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Gramm Barrier Systems Ltd. are the UK’s leading, Link-Up Railway & Highways Agency Sector Scheme Approved, specialist contractors in the supply & erection of all types of Barriers including Noise, Wind, Flood & Vehicular Safety Barriers, & include Bridge Parapets, Pedestrian Guardrail, Security Fencing, incl. Steel palisade, Weldmesh, Chainlink fencing, General Fencing and Gates. We also carry out noise surveys, noise modelling, barrier designs including calculations & drawings.

Tall Fences Block Sound Effectively- Here’s How? Do you have a beautiful backyard in your home?

Tall Fences Block Sound Effectively- Here’s How?

Why not make it more soothing and relaxing place to spend time during the hot summer days with a glass of lemonade in hand, watching bees buzz among the flowers. Sound Proof Fencing. Flood Barrier Checklist To Have A Look At! – Gramm Barriers. Are you thinking to install barriers outside your home so as to restrict and protect your property from coastal, river or flash flooding, then, there are a lot of considerations to be taken into account?

Flood Barrier Checklist To Have A Look At! – Gramm Barriers

We have, therefore, crafted a checklist that can be used while looking for security and sound proof fencing that’ll help you protect your property from the excessive water. This checklist will also make sure that the barriers or fencing you purchase will meet the requirements that you have for it. Let’s have a look at these considerations: • Has the barrier been tested? Before you make the final decision of investing into flood defences, most importantly find out that the product you’re buying has been thoroughly tested in the laboratory and also in the real life flooding situations.

Four Ways To Design Your Place For Peaceful And Quiet Ambience by George R Smith. By George R Smith Content Expert Living in an area with noise issues is one of the biggest problems that have to be eliminated as quickly as possible.

Four Ways To Design Your Place For Peaceful And Quiet Ambience by George R Smith

Landscaping is one such solution to overcome this noisy issue where you let your landscape designer know everything in advance about the sound issues you're facing and what sort of landscaping you're thinking of getting at your place. Make things clear so as to make everything less bothersome for you and your designer. Doing all this on your own is not an easy task rather you have to hire professional landscape designers who are well-trained in acoustical control concept.

Acoustic Barriers, Security Fencing & Sound Barriers Specialist: Acoustic Barriers Are The Modern Day Peacemakers. In this day and age there is so much going on in the world, and noise pollution is at its greatest.

Acoustic Barriers, Security Fencing & Sound Barriers Specialist: Acoustic Barriers Are The Modern Day Peacemakers

Whether you're someone who thrives on a peaceful surrounding or you're someone who is used to living in the city, certain noises can be a nuisance when trying to work, relax and most of all communicate. Have you ever tried to make a phone call when road works have been underway? It's a nightmare! However, there are ways of decreasing the noise pollution and one of these ways is to erect Sound barriers or Acoustic Fencing. Sound barriers are considered the modern day peacemakers, and an ingenious way to prevent these nuisances getting in the way of our everyday lives, but how do they work? Protecting Your House Boundary With a Right Acoustic Fence – Gramm Barriers.

Noisy neighbours and noisy surroundings can’t be tolerated.

Protecting Your House Boundary With a Right Acoustic Fence – Gramm Barriers

Living in a noisy environment is really harmful for health and can create an unpleasant atmosphere in your home. If you want to get rid of this noise pollution, then we recommend you plan appropriately for installing a right type of fencing. A Right Fencing for Noise Reduction. A Basic Guide about the Acoustic Fencing. Acoustic Barriers for Soundproof Surroundings. Acoustic Fencing, Barriers & Security Gates - Best Security Fencing to Look For Your Premises... Acoustic Barriers, Security Fencing & Sound Barriers Specialist: Make Your Premises Sound Resistant with the Use of Proper Fences and Barriers. In this technical era, noise pollution is becoming a common problem for every person.

