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Political Parties

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The Jeremy Corbyn Story: Profile of Labour's new leader. Image copyright Reuters Jeremy Corbyn's election in September 2015 as Labour leader, at the age of 66, counted as one of the biggest upsets in British political history.

The Jeremy Corbyn Story: Profile of Labour's new leader

His re-election to the post almost a year later was not such a surprise but could prove even more momentous in terms of Labour's direction in the coming years and the future course of British politics. Unseasonal gloom among Labour MPs. Image copyright NASA "I am not going to this year's Labour conference.

Unseasonal gloom among Labour MPs

The idea that I would stand there and applaud the man that stuffed my party is nonsense. " So spoke one senior Labour figure who had helped Ed Miliband to the party leadership in 2010 - and who hasn't been impressed by his successor. After being away from Westminster for a few weeks, I thought I'd catch up with Labour MPs who had also been away from SW1 and were gathering again - not just in formal meetings but at social events - just two weeks before the ballot in the party's leadership election closes. Their views were perhaps not entirely surprising - before the summer recess, 80% of them had voted against Jeremy Corbyn in a confidence vote on his leadership. Labour leadership election: Jeremy Corbyn v Owen Smith. Image copyright PA/Getty Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith are going head-to-head in the Labour Party leadership contest.

Labour leadership election: Jeremy Corbyn v Owen Smith

Here's a guide to the timetable and rules of the race, and what sparked it. Labour leadership election timetable. Labour leadership: Corbyn v Smith on making the party electable. UKIP leadership candidates who want to succeed Farage. BBC Radio 4 - Analysis, Tories: Nasty or Nice? BBC Radio 4 - What's Left? The Future of the Labour Party. Round-up: 2015 Political party conferences.

Here are the highlights of the 2015 political party conference season.

Round-up: 2015 Political party conferences

Conservative Party Image copyright Getty Images David Cameron promised "an all-out assault on poverty" in his leader's speech. Jeremy Corbyn victory: How hard is it to be authentic? - BBC News. Image copyright AP The party members watching the announcement at Crawley's Labour club were stunned by the size and speed of Jeremy Corbyn's victory.

Jeremy Corbyn victory: How hard is it to be authentic? - BBC News

"We're on our way! " chortled one man gleefully. "To oblivion," added his more cynical friend.