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Secrets of the Pelvis for Martial Arts

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Pelvic Floor Contraction and a Word of Caution about Doing Pelvic Floor Exercise. The Pelvic Floor Paradox. Massage TodayDecember, 2006, Vol. 06, Issue 12 By Leon Chaitow, ND, DO When I started writing this periodic column, I mentioned that every now and then, a "wow-factor" enters my life; synchronistic events and pieces of information coincide to illuminate what was previously foggy.

The Pelvic Floor Paradox

As the fog lifts, simultaneous thoughts often occur. The first thought is, "It's obvious why I didn't see it before" coupled with "Is there evidence to support this? " Finding and activating pelvis floor muscles. Pelvic floor muscles can be hard to feel when you are exercising or moving through daily life.

Finding and activating pelvis floor muscles

"Engage the pelvic floor" or "Activate the pelvic floor muscles" are common instructions in Pilates as well as in Internal martial arts, but many students are unsure about how to get that to happen. My favorite image for getting the pelvic floor muscles in on an exercise is to think of bringing the sit bones together and up. The sit bones are the bony parts that you feel under you when you sit up straight on a firm surface. This is what is erroneously described as squeezing your anus. Correct description is lifting your perineum. Here a Bagua teacher talks about this from the Internal martial arts point of view: Importance of Down. Internal kung fu - Ireland: Finding and activating pelvis floor muscles. Pilates News and Articles: Ode to the Pelvic Floor by Angela Barsotti. You know how there's no one more evangelical than those who were saved by the thing they initially resisted?

Pilates News and Articles: Ode to the Pelvic Floor by Angela Barsotti

That's me with both the pelvic floor and Pilates. I had to live in a body that was steadily devolving for some time before I listened to the myriad voices recommending Pilates to me as a cure for my seventh whiplash incident. I knew better after all, I was a jock. Then the doctor agreed with everybody and said "well, you might as well try Pilates, pain management is a nine or ten month waiting list... " so I did it. Grudgingly. Thus it continued with teacher after teacher cueing this pelvic floor thing and me understanding it so little that I didn't even hear the words most of the time. At the same time I was still having issues with continence (think three years since I started the work) and sexuality in that I still couldn't tell the difference between needing to pee and being horny.

Around this time I went in search of my sex drive. He finished the job for me. Understanding Your Fascia. You've got this injury you just can't shake.You take time off.

Understanding Your Fascia

You ice and stretch and do all the right things but you're still limping home. You spend too much time trying to articulate your particular brand of hurt to those loved ones who still put up with you. You follow referrals to physical therapists and massage therapists and you'd go to an aromatherapist if it'd help you run again, but nothing does. You diagnose yourself on WebMD: You're a structurally flawed human being for whom recovery is impossible. The answer may be right under your fingertips. What is Tensegrity - Tom Myers. Pelvic Biomechanics. So how do you find out if you're experiencing abnormal pelvic biomechanics?

Pelvic Biomechanics

There are several clues to explore. Look at the wear on your shoes, if it is asymmetric, then you know that one leg is doing something different. This may not involve the pelvis but it is a consideration. Try this simple test. Perform a one leg squat, first with one leg and then the other. To look specifically at what is happening requires outside assistance. Return. Gil Hedley "Reconsidering the Fuzz" Gil Hedley: Fascia and stretching: The Fuzz Speech.