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Notegraphy, Graphic Design Meet Note-Taking. 20 Most Annoying and Irritating phrases NOT to say to a DJ. FIFA World Cup Tournament Official Posters Through the Years. The FIFA World Cup tournament, hosted this year in Brazil, turns 84 years old. 32 teams will head to the South American country to play matches in Brazil’s 12 new or redesigned venues.

FIFA World Cup Tournament Official Posters Through the Years

Using Graphics to Make Abstract Concepts Concrete. New Years Resolution Posters. 10 Image Compressors For Speeding Up Your Website. How to Use Graphics to Make Your Site Look Professional. 30 Free Sponge Textures. Hype 2.0 is a solid WYSIWYG tool for HTML5 animation and interactive graphics. When I made the transition from print designer to web producer in January, I wanted to make my graphic designing skills with me.

Hype 2.0 is a solid WYSIWYG tool for HTML5 animation and interactive graphics, my day job, utilizes HTML5 to make the site desktop- and mobile-friendly and steers clear of Flash. While I knew some coding, I didn't know enough to create some of the elaborate interactive projects that other newspapers have done, such as the New York Times' Snow Fall and reshaping New York projects. In addition to custom components, the staff utilized jQuery and HTML5. Nothing beats a good, solid foundation in writing code, but as someone making the transition from designing full-time in InDesign, I wanted to work with a WYSIWYG editor. Adobe came out with Edge in 2011, but it requires a Creative Cloud subscription.

WWE Superstar Illustrations. Create unique slideshows with ScatterShow for Mac. Apple's iPhoto app has some very basic slideshow features built in.

Create unique slideshows with ScatterShow for Mac

Sure, you can apply the Ken Burns effect all day long, and even save your slideshows as screen savers. But if you are bored by iPhoto's simple dissolves, pans and wipes, it's time to check out ScatterShow (US$29.99) from Smith Micro. The OS X app (which can be purchased as a download or in a physical box) allows the creation of some really unique arrangements and animations of slides, all of which can be set to music. Screenshot FX will easily capture any image on your Mac. OS X has a built-in screen capture function, but it is pretty limited.

Screenshot FX will easily capture any image on your Mac

For example, Command-Shift-4 lets you define a rectangle to capture. Command-Shift-4 followed by the space bar will capture a window. You can also capture your entire desktop with Command-Shift-3, and other commands will save the result to your clipboard. Sometimes, those basic features are not enough. Apple bundles a utility called Grab with OS X that adds more features, but it still falls short for many users.

Words as Images by Ji Lee. Inspirational and Attractive Magazine Page Layouts. There are many places and situations in which designers can find inspiration, and magazine layouts have long been an excellent source.

Inspirational and Attractive Magazine Page Layouts

Of course, no designer can buy and browse every magazine in the hope of coming across some great ideas, so today we are bringing you a selection of inspirational magazine layouts, some of which have been published, others are simply outstanding designs created for the sake of doing so, or just for practise, but they are all very well thought-out and designed layouts. Many websites get their web design layout inspiration from these magazines too. Inspirational Magazine Page Layouts OS 20 Games Campeoes. (Limited Time Only) The Ultimate Mobile Design Resource Bundle. Surfing the Internet is not restricted to just a desktop or laptop anymore.

(Limited Time Only) The Ultimate Mobile Design Resource Bundle

With the introduction of tablets, smartphones and different mobile devices, anyone can surf the web anywhere with any enabled device. So if you have a website, you cannot just catered for a fixed screen size anymore. You have to design your website for mobile needs too. However, sometimes creating and finding UI sets, icons or design elements specifically for the mobile can be quite time consuming and tedious. The Ultimate Mobile Design Resource Bundle. Cartonika: Vector Cartoon Characters – only $37! Brown Music Background Free Vector. Wednesday Inspiration: Magazine Typography. Large Collection Of Business Cards Vector. Wednesday Inspiration: Newspaper Typography. Free Vector Latest Free Infographic. New Prince of Persia on the way to iOS this summer. Wednesday Inspiration: Heavy Metal Typography. The Types Makers. Part 2. This Week in Type #4. Film Festivals: Logos and Types. Serif vs Sans: The Final Battle. Oomph Contest – A lifetime Opportunity. Oomph needs no introduction if you are an app lover.

Oomph Contest – A lifetime Opportunity

Oomph is a prominent platform for app publishing and is used by more than 1 million users all across the globe. According to iMonitor, it has been rated as the best platform of its own field. So, precisely, Oopmp is one of the best market place for tablet templates. For better understanding, Oomph is just like WordPress templates. I believe Oomph is a great platform for designers’ to flaunt their designs in front of customers, sell them and earn a good income. Lovely Graphic and Print Design Inspiration. 25 Amazing Transportation Logo designs. Stunning UI Design for Inspiration. Funny Turtle Illustrations from Dribbble Artists. 50 Best Logos For Inspiration. Social Stereotypes Infographic.

35 Beautiful Unusual Web Designs. Advertisement Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality.

35 Beautiful Unusual Web Designs

Web designs are one of best way to present your portfolio. Designing a website is an art that designers do supernaturally with ideas. Unusual web design might be difficult to design for any designer. But we really appreciate all below talented designers those designed portfolio like an artist. Logos & Brochures. n3lly316. Graphic/Web Design.