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Greenway Associates. Yesterday it was chucking it down with rain, today the sun is out and you can see people sunbathing in every park.

Greenway Associates

Such is the nature of this bizarre country we inhabit. We all have a natural inclination to get outside more as the seasons change, even if the rain doesn’t necessarily go. Beautiful Bathrooms 2. This week we are going to continue to look at how you can give your bathroom a makeover.

Beautiful Bathrooms 2

It can be easy to be daunted at the potential cost, assuming that a facelift will mean changing the actual bathroom furniture such as bathtub, toilet, sink etc. In actual fact, each individual item is more affordable than you might expect, often in a sale for just a couple of hundred. Decor Beautiful Bathrooms Surrey, UK. This week we are going to take some time to focus on bathrooms.

Decor Beautiful Bathrooms Surrey, UK

The bathroom and the kitchen are widely recognised as the two most expensive and difficultrooms to adapt to your changing needs. Modern Church Architecture: Heavenly Or Horrible? At Greenway Associates, we don’t just love private residential projects.

Modern Church Architecture: Heavenly Or Horrible?

We love designing public buildings too. You won’t be surprised to learn, therefore, that we keep a close professional eye on contemporary church architecture. Spring Has Sprung! Part 3. This week will be the third and final installment of our blog of ideas of how to help you bring a touch of spring into your home.

Spring Has Sprung! Part 3

Flower power Bring in freshly cut blooms from your own garden, or use the opportunity to invest in some new spring flowering bulbs for the garden. Spring Has Sprung! Part 2. Following last week’s very welcome arrival of spring, we are looking at some more ideas this week to help you bring that sense of freshness and renewal into your home.

Spring Has Sprung! Part 2

By reviving the environment that surrounds you, you should find you bring a welcome sense of cleansing and restoration to your mind and spirit. Go green Nothing brings spring to mind more than the colour green. There are lots of easy ways to inject some fresh shades of green into your home, from repainting a fixture or fitting in a bold green or purchasing some green accessories such as cushions or throws. Bring the outside inside Be a bit brave with your ornamentation and consider using a traditional outdoor garden ornament such as a small bird bath or pot inside your home.

Greenway Associates. Finally, the flowers are coming out, birds are singing and the sun is shining.

Greenway Associates

Well, this is Britain so the sun part is rather hit and miss, but it’s unmistakable nonetheless that the seasons are changing before our very eyes as a new carpet of colour swathes the countryside. Use this opportunity to refresh your home and you would find that it refreshes your mind just as much as it does the space around you. Clear that clutter! Physical clutter in your home can easily make your mind feel cluttered too. Spring is the perfect time to clear out your home and free up your mind at the same time. Move it! The Return Of The World’s Greatest Buildings. Regular readers of our blog (who are widely regarded as the most intelligent people on the planet) will know we started an argument on October 4 2016, asking the question: “What is the greatest building in the world today”?

The Return Of The World’s Greatest Buildings

We highlighted the Getty Center (Los Angeles, California: Richard Meier & Partners Architects LLP), the Jean-Marie Tjibaou Cultural Centre (Nouméa, New Caledonia: Renzo Piano Building Workshop) and Sydney Opera House (Australia: Jørn Utzon) but we immediately knew that only writing about three buildings in a world full of extraordinary architecture was grossly unfair. So here are three more buildings we urge you to visit on your next world tour: The Binoculars Building (Los Angeles, California: Frank Gehry): Opened in 1991, this building clearly asks us: “Is there a line between art and architecture”? Greenway Associates. Following on from our previous blogs, this week we are continuing to look at a few common challenges with new build homes, and some easy fixes.

Greenway Associates

Greenway Associates. For the last couple of weeks, I have been looking at some common issues with older properties and some simple solutions that can help manage them.

