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GreatSoft is a leading expert in Practice Management systems for any size of professional service business in Africa. We are provide fully integrated cloud based practice management software solutions to accounting practices and firm.

Payroll Software - Boost your Organization Efficiency. When it comes to an organization, human resource department is a significant component since it performs important operations and tasks such as administering various aspects of employment, managing employee benefits, etc.

Payroll Software - Boost your Organization Efficiency

Whether it’s a small or a large organization, managing the payrolls of the employees and human resource functions forms an integral part of the corporate world. Since payroll management is a crucial part of human resource function of every organization, newer trends are being developed everyday to make the working even easier. And Payroll Software is one such trend.

Best Accounting Software - Beneficial and Interesting to Use. When it comes to tracking the business finances of your small business, spreadsheets are passe, the new thing that is creating a buzz is in the market are the accounting software.

Best Accounting Software - Beneficial and Interesting to Use

These accounting software or programs (you can call it whatever you want out of these two) are apt for your business and can help you a great deal. But, before you buy it, a question arises, what are the things that you need to keep in mind before you buy the best accounting software. So, without much further ado, let’s understand what all you need to consider when buying an accounting program. 3 Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Accounting Software in South Africa Here is all that you need to know about this accounting software South Africa. Document Attachment Even though not all the software programs have this facility, to have it is a great advantage indeed. Invoicing Capabilities You will second my opinion if I say that invoice is probably an essential part of any business. Integration Like this: Corporate Tax Calculator for Accurate Tax Calculations.

There are many reasons as to why you should use a tax calculator.

Corporate Tax Calculator for Accurate Tax Calculations

Using this tool on a regular basis will help you to manage your finances in the following number of ways. They, in a great way, help to plan for the future. With the help of the right tax computing tool, one can be sure that he is paying the right amount of tax to the IRS and/or the state government. You can actually set a budget which prevents you from overpaying. What kind of deduction is feasible for you? Every year most of the taxpayers have trouble in deciding whether they will go for the standardized deduction or they will itemize their deductions. Hundreds of tax errors are made by thousands of people every year. What is Google AdWords tax calculator? Nowadays, advertisers, experts and neophytes use a lot of Google AdWords program so that their business return is improved. Different types of tax calculators. Most Reliable and Secure CRM Software in South Africa by GreatSoft. Customer relationship management AKA CRM is a strategy developed for businesses so that they can grow.

Most Reliable and Secure CRM Software in South Africa by GreatSoft

Growing is an essential part of any business as the growth of a company makes sure that profits and rewards are coming to the company with much ease and little hassle. GreatSoft - Experts in Developing Timesheet Software in South Africa. GreatSoft CRM is one of the leading experts in South Africa when it comes to Practice Management systems that are used by small and large sized professional business houses.

GreatSoft - Experts in Developing Timesheet Software in South Africa

Ever since 1987 when the company was found, the efficient team at GreatSoft has dedicated itself in creating top notch profit improvement systems that can be used by the various high performance firms operating in Africa. Apart from designing such systems, the firm has also invested significantly to aid the proper implementation of such systems in various working environments. From the very beginning, GreatSoft has maintained a very high level of service and professionalism while dealing with each and every client and this has automatically enabled them to create a strong impression in the market.

Their impressive track of success has led them to build a loyal customer base over the years. Best CRM Software for Accountants Make Business Life Easier. Maintaining accounts is not as easy as taking a walk in a park.

Best CRM Software for Accountants Make Business Life Easier

It comes with a huge responsibility. When there is a mass dependent on your software, it becomes your accountability to ensure the best working and prompt results of any input. There are only few Best CRM Software are available for the accountants in the market. Why are they called best? Let’s read below. In this blog, we will learn about the qualities, a CRM based Account management software must have; Search financial information easilyTrack recordsSearch products and related historyAnalyze and Control inventory and locate specific inventoryMake changes for the betterment of the transactions and other account related activitiesKeep track of user activities date and time wiseMini detail to view previous records, or any other activity in a summarized mannerGenerate report These are the mandatory activities any Best CRM Software for Accountants should have.

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