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The Obscure Animal Compendium - About. Directory Listing of /texts/ Khan Academy. Free online speed reading software.


Swords in Elizabethan England and how gentleman used them. via Find similar music, movies, books. Languages. What Should I Read Next? THE SCIENCE OF GENDER AND SCIENCE. PINKER: Thanks, Liz, for a very stimulating and apposite presentation.


A number of comments. I don't dispute a lot of the points you made, but many have lost sight of the datum that we're here to explain in the first place. Basic abilities like knowing that an object is still there when you put a hankie over it, or knowing that one object can't pass through another, are not the kinds of things that distinguish someone who's capable of being a professor of physics or math from someone who isn't.

And in many of the cases in which you correctly said that there is no gender difference in kids, there is no gender difference in adults either — such as the give-a-number task and other core abilities.