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Colour Tool. Filtrify - Multiple categories. Responsive Grid System. jQuery.Shapeshift. What is Shapeshift?


Inspired heavily by the jQuery Masonry plugin, Shapeshift is a plugin which will dynamically arrange a collection of elements into a column grid system similar to Pinterest. What sets it apart is the ability to drag and drop items within the grid while still maintaining a logical index position for each item. This allows for the grid to be rendered exactly the same every time Shapeshift is used, as long as the child elements are in the correct order. Function > Form Shapeshift was designed to always render the same grid as long as the elements are in the same order. Features Column Grid System: All items flow from left to right, top to bottom. MIN · web.

Gun. Massively distributed, embedded graph engine.


Gun is a persisted distributed cache, part of a NoDB movement. It requires zero maintenance and runs on your own infrastructure. A JavaScript Primer For Meteor - Discover Meteor. JavaScript is a language full of contradictions: it’s named after Java even though it doesn’t have anything to do with it, it was created in 10 days but is still in use 20 years later, and despite getting its fair share of criticism, it’s ubiquitous on the web.

A JavaScript Primer For Meteor - Discover Meteor

If JavaScript has one thing going for it, is that it’s easy to get started with. Now don’t get me wrong: truly mastering JavaScript is a difficult task. Ray1729/simple-cms. Jcoppieters/cody. Primaryobjects/contentblocks. Create.js - Create.js Integration Guide. The Midgard.midgardCreate widget is what ties everything together in the Create.js user interface.

Create.js - Create.js Integration Guide

Starting Create: You can pass Create configuration options when calling the midgardCreate widget. For example, to use Aloha Editor instead of Hallo, do: Configuration The behavior of Create.js can be modified by passing various configuration keys to the midgardCreate widget: toolbar: Initial toolbar rendering style, either full or minimized state: Initial usage state, either browse or edit highlight: Whether to highlight editable elements when entering edit mode highlightColor: Color to use for the highlights. Events. Dreyacosta/postit. Dreyacosta/noderplate. Xpressio - Small and Fast RWD front-end framework.

JedWatson/keystone. KeystoneJS · Node.js cms and web application platform built on Express and MongoDB. Punkave/apostrophe. Punkave/apostrophe-sandbox. Inventures/hatchjs. Cliftonc/calipso. Sample applications. Applications Demo App The demo app is a simple implementation showing how to create a blog, photo gallery and contact form, as well as how to set up session management, error handling and csv downloads.

Sample applications

You can also log into the Keystone Admin UI and see how it works using the demo account. SydJS Website The team at Thinkmill created a new website for SydJS, Sydney's Javascript Meetup, using Keystone. It features a database of meetups, members, links, blog, organisations and mentors, as well as support for account creation and login using Facebook, Twitter and GitHub accounts. It also includes the new client-side content management features, and a page where members can manage their profiles, rsvp to meetups and submit posts and links.

KeystoneJS in Production. Janus. SierraSoftworks/Iridium. JSZip: JavaScript zip class. Edgurgel/poxa. Zachlatta/geodude. Instant Login For Meteor With Fast Render. We normally use Fast-Render for rendering the initial page quickly in meteor apps that have public-facing interfaces.

Instant Login For Meteor With Fast Render

But also, Fast-Render can be pretty useful for applications that have both private and public views based on the login state. For an example, look at the following template. If there is no user logged in, it renders a template called guest, as shown below; Fmw/vix. Nek/Overtone-Granita-OSC. Discover Meteor - Packages. EventedMind. Smart CSS preprocessor grids. A Quick Guide to Sublime Text. I arguably spend more than 90% of my workday working in my text editor.

A Quick Guide to Sublime Text

Knowing how to become faster and more proficient in Sublime Text has saved me a great deal of time and headache every day. In this guide I've outlined the resources needed to make the most out of using Sublime Text. As of this writing, I am using Sublime Text 3. P/books/canvasdeepdive/toc.html. The Birth of castAR: Q&A with Jeri Ellsworth and Rick Johnson - News. By Chelsea the Destroyer | April 21, 2014 | 10:41 am | 3 comments Share Use this URL to share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on Google+ At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, SparkFun’s Technical Researcher Pearce and Director of Marketing Jess were fortunate enough to nail down electronics superstars Jeri Ellsworth and Rick Johnson to talk to them about their company Technical Illusions, the castAR glasses project and taking Kickstarter by storm.

The Birth of castAR: Q&A with Jeri Ellsworth and Rick Johnson - News

A lot of us at SparkFun look up to Jeri and Rick as personal tech heroes, and we were grateful that they took the time to sit down and chat with us about their triumphs and challenges. Let’s check out what they had to say! JSbooks - free javascript books. Ghostandthemachine/sketchpad. Postit - Experimental CMS for real-time blogging made with NodeJS. Danielcota/ganesha. Build a RESTful API Using Node and Express 4. Express Router and Routes We will use an instance of the Express Router to handle all of our routes.

