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UCI Machine Learning Repository: Breast Cancer Wisconsin (Original) Data Set: Support. Breast Cancer Wisconsin (Original) Data Set Below are papers that cite this data set, with context shown.

UCI Machine Learning Repository: Breast Cancer Wisconsin (Original) Data Set: Support

Papers were automatically harvested and associated with this data set, in collaboration with Gavin Brown. Diversity in Neural Network Ensembles. The University of Birmingham. 2004. critical to consider values for the strength parameter outside the originally specified range. Baback Moghaddam and Gregory Shakhnarovich. The number of support vectors for the SVM, and #k.ev. the number of kernel evaluations required by a boosted hypercuts classifier. Krzysztof Grabczewski and Wl/odzisl/aw Duch. < 1.10531) then primary hypothyroid 2. if TSH } 6.05 # FTI } 64.72 # on_thyroxine = 0 # thyroid_surgery = 0 # TT4 < 150.5 then compensated hypothyroid 3. else healthy. Andrs Antos and Balzs Kgl and Tams Linder and Gbor Lugosi. Attributes were binary coded in a 1-out-of-n fashion. Wisconsin breast cancer data : benchmark dataset. (1) Data: Where can I get large datasets open to the public.

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Machine Learning - Course website. Chris Thornton This course teaches the theory and practice of machine learning using a mixture of demos, lectures and labs.

Machine Learning - Course website

Instructions for lab sessions Assessment is based on one programming assignment and an unseen exam. Most of the syllabus material is in the online lecture notes (below), but note-taking and additional reading is strongly advised. The first meeting for the course will be the first lecture in week 1. Your first lab will your first scheduled lab session after the lecture on k-means clustering. UCI Machine Learning Repository: Dermatology Data Set. Source: Original Owners: 1.

UCI Machine Learning Repository: Dermatology Data Set

Nilsel Ilter, M.D., Ph.D., Gazi University, School of Medicine 06510 Ankara, Turkey Phone: +90 (312) 214 1080. &#39;arff&#39; - Search results. Mushroom. Machine Learning Repository: URL Reputation Data Set. Source: 'Identifying Malicious URLs: An Application of Large-Scale Online Learning' (ICML-09) Justin Ma, Lawrence K.

Machine Learning Repository: URL Reputation Data Set

Saul, Stefan Savage, Geoffrey M. Voelker Please visit [ for more information. Data Set Information: Uncompressing the archive url_svmlight.tar.gz will yield a directory url_svmlight/ containing the following files: * FeatureTypes --- A text file list of feature indices that correspond to real-valued features Attribute Information: Attributes are anonymized, but correspond to lexical and host-based features gathered for each URL.

Machine Learning Repository: Amazon Commerce reviews set Data Set. Source: Dataset creator and donator: ZhiLiu, e-mail: liuzhi8673 '@', institution: National Engineering Research Center for E-Learning, Hubei Wuhan, China Data Set Information: dataset are derived from the customers’ reviews in Amazon Commerce Website for authorship identification.

Machine Learning Repository: Amazon Commerce reviews set Data Set

Most previous studies conducted the identification experiments for two to ten authors. But in the online context, reviews to be identified usually have more potential authors, and normally classification algorithms are not adapted to large number of target classes. Attribute Information: attribution includes authors' lingustic style such as usage of digit, punctuation, words and sentences' length and usage frequency of words and so on Relevant Papers: Citation Request: Please refer to the Machine Learning Repository's citation policy. Machine Learning Repository: Poker Hand Data Set.