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Medical Open Source Software

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One Year Anniversary For the Kinect, Over 10 Million Units Shipped, A Game Changer in the World of Entertainment - buildsmartrobots. The Microsoft Kinect was released in the US on November 4, 2010. It was hacked on November 10, 2010. For the one or two people on the internet who have not heard about the Xbox Kinect, it is a interactive gaming device for the Microsoft Xbox gaming system.

The heart of the Kinect is 3D sensor technology from Primesense. Primesense 3D sensing technology is illustrated above. The technology uses structured light, a infra red camera, and a dedicated processors to measure the distance from the camera to the scene. Structured light from the Kinect Structured light is simply light projected in a unique pattern. The data from a 3D camera is called a point cloud.

A point cloud is a data structure used to represent a collection of multi-dimensional points and is commonly used to represent three-dimensional data. Point clouds can be used to create range images by assigning a color to the Z axis. Libfreenect The Libfreenect software can be downloaded here: Microsoft Kinect SDK data from the Kinect. Main [AMILab] WebHome < Gnumed < Foswiki. I Do Imaging - Ginkgo CADx. Neuroinformatics Research Group. DicomBrowser is an application for inspecting and modifying DICOM metadata in many files at once.

Neuroinformatics Research Group

A single imaging session can produce thousands of DICOM files; DicomBrowser allows users to view and edit a whole session—or even multiple sessions—at once. Users can save the original or modified files to disk, or send them across a network to a DICOM C-STORE service class provider, such as a PACS or an XNAT. Download and install DicomBrowser You can download the source, build, and install DicomBrowser from our Mercurial repository, or get the software ready-to-run.

Windows XP or higher Mac OS 10.5 or higher UNIX Linux MacOS X Learn More: Portal:Medical. MeVisLab - About MeVisLab. Software - TU Delft Computer Graphics Website. On this page, we have compiled a list of all software developed in our group that is available for download.

Software - TU Delft Computer Graphics Website

Ginkgo CADx, Open Source DICOM Viewer + Dicomizer + CADx. 16 Top LINUX Medical applications . These days there are many doctors and health-care professionals who migrate to Linux , replacing their windows XP and vista machines with some famous Linux distributions such as Ubuntu , RedHat , Suse . The move is followed by tries to build special distributions for medical users – RosLims – , Though the community of health-care professional who uses Linux still random in activities , efforts , production and support . as well as there is no list of dependable medical applications health-care professionals may need to use .

This is the primary goal why this list assembled . Medical Free/Libre and Open Source Software. 20 Free , Open source DICOM Viewer for Radiologists. List of Open source / Free DICOM Viewers for many platforms : Windows , Linux , Mac OSX .

20 Free , Open source DICOM Viewer for Radiologists

Most of them are usable products including very rich documentation , along with easy GUI , and quick easy Install for non-advanced users . 1-Aeskulap Viewer ( Open source ) –link- : Aeskulap is able to load a series of special images stored in the DICOM format for review. Additionally it is able to query and fetch DICOM images from archive nodes (also called PACS) over the network. Search. DRAMMS is a software package designed for 2D-to-2D and 3D-to-3D deformable medical image registration tasks.


Released by SBIA lab at the Univ of Pennsylvania. Some typical applications of DRAMMS include, -- Cross-subject registration of the same organ (can be brain, breast, cardiac, etc); -- Single- or Multi-site data; -- Mono- and Multi-modality registration (MRI, CT, histology); -- Longitudinal registration (pediatric brain growth, cancer development, mouse brain development, etc); -- Registration under missing correspondences (e.g., vascular lesions, tumors, histological cuts).

DRAMMS runs in command line in UNIX/Mac OS, It accepts Nifti/ANALYZE/MetaImage image formats. It is fully-automatic --- takes two input images, and generates a registered image and (optionally) the deformation field; no user initialization or interaction is needed. Dicom3tools Software. Maintained by David A.

Dicom3tools Software

Clunie Last updated: Sun Nov 22 08:43:10 EST 2009 Getting the dicom3tools ... NB. The older unsupported package is no longer being worked on, and contains significant deficiencies in the handling of DICOM messages, and in particular doesn't support sequences :(. What are the dicom3tools ... Features ... Image format support ... Frequent Answers. Works greate on Mac OS X, or any Unix or Linux variant (with g++ versions ranging from 2.95 through 4.x). Comments, criticism and general abuse are greatly appreciated and should be directed to

Home|Feedback. Advanced Medical Imaging and Computing labOratory. The "MITO - Medical Imaging TOolkit" project coagulates a number of activities aimed at defining and implementing an open-source, cross-platform software architecture for advanced Medical Imaging.

Advanced Medical Imaging and Computing labOratory

MITO toolkit makes it possible to fetch radiological information and images stored in a PACS according to the standard format DICOM, then provides the final user with basic functionalities such as 2D-3D visualization (VR, SR, MIP), image segmentation and fusion, ROI. Moreover, MITO provides interaction techniques for manipulating 3D medical data in a virtual environment by 2 DOF input devices. MITO is an open source software released under the terms of the GNU General Public License. Medical Free/Libre and Open Source Software.