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Colossal | An art and design blog.

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Blog - The Arabist

One of the most surprising and troubling developments of the last six months, for those of us interested in cultural as well as political life in Egypt, has been the alignment of the overwhelming majority of prominent artists and writers here with the military-backed authorities against the Brotherhood, with the endorsement of state violence and the abandonment of pluralism and human rights that that has entailed. A few recent pieces have focused on this troubled intersection between between art and politics, nationalism and liberalism. At Jadaliyya, Elliot Colla writes about Sonallah Ibrahim's novel al-Jalid ("The Ice") which came out January 25, 2011. Like these other novels, al-Jalid is concerned with Left revolution—its defeats, its disappointments, its erasure—in Egypt and across the globe. Blog - The Arabist
Creative&Live Martí Guixé is a revolutionary. With a traditional background in design, he is shaking the design world by changing its habits and its codes. Guixé’s work is multidisciplinary, but deals with just one concept: eating. Restaurants, bars, exhibitions, books, performances, products, Guixé seems never tired to explore this common and primal subject that is food.