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5 steps to make a video viewing guide

The question becomes, what do you do with a TL video? Now, there have been several great posts offering options of activities to use with authentic video, like this one from Spanish Playground or this one from Bryan Kandel. My post, in particular, along with my session this weekend at the Central States Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, is concerned with how you can develop a systematic viewing guide to make authentic film more comprehensible input for your language learners.

This is the process I’ve developed, inspired by the wonderful work of Kara Jacobs and Elena López on the movie Canela, to fairly quickly and easily build entire lessons, units, or even semester curriculum from authentic video. But how? Let’s take it a step at a time. 1. First, of course, I have to choose what I’m going to use as my clip. 2. When deciding how to use a video, the process is the same for any other: backward design. 3.

An example? 4. Comments. [OFFICIAL] KeepVid: Download YouTube Videos, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitch.Tv, Dailymotion, Youku, Tudou, Metacafe and more! Trimata. La Linea Episode 1. Movie Talk Database. M.T. - Search/Guide - Profe Peplinski. YouTube Task #1: Identify Aspects of Culture. Culture: it’s one of ACTFL’s 5 C’s.

YouTube Task #1: Identify Aspects of Culture

Plus, many districts are already adding intercultural standards in their curriculum. How can teach culture without reinforcing stereotypes or just giving our own perspective? Simply show them culture and let them reflect. I had been using YouTube videos in the classroom for years and was curious to find out if they had an impact on students like I thought. So I chose this for my master’s research study. I also asked an open-ended question: “Tell me about your favorite YouTube video shown so far in this class.” Moral of the story: The cultural focus made all the difference. Here’s how I got them to reflect: At the beginning of the year I spent a few minutes in a discussion about culture. The next day it all started. Each day I showed a authentic video to kick start our lesson. Here’s an example. Unit Topic: Sports Daily Goal: I can tell which sports I like to play vs. sports I like to watch.

Aspect of Culture Student Reflection (Level 1): Watch Holiday Commercials. Binge watching good commercials can be just as entertaining as the shows!

Watch Holiday Commercials

Thanks to the #langchat community, here are some great videos to get you started. Plus I added a few follow up activities that you can use immediately. “I can” Statements Here are some generic “I can” statements that could be used with most of these commercials. I can describe a commercial.I can tell how a commercial makes me feel.I can give my opinion about a commercial.I can identify products and practices from the culture.I can explain how a commercial reflects the perspectives of the culture. Olaf and Sven MovieTalk – TCI with Profe Tauchman. 11 Animated Shorts in Mexico's Indigenous Languages. To residents of the Americas, Europe can seem like a tower of Babel with dozens upon dozens of languages crammed into a small geographical space and vying endlessly for dominance or survival.

11 Animated Shorts in Mexico's Indigenous Languages

On this side of the world things are much simpler: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and a few Dutch speakers make communication generally much smoother across the continent, along with a few New World Patois thrown into the mix for good measure. At least so the thinking goes. In reality, the American continent is a place of vast linguistic diversity, with more language families found solely in Mexico than in the entirety of the European continent. And with each language comes a particular vision of the world, an inimitable expressivity, a treasure trove of wisdom accrued over the centuries and codified in words and idioms.

Yet these languages struggle desperately for survival in the midst of a post-colonial landscape dominated by a small handful of European languages. [h/t: Global Voices] Movie Talk Database - Hojas de Cálculo de Google. Spark Enthusiasm - Teacher Resources. Bee MovieHappy FeetHorton y el Mundo de los QuiénRíoRío 2Una Aventura Congelada (Frozen) FAMILY/FRIENDSHIPAl Otro LadoAtlético San PanchoBee MovieBellaCarol's Journey (El Viaje de Carol)Casi CasiCautivaEl Libro de la VidaEl NorteEntre Nos¡Gol!

Spark Enthusiasm - Teacher Resources

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