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Construction Project Progress of Green Lotus Avenue. Flats in Zirakpur | Luxurious Apartments - Green Lotus Avenue. Discover the Advantages of Green Lotus Apartments in Zirakpur. Zirakpur is a satellite town situated at the foot of Shivalik Hills to being the centre of attraction for residential living. Due to the presence of the International airport, Zirakpur has become a permanent residential address of the people who have settled down in the urban areas.

This thing has risen demand to experience a better lifestyle among people. When zeroing in upon a locality to buy apartments in Zirakpur, everyone needs an option which is easily accessible. This is important to ensure that the daily and emergency communication remains smooth. Zirakpur has undergone a dramatic change in its socio-economic fabric including the revamp of a travelling system as well. Thus, Zirakpur is like the golden duck that has already brought good fortune for many years to come for businesses. Overview of Green Lotus Apartments Green Lotus Apartments located near Mc Donalds near Chandigarh is at the cross-section of an array of important establishments of Zirakpur. Closing Note. Let’s walk a Mile Towards a Greener Tomorrow. Life is all about living in the moment and rejoicing in nature’s glory. It’s about being one with your surroundings, while living a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle.

Green Lotus Avenue is one-of-its-kind residential project, in the upcoming town of Zirakpur, that has been developed with a unique construction system that is energy efficient and environmentally sensitive. We at Green Lotus Avenue, are mindful of safeguarding the environment and your pocket. Along with the best-in-class facilities, breathtaking landscape and contemporary architecture; we believe in extensive plantation, harvesting rain water and using solar panels.

The residences have large window panels and reflective glasses for the maximum utilization of natural light. The insulated building structures and energy efficient appliances aid in leaving less carbon footprint. Green Lotus Avenue offers flats in zirakpur to suit your whims and needs. For more information, you may contact us on 9569111222. Flats in Zirakpur | Luxurious Apartments - Green Lotus Avenue. Dining Shapes | Let us Know Which is the Right Choice for you? Where do you spend warm moments of togetherness with your family? Which room lets you enjoy your food the most? Any guesses? Yes, it’s the dining room, also known as the heart of a home because it’s more than just a place of food. It’s where we make lots of memories, have a laughter and fun of talking. So, it becomes highly necessary to choose a dining table that goes well with your personality as well as the available space. Certain dining shapes are better suited for certain conditions.

Also read:Master room makeover effortlessly Basically, the dining table comes in four shapes, which are discussed as follows: Square: Symmetry and Balance The dining table in this shape has four straight lines, thus providing the feeling of symmetry and balance to your room. Rectangular: Classic and Common Rectangular shaped dining tables are the most common and classic type of dining tables that are commonly used in our homes. Round: Intimate and Cozier Dining Shapes Things to Consider. Griha Pravesh Tips for This Festive Season - Green Lotus Avenue. During this auspicious season, particularly in the months of September, October & November, the Indian real estate market experiences a great revival. Most of the people plan ahead of this festive season to buy new homes during this period so that the good health, wealth, happiness and prosperity last forever.

While the most of you may have already moved, but for those who are still planning to shift into a new home, you must plan for Griha Pravesh Puja for your home. After all, Griha Pravesh Puja is one of the most important Hindu rituals in India and as it symbolizes your first entry into a newly built home, that auspicious moment is generally chosen in conjunction with Vastu Shastra and Vedic astrology as well. And as per Vastu Shastra and Vedic astrology, a house is considered only complete when the doors and roofs are installed. Hence, Griha Pravesh ceremony should be done only after it. The Importance of Griha Pravesh Puja Below are a few important aspects of this custom:

1 BHK Apartments in Zirakpur : Affordability and Modern Living. About 1 BHK Apartments in Zirakpur Are you looking for an affordable apartment that has all the facilities in one room? Green Lotus Avenue’s 1 BHK apartments in Zirakpur are impeccably designed and extra spacious apartments that offer an abundance of natural light, ventilation and views of the scenic surroundings. But, if we talk about its value, the demand for 1 BHK apartments in Zirakpur are indeed soaring high in the real estate segment, this specific floor category is witnessing a noticeable flair and a spurt in its sales.

The reason behind the ever increasing price of these flats is an extensive list of features like strategic location, intelligent design, innovative architecture, spacious living spaces and most importantly, the affordability. These features never fail to impress the people who’re looking for an independent yet an affordable space to relax after a brief sojourn or a business trip. It is also the right choice for the professionals who are working nearby this city. 8 Good Reasons for Investing in Flats in Zirakpur.

