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4 Steps and Plans to Create a Website with WordPress Hosting

30 october 2019

4 Steps and Plans to Create a Website with WordPress Hosting

What are WordPress Hosting plans? Talking about how to make a website, there are some basic things you need to know. Those things determine the direction and development of the online project you make. Therefore, it is really important for you to make for about all of them. Well, it is even if you have been experienced enough. Besides, you must also learn about and understand the concepts as well as possible options. 

If you are interested to use WordPress hosting, there are at least 4 steps to be included in your plan. Therefore, the website finally built up can be functioned well. Great things like high traffic and high income are no longer a dream. So, what are those steps? 

Determining the Website Idea

Determining the idea or “what the website is all about” is very important. Maybe, you already have an idea on your mind. But in case, you still don’t have any of them, browse on the internet. There is even hundreds of ideas to use as inspiration.

You can start it all by determining the main purpose and functionality to be applied on your website. The most common types of websites made by people are as follows; website e-commerce, blog, education website, news channels, portfolio, and more. Interestingly, WordPress Hosting involves them all. It is the reason why the hosting is mostly used by people in the world.

Register the Domain

Next, you need to think about a kind of unique and catchy name for your website. You may need to brainstorm yourself or your team on some potential names. After finding some of them, use the check domain feature in the WordPress Hosting. Type or submit the name and choose the best one. This way, you can register the domain you have finally chosen.

If you are still confused about the name to use, here is a tip for you. The domain name should be made as short as possible. It is to enable people to remember it well. Besides, you can also register the domain name alternative to lead the visitors to your website when they are typo while looking for it.

Choose Web Hosting

Yes, in case you use WordPress as the CMS, it means that the hosting chosen must be from WordPress also. Interestingly, even the provider gives you some options or packages regarding the hosting. One of them that are finally chosen must be in line with your project and necessities. This way, you will not spend your money for nothing.

Create the Website

When the platform and hosting have been decided, the final step is creating the website. You must remember that the success of a website really depends on the foundation you have made. For the foundation, there are at least 3 other tools that are often used aside from the content system management, in this case is WordPress. They are the e-commerce script, website builder, and the self-coded website. However, not all of them are used on a website. It depends on the type of your website for sure.