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Pete Jameson

Pete Jameson has been writing for the Cancer Medical Review website along with for over 5 years now. His medical background and experience in helping companies find the right cancer treatment is all well noted in other popular industry publications. He specializes in providing reviews of doctors, specialists and websites around bladder, kidney and prostate cancer treatments.

Renner Supply Company Cited as One Amongst the Few Customer-Friendly Companies. Renner Supply Company has become one of the most favored garage door specialists in Kansas City, thanks to their team's customer friendly methods and services.

Renner Supply Company Cited as One Amongst the Few Customer-Friendly Companies

The firm was accredited by Better Business Bureau in the year 1982 with an A+ grading, the highest any company can achieve. Established in 1956, Renner Supply Company has been fulfilling the needs of thousands in regards to garage door installation and repairs. "Our experienced technicians provide expert, friendly garage door service and repair to the state of Kansas and Missouri from four convenient locations in Kansas City, St. Louis, Springfield and Osage Beach. When you own a Renner Garage Door or have yours serviced by our skilled technicians, you will literally experience the utmost quality," says Brad Williamson, Renner Supply salesperson.

Better Business Bureau takes several factors into consideration before assigning a grade to companies. Energy ONE Solar implies the benefits of Going Solar in Houston. "It's time to use the sun to power your Houston home, farm or business," a spokesperson from Energy ONE Solar stated.

Energy ONE Solar implies the benefits of Going Solar in Houston

Over usage of fossil fuels and other non-renewable sources of energy has put Earth in danger, which is why the company states that going solar in Houston is going to help secure a better future. A recent research revealed that an average home in the United States uses 10,000 kWh of energy per year. This energy consumption typically leads to $150,000 in lifetime power bills. Energy ONE Solar has been helping their clients in not just reducing, but also in eliminating utility bills for good. "It is estimated that in the next 5-10 years, every home in America will pay a minimum of $.20 per kilowatt hour (kWh). The company revealed that by switching to solar energy in Houston, users would be benefitted monetarily by not just saving on utility bills, but by taking on less maintenance of their high quality solar panels. Key Facts of Dental Care in Sydney for Adults.

Dental Implants and Wisdom Teeth Removal Costs - DENTAL COSTS AUSTRALIA. Perfect Time to Hire a Property Manager. EnergyONE making Houston homes energy independent with best solar panels in US. Leading solar power company EnergyONE has announced to make Houston homes energy independent with best & most advanced solar panels made in America.

EnergyONE making Houston homes energy independent with best solar panels in US

The company caters to commercial customers as well. "Our aim here is to reduce the carbon footprint as well as your costly energy bills by joining hands with power companies. We are here to make you energy independent with our best 100% American made solar panels," stated a lead spokesperson from the Houston solar power company. A name to reckon with in American solar energy sector, EnergyOne caters to 11 States in the USA with its headquarters in Texas. When questioned further, the company manager emphasized on taking a customized approach with each project. Mirabile MD Gives Inside Scoop on Their Laser Tattoo Removal Procedure. In a special encounter, Mirabile MD dished out key information about their advanced laser tattoo removal procedure in Kansas City.

Mirabile MD Gives Inside Scoop on Their Laser Tattoo Removal Procedure

With innovative technology brought to implementation, the firm claims that they have attained great success rates through the years. Mirabile M.D is one of the top beauty and wellness centers offering advanced treatments that includes laser tattoo removal, Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Medi-Weightloss, gynecology and Med-cosmetic.

Bladder Cancer - All You Need to Know! Commercial LED Lighting – Tips to Choose! Mirabile M.D Saves Corporate America, 1 Kg at a Time! Mirabile M.D, Beauty, Health and Wellness, founded by Dr.

Mirabile M.D Saves Corporate America, 1 Kg at a Time!

James Mirabile, M.D offers to individuals a holistic solution to one's own health. With treatments ranging from hormone replacement in Kansas City, to weight loss, cosmetic treatments and even gynecology services, this conveniently located centre has been instrumental in synergizing medical treatments to deliver holistic health. By offering the best ultherapy treatment and tattoo removal in Kansas City along with a whole range of other services, innate understanding and experience allows Dr. Mirabile to treat the patient's aesthetic, physical as well as emotional needs. Whether one is looking for help for depression or needs assistance to manage issues pertaining to fibroids, hormone deficiency or weight, the caring and friendly medical staff working under Dr. Dr. Important Facts to Know About Epoxy Flooring. Get a Sneak Peek into Kansas City with FINDitKC. FINDitKC is a Kansas City base portal that provides some great video previews into local businesses through an engaging website and application.