During the last few years, Zirakpur has emerged as the first option for homeowners who are looking to invest their hard earned money in a safe and reliable property – Flats investment. Zirakpur is a hard to acquire property in Chandigarh and Panchkula at affordable rates. Zirakpur, which is previously an ignored location on the border of Chandigarh is now one of the most sought after locations in Tricity and other regions. Superior Connectivity Easy and quick connectivity play a vital role in location’s growth. Read more: Connectivity and affordability: The USP of Zirakpur Close to Major Transport Links Fortunately, Zirakpur offers a dual advantage of being a stone’s throw away distance from Chandigarh International Airport and Chandigarh.

Home to Big shopping & Retail Outlets Zirakpur is a place that is situated just a few minutes away from Chandigarh and honestly, it outweighs even Chandigarh if you consider the amenities associated with this place. Proximity to IT Hubs Educational Hub. Design Ideas That Will Transform Your Home - Green Lotus. Innovation and change are essential elements- for the self and the home. We’ve plowed into best design archives to find some of the greatest design fantasies.

From rounded furniture and color sensibilities to technology and pairing furniture, it’s a perfect list to make your dream home lively. Rounded Furniture Design The rounded shape has become a favorite shape, particularly among the parents of young children. Because it doesn’t have any sharp edges from which kids can hurt. Oversized Pieces You need to be more practical while choosing pieces for your home. Technology IoT or Internet of Things has become a common name. Color Sensibility Colors like dusty blue, black and blush pink have trickled up in the mainstream. Greenery Greenery has become an instant hit as a color for people looking to rejuvenate, veering towards a more eco way of life that brings zest. Pairing Furniture Gone are the days, when it is deemed essential for furniture in one room or in one home. 5 Reasons why Flats for Sale in Zirakpur are So Popular. Over the last few years, the culture of apartment or flat living has taken a huge leap among home buyers. This particular shift is taking place in large part because of the various reasons that may range from level of comfort to luxury and affordability.

Of course, it sounds idyllic and for many people today, it’s now a big goal to achieve. Be it young or old, upwardly mobile people are choosing to live right where they’re never far from almost anything they need, whether that be shopping, sports facilities, fitness center and banquet hall. There are countless of joys and benefits of living in flats for sale in Zirakpur. With that said, Green Lotus Avenue or GLA offer residential complexes that are well equipped with modern technology, best infrastructure, energy efficiency and sustainable construction to provide you with not only luxury but a happy and safe residence as well.

So, what are the drawcards that these flats offer to its buyers. Indoor and Outdoor Activities Underground Parking. Guidelines to Keep Vastu Trees at Home | Ajay Arora. When we plant a seed we hope that it brings in luck and prosperity in your household. According to Vastu Shastra, keeping green plants in your home adds an element of beauty at home, be it a spacious 4 BHK penthouse or a small yet lovely 2 BHK flat with ample space. Vastu trees help to balance the flow of energy. Plants or trees shower positivity and well being in our day to day life. Also, indoor plants add an aesthetic appeal to your living surroundings. Vastu trees at home help to maintain the perfect harmony with elements to get the maximum benefit. But very few of us know about the trees that are not Vastu compliant or are considered inauspicious. Which Vastu Trees are Right for Your Home? There are a few aspects to consider when choosing the Vastu trees for your place: Bamboo for luck and peace You can have a miniature bamboo sitting quietly in a corner and auguring good luck and wealth in your home.

Holy Basil for financial success Lily to bring happiness and harmony Like this: Money Plant - A Brief Insight into Lucky Plant for Home. There are some plants that are believed to bring good luck. Believe it or not, many plants bring prosperity and good luck, including money plant, jasmine, orchids, and lavender. In fact, many of you may not have ever thought of the ways these plants can help humans prosper. These lucky plants inside the house are not only beautiful but are also said to have powerful effects in helping you prosper. But, amongst all, money plant is regarded as the best indoor plant that brings good luck, wealth abundance to the home. As per Feng Shui and Vastu, money plant is beneficial in all the aspects. Let me first start with the benefits of keeping the money plant that cites credible sources: Money plant, scientifically named as Scindapsus aureus, or Epipremnum aureum consists of more than 100 genera.

It absorbs electromagnetic radiations. The most noteworthy point here is, money plants help attract money or wealth as per Feng Shui. How is Money Plant the Best Vastu Remedy for Money? Penthouse- The Epitome of High Living with Great Returns | GLA. Are you aware of any kind of housing that is more luxurious and exclusive than penthouse? This top-of-the building apartment is considered as a space where you get the beautiful views, premium features, plenty of space for hosting big parties and a good sized terrace to spend a pleasant time with your loved ones.