Greenway Associates

There are many new home developments currently on the market and these can be very appealing. Lots of people like the idea of being the first to live in a property. There is also the appeal of minimal decoration and maintenance costs for some yearsplus NHBC’s 10-year warranty. Many reputable developers offer additional guarantees on top of this too. In addition, because the homes are built to modern standards they should hopefully be more energy efficient and therefore have lower running costs than their period style neighbours.However, like anything, there is no such thing as an easy option, and newbuilds are no exception. Getting The Basics Right: Older Houses Part 2. Last time we took a look at a few of the most common issues with older properties. This week, we’re going to take a look at a few more common issues and suggest some simple solutions.

What Is Modernist Architecture? Let’s start by admitting the name is misleading. The term ‘Modernist’ architecture might not sound particularly modern to many people. Just as iconic modernist paintings include Pablo Picasso’s Guernica (1937) and great modernist novels include James Joyce’s Ulysses (1922), so-called ‘Modernist’ architecture actually emerged almost 100 years ago. Pioneers of the movement included Walter Gropius (German, 1883-1969) and Le Corbusier (Swiss-French, 1887-1965). Modernist architecture gained mass popularity after World War Two, being embraced in the UK to meet fundamental social needs such as housing.

So what did the modernists believe? Put quite so simply, modernist architecture might sound soulless or even nightmarish. Getting The Basics Right: Older Houses. Although new builds are popular, the demand for older properties continues to be high due to their unique features. Unfortunately, there are also a number of common issues that come with older homes that can make them uncomfortable and/or expensive to live in. Here are a few common issues and simple solutions: Style,What Style? Part 2. Last week, I wrote a brief description of three mainstream styles to give you an idea what they mean so that you can get to grips with where your own natural preferences lie. This week we are going to continue by looking at three more styles that are very popular, and so will be very easy to get hold of items that will fit in. Nautical – This style will be more immediately recognisable as it has made its way into the fashion world as well.

The interior design and furnishings will be based on white or sand colours with blue as the primary accent colour. Greenway Associates. Last week, I wrote about getting inspiration if your mind was a bit blank. My first suggestion was focussing on your natural style preference. This week, it occurred to me that maybe we should go one step further and clarify what the styles (you will most likely see)mean. Who Is Richard Meier (And Why Does He Matter)? Regular readers of our blog – and if you’re not a regular reader, what are you doing with your life? Interior Design Ideas and Designing Services in Croydon, Gatwick, Redhill.

What Makes a Wonderful Holiday Home? Greenway Associates. Planning Approvals,Construction Drawings,Loft Conversions ~UK. In a state about whether or not you need planning permission for your building work? Then if you do need it, how on earth does the process works? Planning has received a considerable amount of publicity in the last couple of years due to government changes on planning policies such as "Permitted Development". Loft Conversion,Loft Conversion in Croydon,Loft Conversion in Gatwick ~ UK. In need of extra space but don't want the hassle and expense of moving home? Converting your loft is an increasingly popular way of increasing the amount of living space in your home without needing to move. Best House Extension, House Extension Online, House Extension ~ Croydon,Gatwick,UK. Want to get the value of a new house without having to purchase one?

House Extension,Loft Conversion,Garden Offices,Interior Design ~ Croydon,Gatwick,UK. About Us~GreenWay Associates,House Extension,Interior Design,Loft onversion. Wayne Greenway is an architectural designer and project manager with experience in project briefing, feasibility studies, sketch design, detailed design, tender processes and construction management. He is an excellent communicator with the ability to engage with diverse stakeholder groups at various levels, as well as developing strategies for ensuring delivery of relevant projects against targets and deadlines. With a degree in architecture, and over 23 years of experience, he has the following Competencies: Strategic Management - as a trained internal ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 auditor, he leads on Quality Assurance and Quality Management Systems and have been influential in developing processes on this within the organizations for which he have worked.

His expertise also involves audit trails and risk assessments. It also extends to modern methods of construction and stakeholder involvement. House Extension,Interior Design,Loft Conversion,Garden Offices ~ Croydon,Gatwick,UK.