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Baby Profile Plaques (with tutorial) We’re back at it with baby crafts!

Baby Profile Plaques (with tutorial)

But unlike this footprint baby craft, this one didn’t require active participation from our twinfants. And to change things up a bit, I’m going to show you the finished product first so you don’t have to scroll through this long post to see them all finished if you don’t really care about the process by which we made them! I give you… our profile plaques of our sweet babies! Isn’t it incredible how different their head-shapes are? And their noses are totally different too… so weird! Ok, so let’s get to business and discuss how we made these suckers! Then Nick used his router to make the edges decorative and finished-looking. And we got down and dirty with our Minwax Ebony stain… LOVE THAT STUFF! We didn’t go all the way down the edges on the second one because we realized all that would end up being painted white, so why bother?! Kinda creepy, eh? They then got two coats of poly.

Once the poly was dry (about 4 hours) I hit ‘em with spray Kilz primer. Woodgrain Coffee Table. Today, I awoke refreshed and excited for the start of a new week!

Woodgrain Coffee Table

It didn’t hurt that the girls let me get a good 9 hours of sleep, and I was able to jolt myself back to life with a strong cup of black coffee. And I’m excited to show you one of several little projects we have going right now! We’ve been clearing out the garage, one thing at a time. And so this involves fixing up some smaller little pieces that have been collecting dust and overspray over the last year or so. This unfortunate coffee table has obviously seen better days. The wicker on the bottom is all broken, and the open panels on the top presumably used to have glass in them. What about if you knew it could look like this? Hehe, I just ruined the surprise… but I couldn’t help it! Of course there’s no pictures of this. Using similar techniques from our Profile Plaque project, we polyed over the vinyl.

Then primed. Then painted a chic glossy black. Basic-purse. No Pattern Required Months ago when I published my Pocket Purse, some readers asked if I could post directions for a less ambitious purse.


So I gave it some thought and kept coming back to the idea of a basic tote bag I’ve made in the past. It’s a favorite of mine because it has a sturdy four inch wide bottom that sits well, yet it doesn’t require cutting an extra piece of fabric. In fact, straps not included, the bag is made from one flat cut of fabric. When you say the words “tote bag”, some people conjure up visions of something less than pretty. Vintage Revivals - Fearless DIY. Mix & Match. Baked corn flakes crispy chicken is a good recipe when you are craving KFC but not the calories!

Mix & Match

This recipe can be prepared at home it can easily be adapted to customize the taste. Recipe from Ingredients.


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