It is synonymous of deluxe apartments in the sky. A Sneak Peak into Penthouses Strategic location, panoramic views of the city’s skyline and the most imaginative luxurious conveniences – penthouse is a kind of property that every person could dream of. Situated on the top floor of a building, a penthouse is built in the space of two or more flats on floors below. Let me explain it with a simple example.

Generally, the term penthouse is referred to as a house built on the roof of an existing apartment building, laid back to provide an outdoor area surrounded by the breathtaking views. Major Attractions of a Penthouse The Cost of a Penthouse. Flats For Sale in Zirakpur - Green Lotus Avenue. Flats in Zirakpur | Luxurious Apartments - Green Lotus Avenue. Home Gardening Tips - Best Way To Maintain Indoor Garden. Even in the tiniest spaces, it is possible to invite nature into your home.

Small gardens, petite patios and tiny terraces may need little more thought and creativity than larger spaces. Of course, the fact that good things come in small packages is a real truth. While an indoor garden may seem a dream for many, it doesn’t mean you can’t make a green oasis within your living area. Here are some indoor home gardening tips that will offer inspiration for miniature gardens anyone can master. You’ll be amazed to know by what you can amount green up your space in nooks and crannies.

Even the less obvious places around your abode can be used in interior schemes. Research also reveals that 60% of us are interested to know more about home gardening. Check out some of the best indoor home gardening tips: Plant up High Balconies and windowsills are not only the places for planting or gardening. Just Grow Medium Indoor gardening is somewhat different than regular gardening. Go with a Colorful Display. Eco Friendly Apartments in Zirakpur | Green Lotus Avenue. There are various types of apartments, depending on the location, architectural style, design, and plan.

But, one of the lesser known characteristics is green or eco friendly apartments in Zirakpur. The rapid increase in temperature of the planet has aroused the people demanding an instant solution for the protection and conservation of the environment. This is when the concept of green apartments was raised by some of the realtors or developers. Now, several projects like Green Lotus Avenue has come up with structures that are earth capable and asset effective throughout the life cycle of a building. Certified By IGBC (Indian Green Building Council) Green Lotus Avenue has undertaken different strategies for the promotion of green living.

Many green elements have been implanted into the construction of eco friendly apartments in order to create and sustain the green and healthy living. Helping Our Environment Going green helps us and our environment in many ways. Affordable Flats In Zirakpur | Perfect Time To Buy in Monsoon. Monsoons are the best time to gauge the pros and cons of a flat’s location and construction quality. So rather than avoiding site visits or the purchase of affordable flats in Zirakpur during monsoons, buyers should try to get the best deal out of it. A residential property like affordable flats in Zirakpur and its surrounding areas are pretty different compared to the rest of the year. Monsoons offer the perfect time to scout for a new home due to the following reasons: Overall demand decreases as the majority of home buyers are less likely to do home inspections while rain lashes the city. Rainy weather may turn roads into slush.

Monsoon is the time when the month of Ashada and Pitrupaksha coincides which is meant to be inauspicious by some people. After a couple of heavy downpours, the reality behind the neighborhood will emerge. In contrast to a monsoon season, during other seasons developers are less challenged to maintain the property in saleable condition. 3 BHK Apartments in Zirakpur |Good Investment- Green Lotus Avenue. There seems to be no dearth of 3 bhk apartments in zirakpur and they’re also in huge demand among prospective home buyers.

This demand is continually increasing due to the close vicinity of Zirakpur to Chandigarh and other flourishing neighborhood areas. This city is attracting the flock of ambitious individuals in the pursuit of success, because of IT Parks, commercial hubs and many big companies like Infosys, TCS, Mahendra. Zirakpur has emerged as the hot spot for both buyers and investors because of its world class infrastructure and other supreme facilities. One of the other major reasons that make people favor 3 BHK apartments is due to the additional bedroom with extra space in their apartments. Spacious and Comfortable Dwelling Option 3 BHK flats are useful when you have your guests, friends and extended family come over. Potential Family Expansion Undeniably, your family is going to grow with time.

Slight Difference in 2 BHK & 3 BHK Price Improved Purchasing Power of Home Buyers. Luxury 4 BHK Penthouse in Zirakpur | Green Lotus Avenue. Avail Modern and Spacious 4 BHK Penthouses in Zirakpur. 4 BHK Flats in Zirakpur. How Good Infrastructure in Zirakpur a Safe Bet.

Thinks to know before purchasing flats in Zirakpur

Things keep in mind before to buy 2 BHK flats in Zirakpur. Flats in Zirakpur.