Acoustic Barriers, Security Fencing & Sound Barriers Specialist: Make Your Premises Sound Resistant with the Use of Proper Fences and Barriers

If you live near any industry then the sound of machineries would be a major problem that can ruin all your mornings and nights as well. And, it would directly affect your personal and professional life. But, there are many solutions for such problems through which you can reduce the unwanted sound, for instance,sound proof fencing, noise barriers, etc. which not only controls the irritating sound but also provide a security to your premises by restricting the unauthorised entries. Many Ways to Maintain Quiet And Peaceful Environment in Your Backyard.

Giving your house front or backyard a quiet and private oasis, that cuts the unwanted sounds like traffic noise, nearby trains, barking dogs, noisy generators, heat pumps and even the noisy neighbours themselves is always an excellent investment not only for your home but also for the quality of your lifestyle.

Many Ways to Maintain Quiet And Peaceful Environment in Your Backyard

Noise barriers are one such additions to your property that helps you in restricting unwanted sound waves coming from outside environment or from your neighbourhood. Traffic noise is one of the most difficult soundproofing projects that comes across the engineers and it simultaneously become difficuly for them to tackle. It is something when you're trying to soundproof the outdoors from the outside noise itself. There are many methods that can help you in blocking the noise dramatically depending on your budget though, giving you a private and serene yard you were looking for. Four Ways To Design Your Place For Peaceful And Quiet Ambience. Key Measures to Consider Before, During and After the Flood Occurs » Acoustic Fencing & Sound Barriers Specialist. Flood is a natural disaster that can occur anytime without any prior indications.

Key Measures to Consider Before, During and After the Flood Occurs » Acoustic Fencing & Sound Barriers Specialist

Because of its uncertainty, people have to stay aware and well-prepared to face all such disasters. For instance, flood control methods are used to reduce or prevent the detrimental effects of the flood water. Especially the people residing nearby the water prone areas have to stay attentive to follow the key measures for the rising water, including the tips to do once the flood has begun. These measures are inclusive of tips that you can undertake before, during and after a flood. Let’s have a look at these preventive measures: Acoustic Barriers, Security Fencing & Sound Barriers Specialist: Trees as a Barrier to Unwanted Sound. A lot of people are finding an answer to the question since long, ‘how noise can be reduced’?

Acoustic Barriers, Security Fencing & Sound Barriers Specialist: Trees as a Barrier to Unwanted Sound

And the simple answer to this question is that noise is reduced either by the deflection or absorption of noise or a combination of two. But, it is practically not that easy. Mesh Fencing and Its Unknown Benefits – Gramm Barriers. There are numerous fencing options available to keep your livestock in and unwanted guests out.

Mesh Fencing and Its Unknown Benefits – Gramm Barriers

But out of many, only a few are as versatile, portable and cost-effective as steel fencing. We are listing here the key benefits of mesh fencing that makes a lot of things easier and also keep the property protected. Acoustic Fencing, Barriers & Security Gates - How to Keep Noisy Neighbours at Bay? Get Acoustic Fencing Installed at Your Place If Noise is Making You Maniac – Gramm Barriers. Do you live in a place where noise is the biggest destructive factor that makes you irritated to a higher extent? If is it so and noisy environment makes you daffy, then what are the steps that you should consider to overcome this issue. We know it very well that sound is everywhere, sometimes it is the sound of animals and sometimes of the vehicles on the roads. The unwanted and irritating sounds can anytime disturb your peaceful outing.

These are just small examples of noise but aren’t the major sources of noise pollution that could make a person deaf. Well, there is no problem without a solution. Acoustic Barriers, Security Fencing & Sound Barriers Specialist: Fences- A Better Way to Restrict the Outdoor Noise. The fences are specially designed for the purpose of sound blocking and are capable enough to reduce the amount of noise entering your yard. The amount of sound reduction by outdoor soundproofing will be lesser as compared to the amount of sound reduction with indoor soundproofing.

