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Daca tu nu ma vrei, eu te vreau. Despartirea este un subiect dureros pentru ca nu este usor sa spui “adio” unui om de care te leaga trairi, amintiri si sentimente.

Daca tu nu ma vrei, eu te vreau

Si cel mai dureros este atunci cand doar unul din parteneri doreste despartirea iar celalalt este inca dispus sa lupte pentru persoana iubita. In aparenta pare usor si de la sine inteles ca, atunci cand unul din parteneri vrea sa iasa din relatie, celalalt sa ii respecte decizia. Dar in realitate, sunt rare cazurile cand se intampla asa si de cele mai multe ori vestea despartirii provoaca o adevarata furtuna emotionala care contine toate emotiile posibile, mai putin acceptarea. Nu de putine ori a ajuns in inbox-ul meu intrebarea: “ Cum sa fac sa il/o fac sa se reintoarca la mine?” Multi se asteapta la o reteta magica care sa il faca pe cel care a parasit sa se intoarca cu coada intre picioare, jurand credinta pe viata. Reteta asta nu exista. DAR, iti pot spune reteta sigura prin care il vei indeparta si mai tare pe celalalt de tine. GatewaytoAnger.pdf.

GatewayTo5LL.pdf. Gott Sex? Series. The Gottman InstituteThe Gottman Institute. Gott Sex?

The Gottman InstituteThe Gottman Institute

Helps couples create a new understanding of lovemaking and intimacy Want the online streaming version? Buy it at Great for couples and the therapists who help them! Make sex more personal and meaningful! These experiential video modules demonstrate new approaches to sex and create a broader understanding about what sex truly is. 9 video modules PLUS 115 pages of printed material with exercises couples can try in the comfort of their own homeHelps make sex more personal and meaningfulGets couples communicating about sex in an open and effective way; provides tools to communicate about delicate issuesInterviews real people about their sex livesBuilds a ‘Sex Map’ for each partnerTeaches how to devise rituals for initiating and refusing sexSuggests spicy, intimate and sexy activities and conversations Please visit us at to see informative and fun previews! Release Date: Running Time: 2 hours Formats Available: DVD/manual set or online videos.

Marriagequiz.pdf. Take a Free Marriage Quiz by Dr. Nathan Cobb. Want to take stock of your relationship?

Take a Free Marriage Quiz by Dr. Nathan Cobb

Take a free marriage quiz. The marriage and relationship tests available on this page can help you sort out what is going well and what needs work in your relationship. Relationship Tests by Dr. Nathan Cobb The Marriage Quiz This questionnaire focuses on eight dimensions of a healthy, well-connected marriage, namely partnership, support, trust, emotional intimacy, togetherness, warmth/affection, conflict resolution, and chemistry. Links to Relationship Tests by Other Authors Relationship Quiz - Marital Friendship Take this quiz published by The Gottman Institute to find out how well you know your partner, an important measure of marital friendship.

Relationship Quiz - Bids for Connection According to John Gottman, a bid for connection is an attempt to create connection with your partner. The Five Love Languages Quiz This quiz, by Dr. Note: Please keep in mind that these questionnaires are for your personal use only. Nancy Etcoff: Happiness and its surprises. Scrisoarea unui tata catre fiul sau (despre singurul motiv pentru care ar trebui sa se insoare) Tata Parca ieri iti schimbam scutecele alaturi de mama ta.

Scrisoarea unui tata catre fiul sau (despre singurul motiv pentru care ar trebui sa se insoare)

Si iata-ma acum, incercand sa-ti vorbesc despre un subiect cu adevarat important. Acum imi dau seama ca schimbatul scutecelor a fost mult mai usor. Insa inainte sa discutam despre sex, mi-as dori sa vorbim despre casnicie. Nu pentru ca te-as judeca daca nu le consideri valoroase in ordinea in care ti le-am spus, ci pentru ca singurul motiv pentru care ar trebui sa te insori iti va aduce claritate in toate aspectele vietii tale, incluzand sexul. 100 Things For LDR Couples To Do. People in long distance relationships can have a hard time staying connected, because couples are limited in what they can do together.

100 Things For LDR Couples To Do

Many are limited to phone calls, emails, instant messaging, and texting which can become a bit humdrum over time, if you ask me. It is important to keep things interesting. Here is a list of things you can do with your boyfriend/girlfriend as well as things you can do for them from a distance. The ideas get more interesting as you go through the list! Be sure to become a member of our community on Loving From A Distance to get notified when this list gets updated! ~ Michelle & Frank 1. This activity takes the #1 spot on our list because it is the activity that Frank and I LOVE TO DO THE MOST whenever we are apart. Frank and I both have subscriptions to Netflix. Frank and I watch things on Netflix together all the time, on average a couple times per week.

Netflix is available in the USA, Canada, UK, and Ireland. 2. Want to send real flowers? 1000 Questions for Couples - THE Book of Questions. 100 Questions for couples. A few seconds...

100 Questions for couples

Ever noticed that when you first meet someone, you always put your best foot forward? There's certainly nothing wrong with that, as long as it's the real you! Nobody wants to later feel like "I can't believe that they feel that way" So while you're in the "getting to know you" phase, here's some great and intimate questions to spur conversation and honesty. 1.What was the first thing that attracted you about me? 2.Do you think that physical attributes are more important to maintaining a successful relationship or do you think that friendship maintains a relationship? 3.When you look at a woman, what is the first thing you notice? 4.Do you think it's ok to keep noticing another woman after you are in a committed relationship? 5.What is the first thing that you notice when you look at a man? 6.If I don't say so, how do you know that I want to make love? 7.Describe the way I smell.