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"The Human Jukebox" is a wacky and wild performance - The Feed Blog. Back to the future: This man interviews his 12-year-old self. Last updated: April 17, 2014 Jeremiah, meet Jeremiah.

Back to the future: This man interviews his 12-year-old self

You look confused. Source: MEET Jeremiah McDonald. He's 32 years old. This extraordinary video is the result of his interview with himself, 20 years in the making. It's awesome, but don't take our word for it - watch it. McDonald, a filmmaker and animator, recorded a video message to his future self in 1992, at the age of 12. Now he works through the tape and answers young Jeremiah's questions, with some amazing and funny answers. Right now in technology 24Readers19Readers18Readers12Readers5Readers Incredible science photography. Celebrity Facemath. Random stuff.

Brickify. Cool Stuff. How to be a Retronaut. Paper Planes How To [Pic] Finger Shadow Illusions. I, myself know how to make a bird, a dog and a deformed rabbit but I never thought you an actually make some many different shapes of animals with your fingers.

Finger Shadow Illusions

You can even do an elephant with your fingers. BustedTees - Funny T-Shirts - New T-Shirt designs every week - Crazy Tees Hilarious Cool Shirts. 30 of the World's Greatest Wedding Cakes. Few things are more important on a wedding day (apart from both partners turning up; the ring being secure; and nobody objecting during the ceremony) than the cake.

30 of the World's Greatest Wedding Cakes

Very few weddings are without such a centrepiece. It's just a shame that so many couples opt for the same traditional, boring designs when there is so much opportunity to impress and surprise the guests. Here are 30 brilliant examples, to be used as inspiration for your own big day. Above: A wedding cake fit for an action hero. Great Truths About Life. This page is brought to you by UC Berkeley Parents Network Back to the Jokes & Quotes Collection 1.

Great Truths About Life

No matter how hard you try, you cannot baptize cats. 2. When your mom is mad at your dad, don't let her brush your hair. 3. If you sister hits you, don't hit her back. They always catch the second person. 4. The opinions and statements expressed on this page are those of parents who belong to the UC Berkeley Parents Network and should not be taken as a position of or endorsement by the University of California, Berkeley. Anti Joke.

What are Antijokes?

Anti Joke

Anti Jokes (or Anti Humor) is a type of comedy in which the uses is set up to expect a typical joke setup however the joke ends with such anticlimax that it becomes funny in its own right. The lack of punchline is the punchline. We’ve just released huge update to the iOS app! Now, access all your favorite text and photo sites like Anti-Joke, DIYLOL! The Most Insane Search Suggestions Ever Seen On Google. We probably shouldn't be surprised by anything people Google at this point, considering we all rely on it for everything short of brushing our teeth for us.

The Most Insane Search Suggestions Ever Seen On Google

But these search suggestions are almost as insane as using Bing. Kid plays instrument awesomely EPIC MUST WATCH‬‏ Pictogram music posters. Brief: Create artworks incorporating Ray-Ban Aviators, to be published on Ray-Ban's official Facebook page.

Pictogram music posters

These pictogram portraits were a part of Ray-Ban's 'Aviator Family' campaign (#AviatorFamily). Graphic Design2014 Client: Ray-BanBrief: Create artworks that somehow depict iconic people and famous characters that have been wearing Ray-Ban Aviators. The portraits were to be displayed in the Sunglass Hut store in Covent Garden, London, from March to April 2014. Artworks by Viktor Hertz © 2014 Photos by Ray-Ban © 2014Advertising, Graphic Design, Illustration2014 Official poster for Uppsala International Short Film Festival 2013. Ben Folds. Ben Folds en concierto.

Ben Folds

Benjamin Scott Folds (Winston-Salem, Carolina del Norte, 12 de septiembre de 1966 – ), más conocido como Ben Folds, es un cantautor y pianista estadounidense conocido por ser el antiguo vocalista del grupo musical Ben Folds Five.Actualmente participa en Overflow Crowds Band. Ha publicado recientemente un disco con letras de Nick Hornby ("Alta fidelidad", 1995) llamado Lonely Avenue. Bigbox_en.swf (application/x-shockwave-flash Objeto) How to Make Google Translate Beatbox. Not sure if this falls in the category of Easter Egg or clever manipulation, but either way, there go our afternoons: Redditor harrichr has devised a scheme for turning Google Translate into a makeshift beatbox machine. 1) Go to [1] Google Translate2) Set the translator to translate German to German3) Copy + paste the following into the translate box: pv zk pv pv zk pv zk kz zk pv pv pv zk pv zk zk pzk pzk pvzkpkzvpvzk kkkkkk bsch4) Click “listen”5) Be amazed :) For the lazy, just click this link and it’ll be done for you.

How to Make Google Translate Beatbox

There’s nothing magical about this particular sequence, and there’s tons of room for experimentation: In German, anyway, “pv” and “zk” make complementary breathy sounds and clicks, respectively. Spaces add pauses. Draw a Stickman. Awesome Minimalist Disney Posters FTW. Something about minimalist art just looks great on movie posters.

Awesome Minimalist Disney Posters FTW

Combine that with Disney movies and you get a whole new edge. You might think most of these posters are for some dark, avant-garde indie film, not a cute animated kid’s flick. The Cartoon Illuminati By Adam Withers. As I was bouncing around StumbleUpon this afternoon I chanced upon this wonderful and humorous illustration by Adam Withers over on deviantART depicting “a collection of the greatest geniuses in the history of cartoons, all brought together to decide the fate of the world in secret!”