The important elements of an outdoor fencing include: Height: It is one of the important elements that are to be considered while getting fences installed. Enjoy Peaceful Pleasure in Your Backyard. Backyards are constructed in a property so that the folks can enjoy some peace during their free time. Go outside in your backyard with your book and a cup of coffee to relax in the peaceful aura. Before you could make it, you come across the obstacles like sounds of vehicles, screaming kids in the neighbourhood or even the barking dogs. These are some biggest disruptions that can hinder your precious time in your personal backyard. What can be done to enjoy peace in your personal backyard? Regardless of how you pleasing the backyard space is constructed, road noise and overzealous neighbours can destroy the entire feeling of tranquillity. Why is There a Need for Security Fencing Around School Building? In the last couple of decades, the value of surrounding a property with fences has miserably become much popular that even school grounds are also secured with its use.

Having aesthetically pleasing fences around your school property will enhance the appearance of your school building. Therefore, make sure that you install such a fence that stands out of the rest. Top 5 Uses of Mesh Fencing For Office/home Security. Fences of all types are purposively meant to provide additional security to a property or place. The quality fences are used for a lot of purposes from residential to industrial. Over the years, folks are switching to chain-link fences as they are more durable and effective to help you secure one's property. The basic and prominently used fencing is wire mesh fence that is made either from galvanised steel or stainless steel. Wire fence is used for various purposes and the prominent ones are listed below: Acoustic Barriers, Security Fencing & Sound Barriers Specialist: Top 5 Benefits of Acoustic Barriers. The towns and cities, we are living in, are becoming densely populated with every passing year resulting in the environmental noise.

It has, therefore, become essential to take necessary steps to overcome this big issue. Important Tips to Reduce Unwanted Sound at Your Workplace – Gramm Barriers. A workplace is surrounded all over with a number of employees, furniture, equipment and many other such things that can result in the creation of unwanted sound, popularly termed as noise. The constant activities at a busy workplace can be much distracting for the employees. The people working on bigger workplace have all amenities with them, the only complaint they have is- unwanted sound. A noisy place can be more than just an annoyance. A higher amount of unwanted sound might result in headaches, heart problems moreover hearing loss. Reduce Noise in Your Backyard- Here’s How? A noisy environment is always harmful not only for the environment, but also for a person’s mental and physical health. Noise can cause a nuisance at various places, especially the ones that are either nearby stations or main roads, where heavy traffic commutes every now and then.

How to Choose The Best Fence For Your Needs? Security Fencing- All you Need to Know. Security Fencing - A Protective Measure Which Could Not be Ignored. Security plays an important role in protecting your valuable assets from the eyes of burglars while you construct a home, office, shop, restaurant, warehouse or any other place for commercial or residential purpose. Therefore, when it comes to install of safety measure nobody wants to make compromise with the security of his place, because a robust protective strategy not only stops the forceful entrance of intruders but also protect the life of your dear ones from any damage.

Therefore, investment in constructing the security fencing is regarded as an intelligent made by the property owners, as along with protecting your house it also helps in enhancing its appearance from the exterior portion. Use Ecological Barriers to Get Rid of Unwanted Noise  Along with the air and water pollution, noise pollution is also increasing rapidly. The high increase in population, traffic, constructions, workshops and many other such factors lead to noise pollution that is becoming intolerable with the every passing day. Thus, to get rid of these irritating sounds, the need of acoustic treatment arises in places like office and home. Flood Cause and Solution. Embed Code Embeded for hosted site: How to Get Rid of Noise Pollution? – Gramm Barriers. Recent years have witnessed dynamic increase in the number of persons suffering from the problem of hearing loss and the main reason which at first instance seems to be responsible for the emergence of this problem is staying at the place with high levels of noise.