Get a Sneak Peek into Kansas City with FINDitKC (Press Release) May 5, 2015 Overland Park, Kansas (dwgpr) May 5, 2015 – With the digital world playing a critical role in information dissemination and helping consumers make the correct decisions closest to their needs and preferences, there has been a significant rise in the number of websites and applications looking at providing impeccable information to audiences. Lighting up the Entire Kansas City Area is this Veteran Electrical Company. Lenexa, Kansas (prsync) April 24, 2015 - In Kansas City, there is a name that has become synonymous with reliable and trustworthy electric repair; Tann Electric is a professional electric repair and service provider which has been operating since 1991 offering residential, commercial, and industrial establishments with experienced electricians.

Lighting up the Entire Kansas City Area is this Veteran Electrical Company

The company started out by providing Kansas City with home electrical repair services but quickly encompassed commercial and industrial sectors. "Along with servicing homes, we realized the potential of expanding our services to target the commercial and the industrial sectors as there was a need for an experienced electrical repair provider that could offer an affordable yet a professional service," says the Company Spokesman. Known for their commitment and dedication, Tann Electric offers a host of different services in residential areas. Skin RN of Tulsa Announces Discounts on Dermal Filler Treatment. Tulsa, Oklahoma (prsync) April 6, 2015 - Great news for Tulsa beauties planning an anti-aging treatment, Skin RN of Tulsa has announced great discounts on Juvederm & Botox treatment.

Skin RN of Tulsa Announces Discounts on Dermal Filler Treatment

The offer will last till April 30, 2015. Founded by Kansas cosmetic injection expert Sheryl Bridgewater, Skin RN of Tulsa is a leading name across Oklahoma beauty treatment sector. Sheryl is a ravishing beauty herself, backed by advanced training & extensive experience in all major cosmetic injections such as Botox, Juvederm, Xeomin, Radiesse, Artefill & Belotaro Balance. "We are thrilled to announce that we have recently launched a great $150 discount on a combined treatment of Botox & Juvederm dermal filler in Oklahoma.

Our cosmetic injections have garnered rave reviews from our clients and we are hopeful that the latest discount offer will inspire many new clients to visit us," stated a senior expert from Sheryl's team. The discount offer does not force any minimum Botox amount. SunSource Homes Inc. - Solar Installer in Kansas City. Hormone Pellet Therapy in Kansas City - What You Should Know! Tann Electric Announces Restaurant Gift Cards For Loyal Customers. Lenexa, Kansas (prsync) February 26, 2015 - Tann Electric has reportedly extended restaurant gift cards for loyal customers.

Tann Electric Announces Restaurant Gift Cards For Loyal Customers

The gift card would be available on referral service. A name of high repute across Kansas City electrical service and repair, Tann Electric was founded in 1991. The company caters to residential, commercial, industrial clients and restaurants across KC Metropolitan area & Lawrence. KCUC Patients to Get Easy Online Access to Medical Records. Overland Park, Kansas (prsync) February 20, 2015 - Great news for KCUC patients, the leading Kansas City based urology hospital has recently launched Patient Portal that assures online accession to medical records for established patients.

KCUC Patients to Get Easy Online Access to Medical Records

A name of esteemed repute across Kansas City urological scene, KCUC has been operating for years now. The clinic is renowned for extending best possible urology care in Kansas City. "We understand it gets strenuous for you to visit our clinic every time for appointments and further medical information. SunSource Promises Sustainable Homes With Industry-leading Solar Panel Installation. Kansas City, Missouri (prsync) February 11, 2015 - Kansas homeowners planning an eco-friendly living seem to have a credible guide. SunSource has guaranteed sustainable homes & reduced energy costs with industry-leading solar panel installation. A leading name across North American renewable energy sector, SunSource is collaboration by Aaron Carson & renewable energy specialist Keith Graepler.

