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The cumbersome task of applying for visa for Greece is simplified with Greece Visa, a reliable and professional agency to help our clients with short response time.

Know about the sacred places Greece, the must-see of the Ancient Greece. September 10, 2020 Have you ever heard of Greece?

Know about the sacred places Greece, the must-see of the Ancient Greece

10 Best Greek Islands you need to visit this 2020. March 4, 2020 Hello travel enthusiasts!

10 Best Greek Islands you need to visit this 2020

Head over with your friends and family to Greece for an extravagant experience. We will provide a guide through for some of the best Greek islands to visit in 2020 with your loved ones. We have also included the places where you can savour delicious Greek food and head out for sightseeing. Winter in Greece: Greece’s top wintertime destinations. December 25, 2019 Greece is a land of staggering contrasts & spectacular beauty.

Winter in Greece: Greece’s top wintertime destinations

White arcing beaches and sparkling aqua waters under sun-drenched skies are perhaps the best adjectives to describe the essence of a quintessential Greece vacation. Greece is undoubtedly a summer favourite tourist attraction, however winter in Greece again offers myriad of irresistible charms. Before you can plan your itinerary to Greece with Tourist Greece Visa, let us sneak a peek at the top attractions and activities to relish in Greece during winter. Greece’s winter wonderlands include: Zagori – Perfect Celbratory Backdrop. 4 things you should not miss while visiting Crete island. November 23, 2019 Crete is Greece’s largest island, which is located on the Aegean Sea’s southern side.

4 things you should not miss while visiting Crete island

This enigmatic place boasts of extravagant beaches, beguiling historical sites, zesty Greek cuisine and picturesque landscapes. Customer Reviews & Testimonials. Apply for Greece Visa UK by making this payment Greece Visa Online. Read The Blogs By Our Loyal Customers with Greece Visa UK! Athens – A Heady Mix of Grace and Melody. September 7, 2018 Athens is Greece’s largest city and renowned for Acropolis (ancient citadel) and Parthenon (former temple).

Athens – A Heady Mix of Grace and Melody

It is blessed with rich cultural and historic heritage. In addition to that, Athens is a home to first known democracy. Athens has an exuberant and coruscating cultural scene throughout the year! Events at Athens offer you magical & ethereal nights, full of music, theatre and dance. Scuba Diving Destinations In Greece. October 15, 2019 Greece is acknowledged as the cornerstone of contemporary western civilization.

Scuba Diving Destinations In Greece

It is the birthplace of modern-day Democracy, Western philosophy, Western literature, Historiography, Political science, major scientific and mathematical principles, and notably the Olympic Games. This wonderful and mesmerizing land possesses over 230 inhabited islands, vast coastline, and stunning beaches, situated at the Southern tip of the Balkan Peninsula at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa. The beautiful beaches along with wrecks, caverns, and reefs, attract millions to experience scuba diving and explore its bewitching underwater marine life. Paxos Island – The perfect treasure island of Greece. November 5, 2018 Greek Islands lure droves of tourists every year from around the world for its serene atmosphere.

Paxos Island – The perfect treasure island of Greece

Get a Greece Schengen Visa now admire Mykonos island You will not regret choice. August 30, 2018 Amongst the Prominent Jewels of Greece, Mykonos Island has always shined bright with a unique reputation of trapping Tourists with the picture perfect sceneries!

Get a Greece Schengen Visa now admire Mykonos island You will not regret choice

Notoriously Famous for late night parties & Fast winds, Mykonos presents the perfect opportunity for you to loosen yourself to what life has to offer! Apply for a Greece Visa now to not feel left out of the vivacious ticket to this heartthrob island! The name Mykonos is dedicated to the legend Mykonos who was the first kingof Greece! From ancient time, Mykonos island has made its mark as the strategic location from the point of safety and business transits!

Mykonos also offers great enthusiasm for travelers and tourists! Here are the top 3 attractions that define Mykonos and are worth a visit: Mykonos Windmills: Based on the main island of Mykonos Chora, The 16 windmills have been standing tall from 16th century facing north as a man made challenge for the strong northern winds to conquer! Mykonos Cuisine. Santorini: A volcano embraced island of the Aegean Sea. August 10, 2018 Venture into Santorini’s seaside treasures and enjoy impressive lunar landscapes and spectacular rock formation.

