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Mac glitch apps

Bit Vision. Glitch Heart: Making Art by Breaking Things. UNSTAGLITCH. Glitchy3bitDither. This is a utility to mutilate images in unpredictable ways.


It can randomly choose between algorithms, and many algorithms randomly mutate themselves. You can choose different encodings, effects, and emulate several glitch techniques, resulting in aleatoric new images and hidden configurations. GlitchTools · GitHub. Mondrian. MOSH.

VideoDrone 2. Gush. FOTO FUCKER. GlitchPatternGenerator_5 (experimental release) Here is the third public update to the GPG software.

GlitchPatternGenerator_5 (experimental release)

-faster -now its working on 10.6-10.8 -a few more patterns (pls test the final pattern with different pattern maps, and the “striper” and the “BIT” from the pre effect) TEXT2IMAGE // Bomomo. Let the lines flow. Rutt-Etra-Izer. Snorpey’s javascript experiments. Image distortion experiment. Glitch. ImageGlitcher. Gifmelter - tim baker / chris shier.

Bitmap sorter by larixk. Markov A by larixk.