Well the problem of increasing number of hearing impaired patients is not restricted to only one or two countries but this problem has expanded its roots across the globe and with each passing year the problem is getting serious. You will agree that population across the world has increased at excessive speed during last decade and with there is substantial increase in number of vehicles running on roads, number of factories, number of houses and apartments, shopping malls etc.

Security Fencing to Keep your Business Safe. Acoustic Fencing for Effective Noise Solution. Embed Code. Facts about Fences – Gramm Barriers. Security Fencing to Protect Residential and Commercial Property - Acoustic Fencing to Create Noise Free Environment. Noise always becomes a serious issue in our increasingly crowded environment. Enjoy Peaceful Environment at Home with Acoustic Fencing.

Why Your Business Needs to Install Security Fencing? Enjoy the versatile benefits of environmental barriers. Mesh Fencing: Provide High Level of Security to Premises – Gramm Barriers. How to make your place Sound Resistant? Are Sound Barriers really Effective in Controlling the Noise Pollution? Erect Sound Proof Fencing to Reduce Unwanted Noise. What Do You Know About Acoustic Fencing? – Gramm Barriers.

Get Rid of Noise Pollution with Help of Sound Proof Fencing. Why Your Business Needs to Install Security Fencing? Acoustic Barrier for a Peaceful Home Environment. Acoustic Fencing: Robust Solution to Noise Pollution - Acoustic Barrier to Reduce Noise Impacts. Things you Need to Know About the Security Fencing – Gramm Barriers. Get Relaxed from the Tension of Noise Pollution with Sound Barrier. Does a Fence Increase the Value of your Home? Noise Fencing: The Best Way to Enjoy State of Mental Peace at Home.

Noise Barriers: The Effective Way To Cut The Noise At Highway. Go Eco-friendly with Environmental Barriers for Noise Reduction – Medium. Install the Right Security Fencing and Kill The Theft Activities. How Much You Are Concerned About Installing Fences to Stop Vandalism? Acoustic Fence to Kill the Effect of Noise Pollution at Your Property - How to Control Flood from Ruining your Property? Have you Checked the Specification before the I... - Acoustic Fencing, Security Fencing & Sound Barriers Specialist - Quora. Select the Right Noise Barrier to Make Life Easy in Noisy Surrounding. Acoustic Barriers, Security Fencing & Sound Barriers Specialist: Look for Effective Noise Barrier to Kill the Noise from Highways.

Sound Barriers for Highways to Kill the Noise of Vehicles » Acoustic Fencing & Sound Barriers Specialist. Prime Factors for Making Mesh fencing Your Choice for Protection – Gramm Barriers. A Guide to Erect the Right Noise Fencing Around your Backyard. Is it Noise Fence to Cut the Noise Pollution at Your Premise? Acoustic Fencing, Barriers & Security Gates - Why Security Fencing is Erected & How to Find the... What is the Environment-Friendly Way of Noise Reduction? – Medium. Which Security Fencing Can Stop Vandalism into Your Property? Minimize the Noise Problem through Right Acoustic Barriers. Is Noise making you Maniac? Install Acoustic Fencing - The need for Acoustic Barriers. How can you prevent your surroundings from noise pollution? Grammbarriers.quora. Two Basic Points to Follow in Making your Acoustic Fencing Effective. What Do You Know About Acoustic Fencing? A Basic Guide is Here.

Environmental Noise Barriers: Most Effective & Natural Way of Noise Reduction » Acoustic Fencing & Sound Barriers Specialist. Varities of Security Fencing to Secure Your Business Premises. Why you need Sound Proof Fencing? Environmental Barriers: The Eco-Friendly Method to Reduce Noise. Mesh Fencing: Provide High Level of Security to Premises. Flood Barriers to Protect your Property from Natural Disaster – Gramm Barriers.

Mesh fencing: Learn the ABC to understand this Wired Mesh. Environmental Noise Barriers: Go the Greenest Way to reduce Noise Pollution. Acrylic Barriers: How it can be worth for soundproofing?