Santorini: A volcano embraced island of the Aegean Sea

Relish deep blue waters and beaches with red, white or black sand and volcanic pebbles. Greece Visa Application is now a piece of cake. Privacy Policies concerning clients’ data handling. Privacy Policy for Greece Visa Greece Visa is a travel visa and document acquisition service.

Privacy Policies concerning clients’ data handling

Our address is The Long Lodge, 265-269 Kingston Road, Wimbledon, London SW19 3NW. The company’s registration number is 9717774. Greece visa fees Structure for Greece Visa Online Information! Greece Visa Documents explained to ease Visa process! The major precondition to successfully complete the Greece visa process is furnishing the adequate Greece Visa Requirements. Greece Visa Documents requirement varies according to the type of visa required by the applicant.

To get the Greece visa, one needs to be sure about furnishing the right documents to assure approval. For assistance here is a list of the general document required to be furnished by the visa applicant to successfully get the visa for Greece – A valid passport with UK’s residency permit – The applicant needs to furnish his / her UK’s residency permit along with his valid passport which should not be more than 10 years old with a minimum of two blank unmarked pages. In addition, the passport should be valid for a minimum duration of three months beyond the intended stay in Greece.Passport format photograph – The applicant needs to furnish two passport format photographs revealing the full facial features of the applicant with adequate brightness and color contrast. Visit Charismatic Cycladic Greek Islands with Greece Visa. September 20, 2019 Hi Holiday-makers! Are you looking for an ideal destination for your next escapade? Sifnos Island – Time to escape the chaos of life in tranquillity!

September 10, 2019 Travellers, are you looking for the perfect gateway to escape in the tranquillity? Longing for a break from your monotonous schedule? Unable to decide a perfect destination? How about exploring the white Cycladic villages and alluring beaches of Sifnos Island? Excited? The word Greek Islands automatically creates the picture of Mykonos, Paros and Santorini in our mind.

Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2019. August 23, 2019 The 60th Edition of the globally acclaimed Thessaloniki International Film Festival is coming to Greece in November 2019. It is going to be as grand and fierce as ever! Once again, a large number of Greek & International artists will gather in Thessaloniki, the arts city of Greece, to compete & showcase their talents & expertise.

For 10 complete days, the thrilling atmosphere of Cinematography takes over the city & adds an everlasting touch of glamour to it. The city of Thessaloniki is transformed to a place of discovery as people from around the world visit Greece to celebrate the global independent cinema. The Thessaloniki International Film Festival (TIFF) ranks amongst the most prestigious film festivals that are held across the Southern Europe. The 59th Edition of the renowned TIFF was held from 1st November – 11th November 2018.

History of Thessaloniki International Film Festival: The distinguished TIFF was launched in year 1960 as Thessaloniki Film Festival. 1). 2). Greece Schengen Visa for family & friends explore the beauty Pindus National Park. July 21, 2018. Encounter an absolute eternal Easter in Greece with Greece Visa. March 26, 2019 Easter is the traditional Christian festival. Overhead the nation, it is a major holy weekend of the doctrinal church followed by rituals & cultures. Something positively outstanding in Patmos, that divine fire is carried straight from Jerusalem. Indulge in the tranquility of Lindos beach with Greece Visa. March 1, 2019 Lindos is a splendid acropolis on an imposing rock.

The Folegandros Island- An enchanting Ecstasy of Greece. February 19, 2019 An Island with wild natural beauty, Folegandros island in Greece is a small yet serene island located between Paros & Santorini. Found close to popular islands of Cyclades, Folegandros keeps an authentic character with a relaxing atmosphere, hospitality & tranquil beaches. Celebrate a lovey-dovey Valentine’s Day in Athens with Greece Visa. February 6, 2019 Since time immemorial, sagas of love have been narrated & passed on from generation to generation. Visit the Ancient Corfu Town Greece with Greece Visa. January 23, 2019. Indulge in the flamboyance of Acropolis Athens with Greece Visa. January 9, 2019 Modern Civilization has a lot to thank the Ancient Greeks for.

Celebrate New Year in Greece in an Ostentatious Way. December 21, 2018 As Greece is advancing towards its Unique & traditional Christmas Celebrations, it is all set to allure sybarites by transforming in to a giant carnival destination on New Year’s Eve. From Vibrant galas to night parties, from day skiing to camping on a beach, Greece reveals Greek’s love for a dynamic & flamboyant life. Greece has its own unique & remarkable way of celebrating each occasion thus, compelling visitors from all over the world to head to this stupendous festive spot.