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Strong, sturdy, lightweight coffins onto which we can print any design. Environmentally friendlier than alternatives, and delivered throughout the United Kingdom and Europe

Find The Most Unique and Personal Printed Cardboard Coffins For Your Loved One Online. Important Points a Checklist for Funeral Planning Must Contain. Find Out About The Materials Used For Biodegradable Coffins. Planning a funeral can be difficult and stressful at the best of times.

Find Out About The Materials Used For Biodegradable Coffins

Many relatives find that they get great comfort from being able to plan the perfect funeral – one that they know will honour and celebrate the life of the deceased, and see them off in a fitting and respectful way. Of course, funerals have trends like everything else in life, and there are many more requests nowadays for ‘green’ funerals. A lot of people are now interested in biodegradable coffin products and are keen to know what materials they are made of. So, let’s take a look at what these are, and why you might choose one. A ‘greener’ choice Biodegradable coffins are made from different materials which break down naturally in the soil and help to fertilise it. Suitable for all services. Now You Can Buy Cardboard Coffins from the Wholesaler. Organising a funeral is a stressful and difficult affair, which is why it’s always a relief to find a funeral director who does everything they can to help.

Now You Can Buy Cardboard Coffins from the Wholesaler

One difficult area in particular tends to relate to the cost of organising a funeral, especially if the deceased didn’t leave behind a funeral plan or specific fund towards the costs. A funeral can cost anything from £1,600 for a basic ‘DIY’ service to well over £10,000 with all of the extras, including cars, caterers, flowers and so forth. You can find out a little bit more about the costs involved in a funeral from the national Money Advice Service: The good news now, however, is that some providers, such as Greenfield Coffins, give you the chance to buy a cardboard coffin from the wholesaler and keep your costs down. Make Funeral Services Simple with Eco-Friendly Coffins - Cole Cionando.

The death of a loved one is a hugely stressful time, and the prospect of organising a funeral can be daunting and troubling.

Make Funeral Services Simple with Eco-Friendly Coffins - Cole Cionando

Even with a good funeral director, the weight of responsibility can feel heavy: attempting to second-guess how the deceased would want to have their funeral arranged, making sure arrangements are made to suit family and friends and taking care of both people and logistics along the way. Simplifying Preparations There are ways to make preparations simpler, however, and one way is by electing to have a simple eco-friendly coffin. Things To Consider When Buying Ash Caskets. What Design do you Want?

Things To Consider When Buying Ash Caskets

Ash caskets can be designed with pictures, photographs or any other graphic that you want to see in the same way that coffins can be customised with meaningful images. You can either bring your own image to the funeral director for their designers to work with, or you can describe the sorts of things that might be suitable, and the design team will do all the hard work. You will get to see and approve the final image before it is printed, and there is a huge stock library of images available to help pick the most perfect artwork that will honour the memory of your loved one. Do you Want it Plain? Ash is a beautiful wood with a lovely finish all of its own, so you could opt for an engraved or shaped ash casket without any embellishment, or instead keep it plain, simple and beautiful. What is your Budget? Different Types Of Customised Designs On Wooden Coffins. A funeral is a hugely difficult time, but it can be made more bearable with the ability to choose the personal touches and special themes that mean so much to your family and the deceased’s loved ones.

Different Types Of Customised Designs On Wooden Coffins

This adds meaning and helps to make the funeral itself feel easier to handle. At Greenfield Coffins, our team of experts understand the pressures involved and can help make everything as easy as possible. One thing that customers are usually very interested in is the range of customised wooden coffins available. Choose eco-friendly coffins for your loved ones. Choosing the right coffin for a loved one who has passed away can be a very daunting experience and one that most people have never thought about carrying out.

Choose eco-friendly coffins for your loved ones

It is important to take your time and not pressurize yourself in such a complex situation. The good news is that the modern range of products and fantastic services on offer make the whole process far easier and less stressful than you might imagine. A Few Ideas for Choosing Customised Coffins with Designs for Your Loved Ones. Today’s funerals give you the chance to create a truly memorable, special and personalised send-off that reflects your loved one’s interests, passions and personality.

A Few Ideas for Choosing Customised Coffins with Designs for Your Loved Ones

The Latest Trends In Customised Coffins With Designs. Bid Farewell to Your Loved One with a Customized Coffin. When it comes to bidding farewell to a loved one, personal details really make the difference.An otherwise standard funeral service can be made to feel very familiar and personal to attendees by thinking through the finer details.

Bid Farewell to Your Loved One with a Customized Coffin

This is especially important where children are to be present, as familiar and recognisable touches can make the proceedings seem less frightening. Here are some ideas for ensuring that your loved one gets a sending that would be meaningful and honour his or her memory fully and in the right way. A customised coffin Gone are the days of dark, imposing and standard wooden coffins. Today you can customise coffin swith designs that represent the deceased, their loves and interests. You can also choose handles, linings and materials, which now included sustainable cardboard for humanist and other similar services. The service. Coffin Design Services: What You Must Know. Customise Coffins with Designs that Make a Difference « DataAnatoMy. A funeral is always a particularly challenging time for a family, but it is also a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the life and individuality of the deceased.

Customise Coffins with Designs that Make a Difference « DataAnatoMy

Today's range of customised coffins really allow families to personalise a funeral and feel that it is more approachable. When you customise coffins with designs, you take away some of the fear and uncertainty which typically came with traditional formal funerals where everything was black and mournful. Of course, plenty of people still want this tradition, but others want to be able to create a meaningful farewell that would truly honour the individual's own preferences and life experiences. Things to Consider When Organising a Funeral.

Prior to the burial service can be orchestrated, the demise must be enrolled.

Things to Consider When Organising a Funeral

As of right now, you can sort out whatever is left of the burial service through a memorial service executive and simply get included in key choices, or you might like to make game plans yourself. The decision is completely individual. There is no doubt that organising a funeral can be difficult and stressful when you are making arrangements for a loved one. However, today's funeral directors offer services that take the work out of your hands and make it as easy as possible.

Modern funerals offer plenty of opportunities for personalisation and family input, whether you want to customise coffins with designs, play non-religious music or have a humanist ceremony. Before the funeral can be arranged, the death must be registered. If you want to make arrangements yourself, then get in touch with the Cemeteries and Crematorium department of your local council.

Customised and Personalised Picture Coffins With Designs. When a loved one dies, it is very important for their surviving family and friends to send the deceased off in style in a coffin that reflects their tastes and preferences in life. There is incredible scope for personalisation and one option is to customise coffins with designs that really mean something.

Considering a Personalised Design One great option for a special coffin is to choose a personalised design. In the past, coffins were generally of the plain finish variety, albeit in a range of highly-polished woods or varnishes, with occasional colour use; today, you can use the latest technologies for graphic design and print to customise coffins with designs that mean something to you and the deceased. Choosing an Image. Providing Your Loved One With The Perfect Place To Rest With Standard Cardboard Coffins. Do you have the task of buying a coffin for someone you love? Most people would agree that this is one of the most difficult purchases you will ever have to make. However, it needs to be done, and you certainly want to provide the person with a nice place of rest. This is why you should consider the range of standard cardboard coffins that are available.

Cardboard coffins are becoming a popular choice because the present a whole host of different benefits, as you will soon discover. Why do People choose Cardboard Coffins? There are many different reasons why standard cardboard coffins are a preferred choice, however, the main factor is undoubtedly their environmentally friendliness. This is not the only reason to go down the path. What should you consider when Buying a Coffin? There are various factors you need to take into account, such as: