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In 1986 we established the law firm of Graves & Associates with an exclusive focus on personal injury law, under the leadership of our founding partner Edward “Ted” Graves. Today as Graves and Richard Professional Corporation, we carry on his legacy and have grown into a practice of eight lawyers with an extensive support staff who work diligently and are known as one of southern Ontario’s premier law firms.

Personal injury swimming pool accidents. No Fault Insurance Claims. Motorcycle Accidents personal injury motorcycle accidents. Long term disability insurance lawyers. Life Insurance Claims personal injury life insurance. Fatal Accidents personal injury wrongful death. Drinking and driving laws. Dangerous Roads & Highways personal injury dangerous roads.

Best Brain Injury Lawyers in St Catharines Niagara & Welland. Aviation & Airport Accidents. Accidents Out of the Country personal injury us accidents. Disability Claim Denied? You Are Not Alone. It’s Nothing Personal – The Impersonal in Personal Injury Law. Slip & Fall And Trip & Fall Accidents. Know The Benefits Of Life Insurance. HOW COVID-19 IS IMPACTING YOUR PERSONAL INJURY CASE. Legal Matters with Chris Richard – Personal Liability Coverage in Your Home Insurance Policy. Most of us are unaware of the protection that our home insurance policy offers us in terms of personal liability coverage.

Legal Matters with Chris Richard – Personal Liability Coverage in Your Home Insurance Policy

Chris Richard, the managing partner of Graves and Richard, the premier firm of personal injury lawyers in St. Catharines, discussed with Lee Sterry on Legal Matters just what you get when you see the term “liability limits” in your home insurance policy. Chris explained that when you have home insurance, even under a tenant’s home insurance policy, personal liability coverage is usually included. This is blanket coverage for any legal liability arising against you for claims for personal injuries occurring on or off your property. Most people have $500,000 or $1 million in liability limits under their home insurance policy, and the coverage extends to any person living in the house. Dos and Don’ts of Home Insurance - Legal Matters with Chris Richard. Shopping for a home insurance policy is much like shopping for a new car.

Dos and Don’ts of Home Insurance - Legal Matters with Chris Richard

Each home policy of insurance offers protection from loss experienced from unexpected events associated with your property, like each automobile offers you a ride from A to B. But, just as every automobile is made differently and offers different design and operational features, so too does every home insurance policy contain different features that may or may be suited to your individual needs. Insurance Dispute Lawyer. The loss of a loved one is a very difficult time for the families they leave behind.

Insurance Dispute Lawyer

Filing for life insurance benefits can be a complicated process. At Graves and Richard we are experienced and skilled in handling these claims and securing the benefits to which families may be entitled. We understand this is not the time for additional demands on your family. We will handle all the details while keeping you informed. Handling Life Insurance Disputes. Top-Rated Accident Lawyers-Graves and Richard.

Chris Richard, the managing partner of Graves and Richard, sat down with Kevin Jack during an episode of Legal Matters.

Top-Rated Accident Lawyers-Graves and Richard

Kevin asked Chris several common questions about when to contact a personal injury lawyer if you experience injury, and what to expect during the process of retaining a personal injury lawyer. If I am injured, when should I contact you? At Graves and Richard, we hold the philosophy that we will give a free consultation to anyone who has sustained an injury.

If you have been involved in a car accident, a fall, or any other accident in which you sustained an injury, it is worth a few minutes of your time to call us and inquire as to what your rights are, and what remedies are available to you. Potential Bias of Prospective Civil Jurors. Top-Rated Accident Lawyers-Graves and Richard. Personal Injury Lawyer for Auto Car or Motor Vehicle Accidents. A car accident can have far reaching implications including severe injuries or even death, regardless of the type of accident.

Personal Injury Lawyer for Auto Car or Motor Vehicle Accidents

From minor accidents, such as rear-end collisions and fender benders, to serious accidents like head-on collisions, rollovers, T-bones and multi-car pileups, our team of personal injury lawyers at Graves and Richard can help you. Car crash victims suffer a plethora of injuries ranging from mildly disruptive to life threatening. Some injuries can even be fatal. Contact our skilled lawyers if you have suffered car crash injuries including, but not limited to: Auto Accident Lawyer. The issue of road safety is a key issue in motor vehicle law.

Auto Accident Lawyer

An unsafe road can cause injury and accidents to even the most safety-conscientious driver. Chris Richard, the managing partner of the personal injury law firm in St. Catharines, Graves and Richard, discussed this topic on Niagara’s 610 Newstalk Radio with host Lee Sterry, including the many factors that contribute to unsafe road conditions, such as potholes and the presence of ice and snow and debris on the road. During this airing, Chris talked about the provincially mandated standards municipalities are required to meet with respect to road safety, and when liability attaches to municipalities in the event that someone is injured on a municipal road.

Road Safety Rests With Municipalities Generally speaking, the responsibility for maintaining roadways rests with municipal or regional governments. Municipal Roads Safety Standards Different standards apply to municipal roads based on their respective assigned classification. Drunk Driving Accidents Lawyer. While the hazards of drunk driving are all over the media, it has not prevented all drivers from driving while intoxicated.

Drunk Driving Accidents Lawyer

One drunk driver can put others in danger of severe injuries or even death. Under Ontario motor vehicle accident legislation, accident victims are entitled to benefits and are able to sue for damages. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a drunk driver, our lawyers at Graves and Richard PC can work to recover accident benefits and compensation to which you and your family are entitled. Our network of experts include reconstruction specialists, physicians, toxicologists, occupational and vocational therapists, accountants and more. These specialists aid in our investigation to support our claim for compensation on your behalf. Accidents Involving Bicycles.

Bicycle accidents can result in serious injury.

Accidents Involving Bicycles

Chris Richard, the managing partner of Graves and Richard, talked with host Lee Sterry on Legal Matters recently about how the law encourages motorists to take extra precautions to ensure the safety of cyclists on the road through the creation of a presumption that an accident between a motorist and a cyclist is the fault of the motorist. Chris also talked about situations in which motorists may beat this “reverse onus” and establish contributory negligence on the part of the cyclist.

Traumatic Brain or Head Injury Lawyer. Brain injuries have a life changing impact on the lives of the victims and their families.

Traumatic Brain or Head Injury Lawyer

Our team at Graves and Richard Professional Corporation, Personal Injury Lawyers are knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with closed and open head injuries. We understand the severity of these injuries and the challenges the victims face in living with them. Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) A Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) can result from any type of car accident, motorcycle accident or commercial truck accident. The impact of a brain injury can be extensive. Many people who suffer from a TBI will require ongoing medical treatments, modifications to their lifestyle, and long term rehabilitation care. Car accident settlements. A Look at an Individual Policy of Insurance. On June 1st 2016, the new Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule was implemented for every driver in Ontario upon renewal of their policy after June 1st.

A Look at an Individual Policy of Insurance

Chris Richard, the Managing Partner of Graves and Richard, participated in an episode of Legal Matters on Niagara’s 610 Newstalk Radio with host Lee Sterry in which he discussed the consequences of these changes, and the availability and desirability of purchasing optional benefits in the context of his own automobile insurance policy that had recently come up for renewal. For each of us, the importance of having a policy of insurance that will provide us with adequate protection in the case that we are injured in a motor vehicle accident cannot be understated. Police Investigation in Civil Cases. You have been injured in a car accident. The police conducted an investigation, determined that you caused the accident, and charged you with a criminal offence.

You think that because you have been criminally convicted in relation to this accident that you do not have a civil case to recover damages for the injuries that you sustained. This may not be true, however. Police investigations are not determinative of the result in a civil trial. Regardless of the conclusions drawn by the police following their investigation and whether charges are laid, triers of fact in the civil system must weigh all relevant evidence and can potentially reach very different conclusions than the police.

Drunk Driving Car Accident Settlements. No-Fault Insurance Claims. Whether you are at fault for an accident or not, you may be entitled to receive accident benefits from your own insurance company under the terms of your policy. These benefits are often referred to as “no-fault” benefits. Our lawyers at Graves and Richard can assist you with your application for no-fault benefits and, if necessary, represent you in any disputes you may have with your insurer. We work with you and your insurance provider to ensure you receive the benefits you need. The Reasons Why Personal Injury Law Exists. When most people hear the term “personal injury law”, images of ambulance-chasing lawyers and injury-exaggerating clients come to mind. These images not only do not reflect reality, but they can also cause important social functions the practice of personal injury law provides to be overlooked.

Brain injury lawyers. Snowmobiling Accidents Long Term Disability Lawyer. While snowmobile accidents are similar to other types of motor vehicle accidents in the benefits you can claim, often the injuries sustained in a snowmobile accident are much more serious. For their passengers, accidents involving a snowmobile can easily result in brain damage, spinal cord injuries, paralysis, fractures, breaks, or back and neck injuries. At Graves and Richard, we are able to work as your advocate to ensure you receive all the benefits you may be entitled to for medical care, rehabilitative expenses and economic losses. We will coordinate and negotiate on your behalf to maximize the compensation you are entitled to when your accident is the result of: Lawyers for Motor Recreational Vehicle Accidents.

Recreational vehicles (RVs), or campers, can range in size from small, simple trailers the size of a minivan to the large luxury units the size of a coach bus. All RVs have a few common attributes, including being larger than most other vehicles on the road, having a wider turning radius, greater weight and not requiring any specialized licensing or training to drive these vehicles. Because of their size, weight and, in some cases, the inexperience of their drivers, RVs can inflict greater injuries on the motorists around them. The drivers in other vehicles are more likely to sustain serious injuries when their vehicles collide with an RV, including: Personal injury motorcycle accidents. Accidents Out of the Country. Canadians Injured in the United States Accidents don’t always happen close to home. Dangerous Roads & Highways.

If you were injured on a roadway that was not cleared of dangers, such as snow, ice, potholes, tree limbs or any other impediment that should have been cleared by a government agency, you need to contact us immediately. Personal Injury Law Firms in St. Catharine’s. Commercial Trucking Accidents. With seemingly more commercial trucks sharing our roadways, it has become more likely to have an accident involving one of these larger, heavier vehicles. Mass Transit Accidents. Mass transportation modes, like buses and trains, are often used for the daily commute to work, or when traveling.

Brain Slip And Fall Injuries Settlements. Just How ‘Independent’ are Medical Assessments. Insurance Issues While Travelling Abroad. Travelling abroad is thrilling! Long term disability insurance lawyers. Liability of Being Back in School. As the end of summer draws near, parents begin thinking of back to school. Back to school shopping and lunch planning begin to occupy parents’ thoughts, and schools make efforts to receive students safely. Insurance Consequences of Causing an Accident While Intoxicated.

Drinking and driving in the summer is a hot topic. Our weekends quickly fill up with invitations to backyard BBQs and trips to the cottage. Personal Injury Accident Lawyers. Motorcycle Personal Injury Lawyer. Though motorcyclists have the same rights when driving on public roadways, motorists commonly cause accidents when they fail to yield the right of way, make improper lane changes, fail to check blind spots, and misjudge the speed at which motorcyclists are traveling. Long Term Disability Lawyer. Lawyers for motor vehicle accidents. Christopher A. Richard. Legal Matters with Chris Richard: Negligence Claims.

Car injury lawyers. Burns, Electrocutions and Explosions. Personal Injury Trials - Legal Matters with Chris Richard. Personal injury lawyer. Amusement Park Accidents. Personal Injury Lawyers Niagara Falls. Law Firms in st Catharine’s. Fatal car accident lawyer. Personal Injury Lawyers Niagara falls. Car Accident Injury Lawyer. Personal injury lawyer.