning and CI by Brett – ComprehensibleRVA

She is ALL ABOUT CI and all about Project Based Learning, and sees CI as a way to facilitate Project Based Learning. Last week we had an initial training on PBL that got me thinking about how CI and PBL could be married. Below is an essay I wrote in response to the Project Based Learning guru for our county explaining my thoughts: I consider my primary role in class to give voice to the students thoughts, interests, uniqueness, and creativity. It’s their conversation. I have two main objectives for this class in building a true, Hispanic community: IDENTITY and CREATIVITY. The first overarching goal is to explore, reaffirm, and celebrate everyone’s IDENTITY and uniqueness within that community. To that end, I facilitate a lot of activities that you haven’t seen yet but actually represent about 50% of my practice.

The second overarching goal of the community is to CREATE! The short-term products are: The long-term products are: "That's not a project" I don't know how I lucked out rooming with such an awesome dual immersion Pre-K teacher on my recent trip to Peru!

"That's not a project"

It was so exciting to learn from her and absorb her strategies! Even though she teaches littles who are adjusting to their new context first and foremost, there were still plenty of parallels between our kids because of where they are in their language learning journeys. I only snapped about 100 pictures. And that was just because my phone froze up.

Should have been 200. I also got to meet the illustrious principal who encouraged my amiga's and her colleagues' awesomeness. So when meeting with the principal I'd heard so much about (even the teacher amiga's father was gushing about her!) I cited the school supply drive project, and the question "¿Qué materiales necesitan para aprender? " FLANC 2016: Social Justice in the Intermediate Classroom. Welcome FLANC participants!

FLANC 2016: Social Justice in the Intermediate Classroom

Here are links and resources to help you include social justice issues in the classroom. Special thanks to Carol Gaab at TPRS Publishing for donating the door prizes! Resources: Social Justice Through Film: Cuerdas: video, activities El Regalo (The Present): video Bear Story: video, my post on related resources. How Great Teaching And Learning Grows Under The PBL Umbrella - The largest Spanish class PBLL collaboration ever? Sometimes, a mildly interesting idea takes root and then morphs into something you never expected.

The largest Spanish class PBLL collaboration ever?

That has happened to me this year, and I cannot contain how excited I am about it. A toe in the PBLL waters At the beginning of this past summer, I was planning for Camp Musicuentos, deciding on what unit to use as a framework for the guidelines and information I was presenting. I’ve found it’s more helpful for participants when I do one that’s new, not one I’ve already planned and taught, so that it can be more organic, more like what the participants are doing. So, in the spirit of working smart, I chose to make it one of the units I would teach in my own class this year. Pbl-wl - home. Using Project-Based Learning to Teach World Languages.

Editor's Note: Today's guest blogger is Don Doehla, French teacher and instructional coach at Vintage High School in Napa, California.

Using Project-Based Learning to Teach World Languages

Don recently stepped up to become the new facilitator of our World Languages group. He's got some great ideas for teaching world languages, including the use of project-based learning. He shares a few of these tips today. We hope you'll join him in the World Languages group as well. The world may be small and flat, but it is also multilingual, multicultural, and more and more, it is an interconnected world. The Challenges Like other World Language teachers, I am constantly trying to focus on the essentials in order to create a standards-driven, communication-based curriculum for my students. Project-based Learning in the World Language Classroom. Thanks to all our dedicated #LangChat twitter participants who shared great ideas and resources on project-based learning (PBL) in the world language classroom.

Project-based Learning in the World Language Classroom

Thanks especially to the moderators, Don Doehla and Sara-Elizabeth Cottrell (@dr_dmd and @SECottrell). Below you’ll find an overview of the discussion we had Thursday night with all the main points that participants shared. You can read the entire archive here. We had an insightful conversation on project-based learning, including participants’ ideas of what exactly this method is, examples of successful projects, and how to implement it in the classroom (including how to win parents’ approval). Project Search. Pbl-fl. Problem-Based Learning (PBL) in the Foreign Language Classroom by Clark J.


Nelson February 1998 IntroductionIn this paper, I will first describe what PBL is and define the roles of students and teachers in PBL activities. I will then demonstrate how PBL, or at least aspects thereof, can be incorporated into foreign language classes. Finally, I’ll provide a bibliography of several resources on PBL, both in print and on the internet. Lisalilley - home. PBL%20HANDOUT%20for%20wiki.pdf. PBL in the TL: PBL Projects. For a more current list, please visit is a list of PBL projects I have attempted in my Spanish 1, 2, and 3 classes.

PBL in the TL: PBL Projects

Pbl-wl - PBL Essentials. Skip to main content Wikispaces Classroom is now free, social, and easier than ever.

pbl-wl - PBL Essentials

Try it today. Using PBL in Spanish. Pearltrees Extension.