Know About the Hormone Pellet Therapy in Kansas City. Top Benefits of Ultherapy® Treatment in Kansas City. Mirabile MD Medi-Weightloss Clinic Named #1 in Patient Retention. Overland Park, Kansas (prsync) January 7, 2015 - Overland Park based Mirabile MD Medi-Weightloss clinic has been named #1 in patient retention in 2014. Founded by the leading Kansas physician Dr. James Mirabile, the clinic has assured to extend the best medical weight loss program in Kansas City. A seasoned name across Kansas wellness sector, Dr. James Mirabile is an award winning and board certified gynecologist. FINDitKC is the Most Promising Digital Media Start-Up in Kansas City. Formed in 2012, FINDitKC is one of the most promising startups providing video and online advertising to small businesses in Kansas City, assisting businesses to grow by maximizing online presence and helping them connect with the growing online target audience.

The digital media company is an easy online Kansas City guide for people looking for restaurants, shops, stores, city food, shopping, things to do with family, with a unique option of video streaming. The start-up has been creating a new wave on social media by using social media platforms, email, search engine, print and various other channels to help clients distribute their videos.

It provides regular updates on discounts, freebies, news, events and other things do to updates. Chris says, "With more and more population going digital, I knew there is a huge opportunity there. TruLight LED™ Showcases Commitment to Green Tech with its new LED lighting technology. Kansas City, Missouri (prsync) December 30, 2014 - In its continued endeavor towards energy efficiency and energy savings, TruLight LED™, is paving way with a new generation of LED lighting technology for commercial and industrial lighting.

Based in Kansas City, the company provides cutting edge solutions, products & services. The invention of TruLight LED light bulbs have made it possible to use less wattage for energy savings and are more efficient with evenly distributed no-fade light. The bulbs are cooler so they are touchable, more durable, longer lasting. "We are committed to providing green technology for lighting. We realize the need for energy efficient LED lights and we hope we can spread the awareness of the advantages of using LED lights in commercial and industrial lighting. Benefits of Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Bio-Microbics Participates in Elite Panel Discussion on Canada Trading Relationship. Bio-Microbics recently participated in an elite panel discussion themed on US & Canada's supreme trading relationship which is said to be the most comprehensive and largest commercial bond in the world. Entitled as "CANADA AND KANSAS CITY: A RELATIONSHIP THAT MATTERS," the panel event was hosted by the Kansas City World Trade Center and International Trade Council of Greater Kansas. The high impactful trading relationship between Canada & US is echoed by a high volume bilateral trade equaling close to 1.6 billion per day. The major breakfast event was organized on Wednesday, September 17th at the Kansas City World Trade Center at Union Station. Mr. Jim Heeter, President of the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce, delivered the inaugural remarks, setting the prelude for discussion.

Bio-Microbics is a leading global manufacturer of advanced decentralized waste water treatment, residential septic system enhancements & storm water system products. Data Backup Gets Hassle Free with Dataedge Enterprise’s Managed Cloud. Premier Real Estate Management Inc. Offers Outstanding Property Management Services. Maintain Polished Concrete Floors – Concrete Solutions. Epoxy Flooring for Commercial and Residential Floors. Impeccable Expertise at Premier Real Estate Management Inc. Blue Springs, Missouri (prsync) October 9, 2014 - Residents of large as well as small apartment communities are now able to enjoy one of a kind property management services with the help of Premier Real Estate Management Inc. High Quality Flooring Options at Kansas City Concrete Solutions. Join the Loyalty Program at Mirabile MD MedCosmetic and Earn a Discount of $50. Ultherapy - Lift and Tone Sagging Skin without Downtime.

Concrete Polishing in Kansas City - Top 5 Benefits. Epoxy Flooring for Commercial and Residential Floors. Store data in a high end and secure cloud backup facility in Kansas City. Kansas City based IT Company Dataedge Solutions offers cloud backup services. Olathe, KS (proskore) July 1, 2014 - Businesses across the United States have a problem handling their essential business data. Companies are in constant need of protecting important business data to focus on other parts of the company.

Early Detection is the Best Prevention- KCUC Celebrates Men’s Health Month. KCUC advocates regular screening to prevent diseases. Prostate cancer can be completely cured with early detection and timely treatment. Cost-effective Polished Concrete Floors. Acme Sign Inc. Extends Advanced Traffic Stopping Signage Services. What you ought to know about cancer in the bladder.