Build a RESTful API Using Node and Express 4

Here is an overview of the routes we will require, what they will do, and the HTTP Verb used to access it. This will cover the basic routes needed for an API. This also keeps to a good format where we have kept the actions we need to execute (GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE) as HTTP verbs. OpenCV Tutorial on Face Tracking - Raspberry PI Camera – derivatived. April 10, 2014 OpenCV Tutorial on Face Tracking - Raspberry PI Camera This tutorial covers the use of on open source computer vision library (OpenCV) on a Raspberry Pi Camera for object tracking.

OpenCV Tutorial on Face Tracking - Raspberry PI Camera – derivatived

The result of this can be used to direct an RC Car towards the face. Sahat/hackathon-starter. Cylon.js - JavaScript framework for robotics, physical computing, and the Internet of Things using Node.js. Raspberry Pi with Cylon.js. The Raspberry Pi is an inexpensive and popular ARM based single board computer with digital & PWM GPIO, and i2c interfaces built in. The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card-sized single-board computer developed in the UK by the Raspberry Pi Foundation with the intention of promoting the teaching of basic computer science in schools For more info about the Raspberry Pi platform go to How To Install. Opencv with Cylon.js. Control Your Robot With Node.js - Raspberry PI and Arduino – derivatived. March 28, 2014 Control Your Robot With Node.js - Raspberry PI and Arduino Advancements in Javascript, node.js, have simplified communication between robot and user. Using two choice nodejs libraries, and johnny-five, you can quickly put together a system to control a robot using a web browser.

Physical Components We Used. File Uploading and Streaming with BinaryJS. A while back, if you wanted to stream binary data via JavaScript - such as audio/video content, you'd be sore out of luck :( You'd have to rely on either Flash, Java applets or 3rd party plugins that provided similar functionality. Building a Recipe Search Site with Angular and Elasticsearch. Have you ever wanted to build a search feature into an application? In the old days, you might have found yourself wrangling with Solr, or building your own search service on top of Lucene — if you were lucky. But, since 2010, there’s been an easier way: Elasticsearch. Elasticsearch is an open-source storage engine built on Lucene. It’s more than a search engine; it’s a true document store, albeit one emphasizing search performance over consistency or durability. This means that, for many applications, you can use Elasticsearch as your entire backend. Building a Recipe Search Engine In this article, you’ll learn how to use Elasticsearch with AngularJS to create a search engine for recipes, just like the one at

OpenRecipes exists, which makes our job a lot easier.Why not? SnootyMonkey/coming-soon. Jkk/honeysql. Cylon.js - JavaScript framework for robotics, physical computing, and the Internet of Things using Node.js. BeagleBone with Cylon.js. Apawlicka/quilled-tetris. Facebook/phabricator. Rosejn/flocking. Gtrak/quilltest. AvisoNovate/twixt. Pronking for programmers. If you watch wildlife documentaries, you’ve probably seen pronking, or stotting—the strange four-legged jump that gazelles do: Pronking is Afrikaans for “showing off,” and that’s certainly part of what’s going on, but it’s not quite as simple as that.

Gazelles don’t only pronk to show off—they also pronk when they’re being chased by a predator. I always assumed that this was about evading the predator by being unpredictable, but it turns out that there’s a rather surprising alternative explanation. Pronking slows the animal down and uses up energy that (you might think) would be better spent running away. But it works—animals that pronk are less likely to be caught than those that don’t. Introduction. Postman helps you be extremely efficient while working with APIs. With Postman, you can construct simple as well as complex requests quickly, save them for later use and analyze the response sent by the API.

Postman can dramatically cut down the time required to test and develop APIs. Postman adapts itself for individual developers, small teams or big organizations equally well. Core goals. Edwlook/node-google-distance. Ramsaylanier/MeteorCMS. Metalsmith. Unofficial LEAP Motion tech demos & experiments collection - Focused on tech demos, examples, development and arts. Best source for Leap Motion projects. Functional Testing For Node.js Using Mocha and Zombie.js.

Related MicroZone Resources. Leapmotion controlled lamp with arduino and node.js. Xseignard/leapLamp. Substack/code-music-studio. Sniperwolf/taggingJS. Angular Onramp for the Backend Developer. A place to use our new toys Learning a new tech is much easier when we can use it today to build out features that matter. This tutorial is designed to give backend developers a place to put Angular to work for them, today. It starts with a hypothetical site which has table of records rendered server side. The tutorial gently guides the reader through moving the rendering from the server and to the client with Angular and uses the momentum from that to add two new features: Sort table by columnFilter table by input field Rather than adding a jQuery plugin we're going to use Angular to complete these requests. This is the server side template which renders a collection of songs. Linemanjs/lineman. Linemanjs/lineman-blog-template. Sandeepmistry/bleno.

Scraping with node.js. June 21, 2013 Last year, I wrote a post about web scraping. The app I was working on was using PHP, so the HTML parsing code required a library that is probably not too well known. Since then I’ve started using node.js more, which makes scraping much easier. I thought I’d do another example with node, where it’s possible to use the more common jQuery syntax for HTML parsing.


Lua language. Databases. Telephony. Hardware. Frontend. 3D in browser. Static web. Stylish tools. Tools. Node.js. Javascript language. Clojure language.